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The Social Man – The Girlfriend Activation ##HOT##

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The Social Man – The Girlfriend Activation ##HOT##



The Social Man – The Girlfriend Activation

The course begins by creating a profile that aims to match you with, what the audience is keen on. From there, the course will collect information about jokes and stories that are being told about you, which will also be emailed to you. Ultimately, the sum of all the information you have provided about yourself should help you pinpoint what the person standing in front of you wants, and how he/she would want to see you. The course will also help teach you how to create a profile that effectively brings the target person with you.

The course uses key methods to build strength and the belief that only you can help yourself. In the section that talks about understanding yourself, the program uses techniques including the Golden Rule, to help you meet the people who can help you to change. The course will then teach you how to relate to people, allowing you to sell yourself in a way that will aid you in turning a potential partner into a romantic companion.

As the saying goes ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and this quote is used to bring greater awareness to men about who they see themselves as. As the course explains, the course and tools and methods they propose contain the capacity to change men to better align with their lives – whether it’s a better work ethic, improving work/life balance, or developing a clear sense of who they want to be.

Within months of buying the guide I attempted to use the different techniques contained within and, by the end of the month, I managed to get a girlfriend. The relationship did not last long, but I learned a lot in the process, and found myself beginning to apply the advice within the course. Months later I again met a girl, and for the first time in years I felt strong, comfortable, confident and happy. I was finally ready to enter another long-term relationship and shared my story on this blog. Within two months of being happy again, I met another girl and, within a few months, we were starting to have some good fun.


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