Utorrent Microsoft Office

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Utorrent Microsoft Office


Utorrent Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Word 2013 2.0.9145.4190 – It’s an Office suite, like all others, developed by Microsoft.. uTorrent free download – Microsoft Office 2013 Professional +.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a solid electrolytic capacitor and a method for producing the same, and more particularly to a solid electrolytic capacitor comprising a metal oxide layer serving as a dielectric layer as a main component of an electrolyte layer of a capacitor element and obtained by calcining a tantalum solid electrolyte sintered body containing a solid electrolyte and a method for producing the same.
2. Description of the Related Art
A solid electrolytic capacitor comprising a cylindrical or rectangular capacitor element formed with a dielectric layer comprising a porous body obtained by calcining a sintered body of tantalum as a main component and an electrolyte layer composed of a conductive polymer as a main component is proposed in Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 10-101786 (paragraph [0021] and FIG. 1), for example. The tantalum solid electrolyte sintered body used in this proposal contains a conductive polymer as a sintering agent mixed therein at the time of the sintering operation of the tantalum solid electrolyte. The conductive polymer mixed in the tantalum solid electrolyte sintered body will not undergo chemical reaction with the tantalum used as a dielectric layer of the capacitor element at the time of calcining thereof, so that the conductive polymer can function as a conductive medium for electrically connecting the dielectric layer and the electrolyte layer. This proposal is based on this idea.
However, a capacitor in which such a conductive polymer serves as a sintering agent (conductive medium) is sometimes not completely satisfactory with respect to the inherency of the conductive property of the conductive polymer itself used as a sintering agent. The result of studies of this present inventors has revealed that the property of the conductive polymer as a sintering agent changes depending on the kind of the conductive polymer used and the kind of the solvent


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File Name: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Product Name: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Office’s Project (formerly Office’s Project ’s) is Microsoft’s own revamp of .

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