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Word Search And Replace Crack+ Free Download [Mac/Win]

– Loads each.doc into memory
– Search and Replace all words, at least 2 characters long
– Optionally provides results for the entire document
– Filter the results by “File Type”, by “File Name”, by “Search Text” and by “Replace Text”
– Optionally by “Document Open/Close”
– It is possible to save/close the converted file
– Supports wildcards for replace text (replaces at least two characters)
– Saves the new document at a given location
– Output documents saved with extension.doc or.rtf
– Has search/replace dialog set for your preferences
– Uses your default text color
– Selectable string limit
– Support macro colors
– By default uses your default color scheme
– Optionally has a button to open the document
– Outputs the document in an old-school Print Screen
– Can process multiple files at once
– Can filter by filetype
– Run a test file
Files Included:
(2) ‘WordSR.zip’ – This is a compressed file containing the.zip file for the archived files.
(3) ‘WordSR.doc’ – This is the.doc file that describes how Word SR functions.
This website is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
You are free to distribute and/or modify it, as long as you keep the credit statement (see ‘WordSR.doc’) and don’t charge money to get access.
Any commercial use of this tool must be directed to it’s website.
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I was making minor tweaks to a large personal project file and was having issues with not being able to past the changes back into the main file.
It turned out that somehow my.doc had been corrupted and Word did not have saved history.
This caused the problem of it not accepting my changes.

This tool has options for “Add/Remove to the Document”, “Change Formatting on the Document”, “Print Preview”, “Open/Save As” and “Close”.

Word Search And Replace Crack Download

– High performance search and replace of text in any formatted word document.
– Finds all words in a document, with optional matching case
– Finds all occurrences of words on first match in document
– Replace all occurrences of words on first match
– Automatically saves any changes to the original document
– Wild card support for multiple file types
– Robust and customizable actions which can be automated
– Ability to add comments to searched text
– Includes a preview
– Free sample found at

May be useful for teachers wanting to replace words with translations,
and for students needing to replace a word with a translation.
“Replacement Words” are being stored in a dictionary file.
Once a word is replaced, it is put in the original file.


A very fast method with a single usage of the word find/replace dialog is to use a stored VBA macro.
Save this macro in the new file, and the new file will do all the work for you.
To clarify the title: the “Find and replace” dialog (Ctrl+H in Word) allows for a wildcard when the search and the replacement are each a single word. This method will find and replace multiple words at once.
Many thanks to @DavidZelazo for pointing out two glaring issues with my first VB code!
Public Sub ReplaceText()

Dim find As String, replace As String, msg As String, vbNewLine As String
Dim doc As Document, line As Long
Dim boolFound As Boolean, boolReplaced As Boolean
Dim fnd As Range, rplc As Range

fnd = ActiveDocument.Content.Find
rplc = ActiveDocument.Content.Replace

If fnd.Execute(find, wdReplaceAll) Then
Do While fnd.Execute(find, wdReplaceAll)

Word Search And Replace With Product Key PC/Windows

You can read more information on the tool’s description on the main Funduc page:

There’s also a page for using the free trial version of this tool, for more information:

Download the last version of the tool.

This software is released under the GNU GPL.
“Funduc” and “Word Search and Replace” are trademarks of Funduc Ltd.Q:

Given a number, find the index of the next integer in the list

I have an array of numbers like : [14, 20, 21, 26, 4,…]
Now I have a given number: 20.
The output should be the index of the next number that is higher than 20, which is 21.
Can anyone please suggest a way to do this in java?


Create an iterative function
boolean next(int low, int high) {
while (true) {
int next = high + 1;
if (next > low)
return true;
if (next == low)
return false;
high = next;

and call it like
int i = 20;
int low = 0, high = 10;
int nextIndex = 0;
while (next(low, high)) {
System.out.println(i + ” – ” + nextIndex);
i = nextIndex + 2;
nextIndex = next(low, high);


Create an iterative function that will check whether the given element is in the middle of the array
public int nextElement(int low, int high) {
int i=0, j=low;

What’s New In Word Search And Replace?

✗ This is a stand-alone macro.
✗ It has no additional functions.
✗ There are no options for customizing it or modifying it.
✗ It doesn’t include any GUI or other ‘Extras’.
✗ It has no ‘Free Trial’ or ‘Contact’ option.
✗ It doesn’t offer any instructions or help.
✗ No support is available, even in the event of a problem.
✗ There are no ‘More Details’ about the.doc document.
✗ There is no dialog box. It runs directly from the.doc file.

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System Requirements:

Windows XP Home or Professional
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3GHz or higher
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
15GB free hard disk space
How to get the Release :
Download the setup and install it. You can also download a trial version of the software and check its functionalities before you purchase the full version.Torsional spectroscopy
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