Windows 7 X4 64 Bit Download Torrent ((NEW))

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Windows 7 X4 64 Bit Download Torrent

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SqlConnection.Open() is not available for sql server 2016 and above

I’m facing an issue on SqlConnection.Open().
SqlConnection.Open() is not avaible for version > sql server 2012, for example, my version is sql server 2016
When i run this code, it is not throwing any error, but it return null

Additional information: Unable to find the requested.Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed.

SqlConnection conn=new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“Conn”].ToString());


From the docs
To use a pre-SQL Server 2005 version of SQL Server for the.NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC, you must install the available ODBC data providers for the version of the.NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC you are using. In the release notes for the Data Provider for ODBC 4.2 for.NET Framework 2.0 SP1 for x86, we state the following:

The ODBC driver for SQL Server 2000 (version 8.00.1114) is the only driver for SQL Server 2000 supported by the Data Provider for ODBC.

You’re using the Data Provider for ODBC 4.2 which is from SQL Server 2012, so you’ll need to install the ODBC driver for SQL Server 2005 (this is the driver that shipped with SQL Server 2005 by the way) in order to continue using this provider.

Google and Bing have partnered to release a new feature allowing users to navigate the web’s upcoming algorithm changes with fewer clicks.

The feature, dubbed “Keep”, attempts to ensure your search results are as relevant as possible – and can be utilized in search, Google News and YouTube.

The latest algorithm update is due to roll out later this month, but Google previously said it would make major changes to its search results in order to ensure its users saw less “inappropriate, irrelevant and low-quality content”.

The new feature sees a new button appear when performing web searches, with suggestions for relevant results and keep existing entries. Bing also offers similar

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