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TsuyoshiNagabuchirar _HOT_

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TsuyoshiNagabuchirar _HOT_



Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

長渕 刚 ( Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi)

Born in Tokyo, Japan on September 7, 1956, Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi (菱渕 才華 or 才華 才渕 才渕) is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He is a former member of the all-girl pop band, which was active from 1980 to 1987. .

He has released four studio albums: …to see the next train…, Train Bridge, and über-achiever. His debut album, …to see the next train… (1984) was especially well received and helped Nagabuchi gain popularity in Japan. He rose to stardom after he released Train Bridge (1987), which earned him the nickname “the rock singer.”.

Nagabuchi has collaborated with other musicians including Eikichi Yazawa and JAM Project. His songs have been included in various soundtracks, including the Hollywood action film, Matrix.

Nagabuchi has released numerous singles and an album, and has also been featured on numerous albums and compilations by other musicians. He has also done work as a composer and singer in commercials.

Sociology and medical background

Nagabuchi was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Kamakura, Japan. His mother, Iso Nagabuchi, was a singer and his father, Nagabuchi Tsuji, was a professor at the University of Tokyo. At the age of 15, Nagabuchi traveled to the United States to study at the University of Washington in Seattle, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. In the U.S., he discovered a passion for music and started taking lessons in piano.


Nagabuchi initially started off with a pop band named Namibuto (meaning “Feeling Lucky”) with his high school classmates. Although the band released a single, he left after two years of high school. As he was still young, he worked as an assistant director for a movie theater. Eventually, he decided to go to America and began studying at the University of Washington in Seattle. While living in Seattle, he changed his focus and got a job as a production assistant at a Japanese hospital. He then began performing in Japanese language clubs and eventually


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