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Treasures of the Aegean is a sumptuous puzzle adventure game set on a Greek Island that thrives on dreams and myths.
Stripped of the modern distractions you find in the world today, you’ll embark on the journey of your life, enjoying the tranquility of nature and the romance of woodlands and seaside scenery.
Treasures of the Aegean is the first game from Company of Heroes studio, Ukraine.
Taking inspiration from the alluring mechanics of classic puzzle games, Treasures of the Aegean tries to convey the feeling of exploration through a beautiful environment. Solving puzzles, exploring caves, interacting with characters, and uncovering ancient secrets await you in a mysterious village of the Aegean. You will get lost in the stories of an island with a dark and fascinating past.
With its intricate puzzles, sound design, and tranquil music, Treasures of the Aegean is a timeless and musical adventure of discovery.
Release Date & Pricing
Treasures of the Aegean is currently in development and expected to release on early 2018. Pricing is expected to be TBD.

Key Features

Beautiful original soundtrack

anatomical character animations

interactive storybook

colourful and varied caves

multiple endings

original on-screen text and voiceovers




Interactive FictionPuzzlePoint & ClickDetectiveAction






Treasures of the Aegean Info

Treasures of the Aegean Info

Gather gems and discover secrets as you start your journey. It takes a hero, a heart, and a soul.

Lose yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of a Mediterranean island in this adventure. The village of Valamidas will take you on a journey through an enchanting fairy-tale.

Discover your adventure with a captivating tale. Discover the secrets of the island with the help of the player hints and mini-games.

Get lost in the atmosphere of this mystical world. Relax as you experience the calm of nature and wonder at the charms of a mythical world.

Think for yourself. Challenge yourself in puzzle and find-a-treasure games.

A world in your hands.

See the world from a new angle. When you open the map you can access the environments from


The Chronicles Of Confucius’s Journey Features Key:

  • New Windows 10 features such as window resize and scaling
  • Seamless switch between editor screen and game
  • Simultaneous multiple files export of game and map
  • Batch file generation of maps and scripts
  • Export.obj,.fbx,.jpg and more
  • OpenMG support


GameMaker Studio 2 and GameMaker Engine 2 ship with many new editing features to enhance your editing experience.
GameMaker Studio 2 UWP is ready for Windows 10 users and with its native port to Windows 10, it works very well with the new user interface and Windows 10 updates. You will see the true power of Windows 10 and how GameMaker Studio 2 UWP is able to take advantage of Windows 10 unique features such as resizing, text scaling and even full remote debugging into a Windows VM.
Also with the native to UWP port of GMS 2, the user interface and features are made to fit the new Windows 10 user experience.

Multiple export options to satisfy every user’s needs:

  • Export files & maps in separate files to or.pdf to take back to the office
  • Export files & maps and scripts into a file to take back to the office
  • Export the scene, files, scripts and/or maps into one custom file using the compression format
  • Export the scene, files, scripts and/or maps into one file using the universal compression format


The Chronicles Of Confucius’s Journey With Serial Key Free Download [Win/Mac]

Woebegone Woods is a casual worker placement game with a focus on relationship building. Enter the Woebegone Woods, a small, warm village in the middle of a cold and remote forest. Play as Bean, and manage the winter festival that brings in the spring and fends off the mythical Woebegone by assigning woodland friends to work on tasks, balancing their happiness and skills. Kindle friendships while also putting on the best festival possible!

How to Play

Tap to assign friends

Work together on tasks with the help of other players

Equip plants and grow food to power the community

Improve relationships with villagers and earn their trust

Collect resources to rebuild the village and defend against Woebegone


Customer Reviews

Heart-warming holiday tale with lots of learning


We first met Bean in a chatroom a month ago. When I saw that there was an indie game only a few months out, I put it on my list to play. This game is adorable. It’s been a different feel than all of my games, which are typically very long or fast-paced. Bean is based on a real person, with a real name, two real dogs, and a real house. I must say that the attention to detail is beautiful, as is how the characters react to decisions. I just hope that more indie developers use the same level of focus and commitment that Tripwire did on this game.

Strongly recommend this!


This is a quick, simple game that will keep you laughing. The characters are hilarious and the pace of the game is just right. You can play this game solo or get multiplayer games going. One of my favorite games and I’m not typically a fan of gamers. 🙂

My cats love the Christmas music


So I played this this evening with my cats after watching the movie Holiday. They seemed to love it as well as the music. I’m enjoying the simple interface and hand management. I did notice that it had some delays where they would freeze for 3-4 seconds after entering a task. Since it was my first play through I thought to myself ‘that’s not so bad’ but after further play throughs I noticed that it seemed to happen at random.

Woebegone Woods is the best game on the App Store



The Chronicles Of Confucius’s Journey Crack + For PC 2022

“Muse: is the most beautiful game ever created”- “The gaming community has a wonderful relationship with Valve”-
“Have a great time!”
Steam description.Inspired by old school adventure games and pen-and-paper RPGs.
Adventurous action RPG like Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy and Diablo.New heroes, new weapons, new environments.
Play the game in three modes:story, survival, and adventure mode.
Story Mode: The standard mode.
Story Mode: For those who have not played the Steam version, you can access the Story Mode in Steam by opening the “movie” menu.

User reviews:

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A game to keep in mind

By gmfcmn2021

I love this game, i had played it since day 1, and it’s fun to play, lots of stuff to do in story mode, and its the best, can’t wait to see how story mode will grow..

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A game to keep in mind

By C_B_H

Some times the game got freeze and it is not the best for pc, game is still awesome and i love it.

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A game to keep in mind

By Zetterberg93

Awsome game, easy to play but difficult to beat. An aweximite game to play, and can’t wait for future updates.Q:

Problem with adding ImageViews in Fragment

I have two Fragments, one to display items, the other to display images of the items in the first Fragment. For some reason, I cannot add the imageViews to the first Fragment (the one that displays the items).
This is my code (it’s not much):
public class ChooseFragment extends Fragment implements View.OnClickListener{

private ArrayList items;
private ArrayAdapter adapter;
private Button change;

public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
Bundle savedInstanceState) {
View rootView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_choose, container, false);
items = new


What’s new in The Chronicles Of Confucius’s Journey:

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