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TraySearch is a lightweight system tray file searcher, that is simpler and faster than Windows Explorer itself and has a better user interface than the standard Windows Notepad.
Download TraySearch (64-bit)
Download TraySearch (32-bit)
Download TraySearch (source code)
TraySearch Features:
Clean design
Views searches results as they happen, so you can see quickly whether you’ve already found a file without having to wait for the results to appear.
Easy configuration
Set search paths, create shortcuts, autocomplete shortcuts, etc… when the app is running. The configuration is written to TraySearch.
You can search using any path, making the search easier. No need to remember or type the full path to files and folders.
Quick access to frequently used files
Look for the file you need quickly by typing or tab completion. Adding shortcuts makes it easier to reach the file, from the context menu by selecting it.
Add search paths (drive, network, etc…)
Easy to use with mouse
Add, remove and sort your shortcuts right from the context menu. Add or remove shortcuts by clicking on them. Sort the shortcuts by name, date, extension, size, etc…
Hidden files, directories, etc…
Hidden files and directories are listed automatically and you can configure the search mask (basic or advanced).
Work offline or at any time
TraySearch saves its settings in its configuration file. Everything remains even when you restart the computer.
Integrated Calculator
TraySearch is an integrated calculator in which you can use pi, e, sqrt or trigonometrical functions.
File Searcher
TraySearch can search local drives, mapped network drives, removable drives and network shares.
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TraySearch Crack Free (2022)

File Searcher That Runs In The Systray
With its powerful search capabilities, TraySearch Torrent Download can list files and folders by categories. Although you can, it’s very easy to access files by simply typing the path on the search bar or clicking an entry from the file list.

Creating Shortcuts
Using the app’s menu button, you can create shortcuts to the files you want to share in just a few clicks. Once you add a shortcut, you can access them directly from the app by simply typing the name, or you can easily link them to others with the help of its context menu.

Easy Re-Ordering
Find the files you use most frequently, simply drag and drop them on the list to reorganize them. You can also filter file types or even folders, so you can easily find the files you need.

Desktop Shortcuts
With TraySearch, you can create shortcuts directly from the desktop, or open the file, folder or application in the windows that you usually access. What’s more, it’s very easy to access files by writing their shortcuts on the search bar or the displayed file list.

Search Everything In The Entire Windows Environment
TraySearch is a free small tool that will help you organize your files and provide a complete and instant search for any file.
Just open the software on your computer to begin using.

* TraySearch is free!
* Search everything, even the hidden files on your hard drive
* The folder and file list can be sorted by name, type, size, and date
* Sort by name, date, type, size, or alphabetically
* Move multiple file at once in one click
* Drag and drop files from the list to the desktop
* Quickly edit shortcuts
* Create shortcuts to files directly from the desktop
* Open a file in the associated program
* Open a folder in the Windows Explorer
* Create and edit shortcuts to all files directly from the desktop
* Use it as a calculator
* Create shortcuts to help files without double-clicking
* Open short cut files with the associated program
* Save the system tray shortcut for all future use
* Lightweight
* Store open files in the system tray
* You can choose to close or drag off the desktop
* TraySearch is able to run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
* Win+Z to bring up TraySearch to the desktop
* TraySearch’s tray icon

TraySearch Crack License Code & Keygen Free

TraySearch is a Windows utility that launches any file you type in the search bar, no matter where it is. You can look in programs, documents, network drives, removable drives, etc. It does not require any configuration or installation. You can configure the program directly from the search bar.

TraySearch Does Not require installation, will run in your System Tray.
TraySearch Instantly searches for files, going straight to the file name.
Very easy to set up.
TraySearch Can show shortcuts which support Win + Tab to quickly open the file.
Show path to files as you type.
Double click the tray icon to access the file (if not already opened).
TraySearch is a lightweight software that needs no additional ram to run.
TraySearch is free to try, demo version only works in testing mode, don’t forget to make a purchase to unlock the full version.
TraySearch Supports Win + Tab to quickly open the file.
Drop the tray icon in a corner of your desktop.
Double click the tray icon to access the file (if not already opened).

TraySearch Has instant search results.
You can search within documents, all programs, network drives, etc.

TraySearch Works in all sizes of Notepad.
TraySearch Has no special specifications.
TraySearch Has no special requirements.
TraySearch Is an Add-on to Windows.
TraySearch Has no configuration.
TraySearch Has no special requirements.

TraySearch is Not stored locally, all data is saved in the cloud.
TraySearch Has no special requirements.
TraySearch Is an Add-on to Windows.
TraySearch Has no configuration.

TraySearch Lightweight and No RAM usage.
TraySearch Is an Add-on to Windows.
TraySearch Is a customizable utility.
TraySearch Has no configuration.

TraySearch Allows for the quick access to files on all drives.
TraySearch Has no installation.
TraySearch Has no configuration.
TraySearch Lightweight.
TraySearch Has no configuration.

TraySearch Favorites are retrieved by typing the beginning of a file name in the search bar or clicking on the relevant file icon.

When you search for a file by typing the beginning of the file name, it will also search by extensions.

By default TraySearch will

What’s New In?

TraySearch is a Windows tool that facilitates quick access to your files, whether they’re on the local drive, a removable device or a mapped network drive. It runs in the systray and can be brought up to the screen with Win+Z, regardless of the environment you’re currently working in.
File searcher that runs in the systray
It’s not wrapped in a setup kit but packed in a single executable.jar file that requires Java Runtime Environment to work properly. User configuration is saved within this file. After launch, TraySearch creates an icon in the systray.
To bring it up to the center of the screen, you can either use the Win+Z key combination or double-click the tray icon. It displays an empty search bar where it’s necessary to write the full path to a file in order to open it.
Write paths to access files or create shortcuts
For example, if you want to access the “Softpedia” file which lies in the “Softpedia files” directory of drive D:, then you have to write the “D:\Softpedia files\Softpedia.png” route. On the bright side, TraySearch lists all files from the current path while you’re typing, so you don’t actually have to remember the full path of the files. Also, you can use the mouse to click an entry in the list and open the folder or file in the associated application.
Open or edit files, and manage shortcuts
Frequently visited files can be quickly accessed by creating shortcuts. To do this, right-click the file to open the context menu and add a shortcut with any name. From this point on, you’ll be able to access the file by just writing the name, with no path required.
The context menu also contains options for opening or editing the file in the associated program, visiting its location in Windows Explorer, copying the file path to the clipboard (regular or as a C string) as well as for deleting or modifying shortcuts you’ve made.
View all shortcuts, autocomplete shortcuts, and use the app as a calculator
If you forget the shortcuts you’ve created, you can ask TraySearch to list all of them by writing * in the search bar or by clicking the arrow icon on the rightmost of the search bar. The utility can also try to autocomplete the word you’re typing if you press Tab.
Lastly, TraySearch has an integrated calculator that shows results in real time. Unfortunately,

System Requirements For TraySearch:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium III, Athlon, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: 2 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
Hard Drive: 20 GB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible, HD
Additional Notes: Gamepad recommended

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