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Name Vector Assault 2
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Give the players the power to train in a virtual environment with a live coach, the chance to practice and improve the athlete’s performance, create a copy of the game for multiplayer at a better performance level and share this experience with friends in a multiplayer mode.
The goal of the game Athletics Games VR is to provide the players with a concept of the theme of the home, where they can practice and improve their times and distances of the World and Olympic records.
You will feel inside a stadium where you can practice and compete in different athletics sports. The public will encourage you to achieve your goals, improve the times and distances of the World and Olympic records.
This must be your motto:
Citius, altius, fortius = faster, higher, stronger
You can participate in the following competitions:
– 100 meters flat
– Long jump
– Shot put
– 400 meters flat
– 110 meters hurdles
– Javelin throw
– 1500 meters flat
– Discus throw
There are instructions with videos within the game but it is very easy to manage.
For running you have to move the controls with natural movement of your hands as if you were running. Hold the trigger button down while moving. As speeddy as you could.
For jumping you have to press face button one (A button in Oculus touch controllers).
For throwing you have to grab the object and launch it with natural movement. Force of throwing depends of your arm force and your running speed.
In javelin throw you have to grab, run after line limit and throw it. First by touching it from below after it is higlighted and then grab it, start to run before throw line limit and release it before you arrive. Force of throwing depends of your arm force and your running speed.
In shot put or discus you have to grab, move a little with point ray an throw it. Force of throwing depends of your arm force only.
In long jump you have to run as fast as you could and press face button one before arrive to line limit for jumping. You can “run” when you are in the air so for more long jump. Force of jumping depends of your running speed, distance jump from line limit and if you continue “running” in the air a little seconds.
For 110 meters hundles race you have to press face button one before arrive the hurdles. In this race if you jump accelerate your speed, and if you don’t jump
For 1500 meters


Vector Assault 2 Features Key:

  •    2 unique fighting pilots, each with their own attributes and weapons
  •    2 different variety of different Pilot’s attack mode 
  •    2 Arena 
  •    2 Pre-Pre-battle animations’ slots 
  •    2 Aerial attack animations 
  •    Extra Pilot type descriptions for all the combatants
  •       New extra set of battle animations 
  •    New GBH 
  •    New weapons 
  •    New voice lines 
  •    New Charge Bullets 
  •    New Weapons 
  •    New vehicles 
  •    New 3D scenery 
  •    New game modes 
  •       New added sound effects, explosions, new stock engine, new weapons, new vehicles,      new multiplayer map                                     &nbsp


    Vector Assault 2 Free Download [Latest 2022]

    An unusual adventure in a mysterious universe.

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    A strange and new universe

    A strange and new universe

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    Vector Assault 2 With Registration Code Free [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

    When you activate “TANE DLC: Tnfrhs Refrigerator Wagon”, the following components will be included in the game:
    -Tnfrhs 32 Refrigerator wagonThe entire wagon consists of a huge 4.5 meters wide by 1.5 meters high box, made of laminated glass. On top, there is a glass panel, which includes a partial opening for ventilation as well as interior lights. Several interior lighting units, each of them consisting of a light bulb and two LEDs, are installed within the box. Thus, the interior light can be switched on and off during transport. On both sides, one folding desk, on which a worker can complete his job, is attached. The worker’s personal safety is ensured by two suitcases and one umbrella that are situated in front of the wagon’s entrance. In addition to that, a backboard for the personal equipment is located to the right. You may not need to know more than that:
    This is the most realistic and demanding of our models. The object of this model was to achieve a professional level of quality, particularly with regards to its detailing, and to re-create the image of our refrigerated wagons in these extraordinarily detailed forms. However, this is also the most extensive of our wagons. This is the equivalent of building a large factory and using the refrigerated wagons as packing boxes. For now, the model is therefore not limited to only one of the possible railway companies.
    a. Customisation:
    Access to the interior of the Tnfrhs 32 Refrigerated wagon is accessible by means of a large “top lid”, which consists of a mesh. This can be unlocked with the key of the company’s wagon inspector. For safety reasons, the luggage cannot be removed from the wagon.
    b. Equipment:
    Special tools are available, which allow you to load, unload, repair, remove and install the refrigerated wagon.
    c. Transport Station:
    The transport station, in which the refrigerated wagons are parked, includes two loading sprockets and one unloading sprocket, the two larger sprockets of the transport station. These are combined with a rail-motor. Additionally, a “big box” is available on the left side, which also acts as a loading point. This is optional. You are free to leave it either in the transport station or on the track in the open box position.
    d. Sound:
    When the wagon is


    What’s new in Vector Assault 2:

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