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XgD's Countdown is a lightweight software application developed specifically for helping you find out how much time you allocate to different tasks with the aid of a countdown timer.
Look for the timer in the system tray
You can find the countdown timer running in the background, hiding in your system tray. You can get access to its configuration settings by right-clicking on the tray icon or its main window. It places a minimalist panel on your desktop that shows the remaining number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
What’s more, you are allowed to move the timer to the preferred position on the desktop, resize it, as well as lock its position on the screen. Plus, you can choose between several preset desktop locations (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right), keep the timer on top of other programs, as well as automatically resize its primary panel.
Countdown configuration settings
XgD's Countdown gives you the possibility to configure the timer by specifying the date and number of hours, minutes, and seconds. When the time is up, you can make the application run a custom tool, play sound notifications (MP3, WAV), and show a user-defined message.
You are offered the freedom to change the appearance of the timer by adjusting the transparency, altering the text in terms of font, font style, size, and color, importing a custom BMP photo to change the shape of the timer, and altering the background color.
Reminders can be configured to run at startup and at a custom number of minutes. Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to run the app at Windows startup, work with multiple countdown timers at the same time, and assign a specific action (e.g. open the Settings window, lock or unlock the timer) when you double-click on the timer’s window or tray icon.
Final remarks
All in all, XgD's Countdown comes packed with several smart and handy features for helping you time all sorts of events. It is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.









VPlayer License Key Free Download

VPlayer Cracked Accounts is an open source, feature-packed, VLC-like media player, with a focus on usability and elegant interface. VPlayer has all of the features you would expect from a modern media player, including support for basic 2D and 3D video playback, and various media formats. VPlayer offers DVD menus, playback of VOB files, subtitle support, and auto seek to playback position. Its main difference from the typical media player is its built-in playlist, which enables users to organize the list of media files they wish to play.
On top of that, VPlayer comes with the ability to execute system commands for adding, deleting and moving files. With that in mind, this opens up a whole world of possibilities to VPlayer, as it offers you an easy way to execute processes on local or remote computers, open websites or run a file-transfer process, just to name a few.
VPlayer features include:
Playback of encoded and muxed videos, DVDs, VOB files, subtitle tracks and stream protocols;
Support for decoding of MOV, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, AVI, MP3, AAC, GSM, OGG, FLAC, OGM, OGA, MP1 and MP2 audio files;
Video, Subtitles and Audio stream playback;
Directory searching to enable quick access to media files;
Playlist functionality which helps organize your media into playlists;
System Commands support.
Final thoughts:
All things considered, VPlayer is one of the most feature-rich software applications in our lineup, and is a great choice for helping you with media-related tasks. In addition to all its features, VPlayer also comes with the ability to execute system commands, so if you are a power user and know what you are doing, you can probably gain some real advantages from it. As it was mentioned, VPlayer comes with support for multiple types of media files, so this tool will satisfy the needs of all multimedia enthusiasts.
The layout has been simplified to ensure that an absolute beginner can easily get familiar with the software and easily use its features.
The best thing about it is its availability for both Windows and Linux, and users can enjoy all of its functions without having to go through a software installation process, which allows you to get to work straight away.
VLC is an open source media player, considered by many as one of the best software packages for the job. Its key features include the ability to

VPlayer Crack X64 (April-2022)

VPlayer is a software program that can be used to play and control video files from one hard drive of a Windows 7/8 computer to another hard drive of the same computer via USB or FireWire interface.
VPlayer offers the ability to add, modify or remove audio tracks from video files or play multiple files simultaneously, which are called ‘audio videos’.
It is also possible to stream video files from a network location (i.e. a local network or from a storage device on a network server) to VPlayer. VPlayer also has a built-in ‘DirectPlay’ Media Server. With this option you can stream the video files from your computer directly from the network. In addition, when using DirectPlay, VPlayer can create a DirectPlay share automatically, so that the video files can be accessed from a network location such as an Internet server or a network drive.
Add audio and video tracks to video files
Using VPlayer, it is possible to add up to four audio tracks (having sound effects or just the main soundtrack) and up to four video tracks (capturing images or images with sound) to video files. Therefore, you can use VPlayer to add video tracks to video files such as MP4 files, M4V files, MOV files or AVI files. Using VPlayer you will be able to add multiple video and audio tracks to video files, or even use them at the same time, so you can select what you want in the video and audio files.
Import and export video files as well as audio files
VPlayer can import the audio and video files into the computer (from any type of media player as well as from hard disk) and export the video files from the computer to the hard disk, DVD disc or network drive (including storage devices, such as Zip or Jaz drives and network shares.) While importing the video files into the computer, VPlayer can also trim the video files to the exact length (such as the exact length of the supplied DVD movie disc) or sort the video files alphabetically. When exporting the video files to a network share or storage drive, VPlayer will automatically create the necessary folders for sharing on the Windows Explorer bar.
Access video and audio files from the Media Player
As you will know, VPlayer is compatible with the Windows Media Player, which is one of the most popular multimedia players out there. The video files and audio files in the computer can be accessed from the WMP control bar, or from

VPlayer Crack+ Serial Key Free

VPlayer is a video player designed to play nearly all Windows Media video files, with no regard to encoders or codecs, on any Windows platform (including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2000 and up).
VPlayer is a video player designed to play nearly all Windows Media video files, with no regard to encoders or codecs, on any Windows platform (including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2000 and up).
VPlayer supports almost any Windows Media Video file, including all of the most common video types. It can even play ASF, AVI and F4V files, though it will not play WMV.
It does support almost any video file format. Also, it can support almost any audio file format, including WMA, AC3 and MP3. It’s even possible to select individual tracks from an Audio CD or even convert them to MP3.
VPlayer is by far the most full featured player available on the market today, but its best feature is its amazing performance and speed. It will play almost any video file you throw at it in its instant search mode, and it will even continue playing when another video file is added.
VPlayer takes on common media players like Real Player, Windows Media Player and Quick Time by performing better in most cases. Its sounds are much richer and clearer than most other players.
But VPlayer, like all the Windows Media player products on the market today, is not free from bugs and problems, though most of them are fixable through downloading the latest updates.
VPlayer is our best choice for playing the highest quality streaming video as well as the highest quality audio. It’s the best overall player out there today.
VPlayer Includes:
· Windows Media Player 10 support
· Windows Media Player 11 support
· Windows Media Player 12 support
· Windows Media Player 13 support
· Windows Media Player 14 support
· Windows Media Player 15 support
· Windows Media Player 16 support
· Windows Media Player 17 support
· Windows Media Player 18 support
· Windows Media Player 19 support
· Windows Media Player 20 support
· Windows Media Player 21 support
· Windows Media Player 22 support
· Windows Media Player 23 support
· Windows Media Player 24 support
· Windows Media Player 25 support
· Windows Media Player 26 support
· Windows Media Player 27 support
· Windows Media Player 28 support
· Windows Media Player 29 support
· Windows Media Player 30 support
VPlayer Requirements:

What’s New in the VPlayer?

This is a free, fully functional, single player application that allows you to watch movies online, download movies, play movies and upload movies. You can watch movies from various sources on the web like Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Youtube and etc.
VPlayer comes with a configuration wizard to make it easy to configure all the necessary settings to start watching or downloading movies right away. There is no need to look anywhere else for your movie downloading preferences.
Now you can watch movies on VPlayer whenever you want, wherever you are.
VPlayer Features:
– Seamless website integration
– Explore, watch or download movies
– Download popular movies
– Fast downloading and updating speed
– Support for all browsers on the market
– Flash and HTML5 player
VPlayer is currently under development, we are a small team of developers currently working on VPlayer. Please bear with us.
Last Hope File Manager is a file manager and is able to manage the files that are stored in your computer. With this program you can organize your files in a very simple way. You can create new folders and rename and move the files in them.
Features of the program are:
– Fast file tree management
– Create new folders, delete, rename, move or copy them
– Drag and drop function to move and rename the files
– View information of the files
– Support for remote files
– Edit permissions for each file and folder
– On-screen help
– Built-in file search
– All operations can be performed from the context menu
– Option to manage extensions for the files
– Program comes with an easy wizard to create a new folder and create a shortcut for each file
– All operations are fully customizable
– Support for 14 languages
– Keyboard Shortcut (Alt + F1-F9)
There is no support for drag and drop files in two folders. Files can be included in a group and this group can be moved to another folder.
The file extension cannot be changed in the program. The operations are fully customizable from the menus.
Like Windows Explorer, the application can open remote servers and can display files on them. So, for example, you can open a remote FTP server and manage files from it. This is a very useful feature if your Internet connection is slow.
Local file operations are fully customizable, not from the menus, by using a dialog. You can set the priority for the operations such as open, delete, rename, move,

System Requirements:

For 32-bit operating systems:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 700 series or AMD R9 270
Hard Drive: 35 GB free disk space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 series or AMD R9 270
Keyboard: USB compatible keyboard
Screen: 1024×768 or higher resolution


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