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Windows 98 Iso _TOP_ Download 13

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Windows 98 Iso _TOP_ Download 13

Download 🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Windows 98 Iso Download 13

if you want to boot from an existing partition, you can disable the default windows 98 boot loader, and add the windows 98 boot files to the mbr. this will require a dos window and some editing of the hard disk partitions. however, you can also boot from the windows 98 installation disk (assuming that you burned a copy of it to a cd).

there is no simple way to create a bootable floppy or cd for windows 98. that said, you can boot from a floppy (if you copied the install files to the floppy) or cd (if you copied the install files to a cd).

if you get stuck, there are a number of excellent sources of help on the web, such as this microsoft site. this site has a very good tutorial on the windows 98 boot process. if you have problems booting from the windows 98 cd or floppy, it is a good idea to try the boot loader and operating system installation utilities included with the windows 98 iso. the bootmgr utility is a gui-based program that allows you to find out the location of your windows 98 boot files. the setup program is a simple text-based utility that can be used to install the windows 98 installation files. both are included with the windows 98 iso.

there are also windows 98 versions available for download. the first is the original windows 98 version (often referred to as windows 98 se). it is an optimized version for slower (older) machines. this version is available for download via the windows 98 install cd.

the second version is windows 98 se upgrade. this version adds a few additional features, including improved compatibility with windows xp, and adds a small number of new features. this version is also available for download.


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