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Potato Flowers in Full Bloom is a novel game of strategy, rock-paper-scissors, and fast-paced reflexes. Captain Goose and his crew of genetically enhanced Infantry-Class robots are defending Earth from a ruthless totalitarian regime on the other side of the planet. In a universe where the populace serves the military, you will fight the enemy as they invade and search for the men and women who challenge their authority. Discover a land of monsters, robots and mutants as you battle brave cyber-warriors, giant bioweapons, and robotic super-soldiers. Select from a variety of different Mechs with unique abilities and unlock powerful new weapons, turrets, drones, and upgrades.Battle in a dystopian future where a totalitarian regime rules the planet and enslaves billions.Choose from 6 different Mechs, each with its own unique abilities and play style.Deploy an array of powerful weapons and turrets to attack your enemies.You can call in drone support, blast enemies with missiles, hold down fire to heal your Mech, or call in air support to unleash fully-guided missiles or laser storms to wipe the battlefield clean.Fight tough battles on the frontier and the colonies, and defeat hordes of enemy cyborgs, mutants, and other nasty foes.Play your way to a new victory in two unique Endless Battle modes, or face off against a friend on a networked leaderboard.Defend the planet against the forces of tyranny.


– On Android, the game received numerous awards. Be the first to hear about them!

– On iOS, the game received recognition for the top games of 2014. Be the first to hear about it!

– GameCrate Awards “Best Android Game 2014”

– Apple Best App Ever 2014

– #1 on the list of top games for Android in 2014

– Great App of the Year (by Android Police)

– Top 40 top-grossing apps from its first week of sale

– Gold & Silver Awards (on Android Appstore)

– “Breeze us up, Trigger Happy” by Play the World

– AndroidTopApps.com awards

– Fantage Developers Center – “Best Android Game of 2014”

– Google I/O 2014 – “Best Game”

– YouGov – “Best App 2014”

– AppADay – “App of the year”

– AppCraver – “Best Game of 2014”


Features Key:

  • Play through all 18 rooms
  • 9 different story endings
  • 2 versions of this game (new and old)
  • play as both a start and an opponent
  • choose your own number of groops and floors

Last Stand Control Panel:

  • alt-enter results in results on the bottom of the screen
  • alt-square selects the next room or screen
  • alt-right and alt-left selects the previous room or screen


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Legends of Koyannis is a classic, horror-themed, first person, survival game built in the Unreal Engine.
Key Features
– Fully hand-crafted environment – creating a unique fictional setting. In Legends of Koyannis there is no jump-scares, no one skitters out from a closet. Just pure, tension ridden, scares!
– First person gameplay with a classic point and click adventure game mechanic.
– Entire game is built around finding a way out of a creepy cave.
– A survival game on top of the classic, story-driven, horror point and click game mechanic with a fully hand crafted, 3D environment.
– Unique cinematics with a new look – and additional story content.
– Unblocked exploration.
System Requirements

Geforce GTX 1050 or later


Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

First person gameplay combined with a horror experience creates a really unique mix of mechanics. We are really excited to be able to share it with you all!
The game was made on the Unreal Engine 4, but we do plan on porting it to Unreal Engine 3 as well!
If you have any technical questions, feel free to join our Discord. You will get early access to any new changes that become available as we develop this game.
You’ll even be able to join us in our development.


From your title, it seems that your main point is “fantasy-horror”.
A similar game to your planning is Crypt of the Necrodancer. I think that it’s better than most of horror games, since it’s puzzles rather than just some gore.
It seems that Google Books has something about this game, but the result of it is in Japanese and I’m not sure if it’s still available. I’m currently reading about some of the games, such as Hyper Light Drifter, and I want to play it.
Beware, the author makes a lot of spoiler in the description of the game.


There are a lot of horror (or horror-like) games. Honestly I’ve only heard of Crypt of the Necrodancer, so I can’t say if it is the same genre of game as yours.
I’ve tried playing this before and was not very impressed. It was too much


ž龙在天-进阶礼包 With Key Free X64

QiuQiu 2 – Ball Shooter game has a total of 3 story modes which are all playable.

The single player mode with the help of a simple map where you have to destroy all the balloons to get to the finish line first.

The all new challenge modes where you have a certain objective which you have to achieve before you finish the game.

The all new adventure mode.A period based on the period where players can bring their characters to live in the Era of Legend. Let’s bring out more exciting content in the way of game play.QiuQiu 2 – Ball Shooter is a brand new game with fresh characters, new weapon system, new locations and new events. Players can control the character.FeaturesPlot:It is a time of legends, this is the Era of Legend where we can bring our own heroes to live in. For adventurers like you, you can now reach and roam around different places. With new weapons and characters, you can be a master to make you become the hero.Q:

How to force the new Universal Windows 10 Dashboard

I have installed Windows 10 Pro, as a clean install, and when it asks me to login, I see the login screen for a couple of seconds, and then I see the new-look Universal Windows 10 Dashboard.
I have managed to create an account using my Microsoft account, and the universal Windows 10 login screen is there. However, it looks like it’s not persistent, and everytime I restart the machine, I am taken to the universal Windows 10 login screen.
I can’t seem to find a way to make the login screen stay there. Any suggestions?


Apparently, the solution is to not have anything called Windows Login Manager, and just call Windows Logon Manager. See the comments here:













What’s new:

CD- Single

楢朝 『君が嫌い』《リアルイメージソングCD》

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Free Download ž龙在天-进阶礼包 Latest

In Dusk, you awake to find your hometown in ruins. The only thing remaining of it are you and your best friend, the mysterious Dusk.

Travel to the city, get clues, solve puzzles, and battle dangerous foes. Eventually, you’ll figure out the extent of your powers, how you came to be here, and your role in the Great Dusk.

With hundreds of dynamic encounters that change each time you play, you’ll constantly be surprised by Dusk’s world.

Key Features:

World management : You’ll be able to direct a city by manipulating its citizens. Decide what your city needs, earn resources to build new buildings, upgrade existing ones, and more.

: You’ll be able to direct a city by manipulating its citizens. Decide what your city needs, earn resources to build new buildings, upgrade existing ones, and more. Create your own adventure : Complete side quests to earn resources and gain new powers. Test your skills by building a tavern or fighting a mighty foe. Discover the mysteries of Dusk and set the stage for your own quest.

: Complete side quests to earn resources and gain new powers. Test your skills by building a tavern or fighting a mighty foe. Discover the mysteries of Dusk and set the stage for your own quest. Digital-only experience: Experience the endearing minimalism of the original experience of Dusk by playing on your Android or iOS device.

A digital-only experience

We believe that great gaming can only happen when a player gets a sense of ownership over a world. Our game has no physical elements to it; there’s no box, no case, no controller… just a game on your phone!

*Please keep in mind that Dusk is an experience where you take on the role of a mysterious Dusk character. Everything from gameplay to assets (and even the music!) are “built around” the essence of what we believe Dusk to be. If you enjoy Dusk but would be a little let down by this, we would be extremely appreciative if you would let us know!

We’ll be sharing more about the experience in future updates and finalizing a release date for as soon as possible.

Game reviews will be published on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

As of today, we’ve had a successful Kickstarter and our tech has been proven sound.

Thank you to all our backers for sticking with us and making this happen


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