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Syvir Optical Crack For Windows

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Scanning your LAN for optical network drives requires a capable dedicated tool, and preferably an agent-less one so that you reduce the time and effort invested in the operation.
Syvir Optical is a software utility that claims to be just that, letting you inspect the health of DVD and CD drives on a specific computer or server.
Can diagnose the optical drives on a LAN
First of all, users should expect an uneventful setup process, with the program installing in a matter of seconds and requiring no deployment to the devices the monitored network comprises.
The first step you need to take is scan the LAN so that you take a look at the PCs and servers connected to said network, with a tree showing you various details resulted from the analysis. It is worth pointing out that the aforementioned list is saved automatically and readily available whenever you open the program.
Setting the current node login info is possible once you right-click a PC or server name, with the option to reset the data at any point.
Generates reports about encountered errors on each node
Testing any node results into permanent reports you can store in the application. As for how you can access the info it comprises, you simply need to double-click the node you are interested in. At the same time, a 3D virtual model of the optical drive is displayed in the main window. Apart from that, its make and model are revealed, with the mention that undetected drives cannot be handled by the program.
As for the diagnosis your component receives, you should know that green suggests everything is OK, yellow stands for a warning, whereas red alerts you of an error, with a click on the CD or DVD disk providing you with extra details in the status box.
Helps you effortlessly monitor both PCs and servers
On an ending note, Syvir Optical is a handy tool whose purpose is to inform you of the faults of optical drives of a PC or server on a LAN. The program puts at your disposal comprehensive reports about each node’s health, being able to generate easy-to-handle reports, all in a hassle-free and responsive GUI.









Syvir Optical Crack Free PC/Windows

Scan your LAN for optical network drives
To make a diagnosis of optical drives, a tool is needed to aid you. The most popular and obvious choice is the Syvir Optical Cracked 2022 Latest Version utility. This software will not only give you a precise overview of the device’s health, but also get you the info you might need to remove any error. If you require any additional data it can give you, or if you would like to report the problem, Syvir Optical will suit all your needs.
Check your Windows PC or network servers
In this age of computing, you need to take a second look at your PC or network servers, whether they are in a host’s house or at your office. Are they in a good state? Will they be performing adequately? Are they operating properly? With Syvir Optical, you get the answers to all of these questions.
Data relating to your optical drives.
Among the most important things for you to consider is to get the information you are going to need for the overhaul or repair of any optical drive. Syvir Optical is a great tool for this as you can both check them and log data. Syvir Optical reports that it can capture and record data of any optical drives; it can record CD, CD-R, and CD-RW data, in addition to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM. This is a great feature as it enables you to check the health of the drives, monitor the errors, and log them. Syvir Optical is easy-to-use and will perform its duties without any issues.
In addition to the described features, Syvir Optical can show you the memory status of the optical drives, as well as the free space and total size of the hard disk. This is a valuable feature as you can see what drive has the maximum capacity available. Syvir Optical comes with the option of tracing the data that has been written on the drive, as well as the drive’s location (i.e. computer, laptop, and so on). This is a useful feature, as you will be able to compare it with the maximum capacity of your new drive and determine if your need to have it replaced.
To ensure that your data are accurate, Syvir Optical can use its multi-channel implementation. You can see what kind of information is being recorded, whether it is CD, CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD, while you can also check CD-R drives that have a

Syvir Optical Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime)

Take a look at your local network for hard drives with this Windows PC software.

Version 5.0

January 11th 2018

Added new hardware type “USB-C ” and mode options

Added new hardware type “USB-C”

Added user preference setting, time for idle timeout

Added manually mount option

Added total error option

Added re-mount option

Added error code and manufacturer name popup menus

Added “physical status” menu for operating systems

Added “physical status” color popup menus

Added timed “physical status” for Win7 and Win8 operating systems

Added time range for “physical status” report for Win7 operating systems

Added “remove all items from list” option

Added commandline option

Added extra precision for RPM and speed options

Added default settings for column auto sort

Added auto mount option for “USB-C” devices

Added auto mount option for “USB-C” devices

Added “automount” menu for “USB-C” devices

Added NTFS support

Added removal and re-addition options for “USB-C” devices

Added “hardware type” menu for “USB-C” devices

Added “add drive to devices list” option for “USB-C” devices

Replaced previous ntfs support with full support.

Added “Logical Drive” option for “USB-C” devices

Added “separate recovery partitions” option for “USB-C” devices

Added “clean USB-C devices list after re-mounting” option for “USB-C” devices

Optimized for fast speed

Other features and Improvements

Optimized for minimal system resources

Added few other features and improvements

Added more features and improvements

Some Minor bugs fixes

Updated translations

Update and improvements

Release Summary

An important addition to our network optimization utilities family, Syvir Optical is the latest software that will enable you to scan your entire network for optical drives – not only to display them, but also to alert you about their health. The program lets you conveniently manage your network in seconds, will generate standard reports, and will let you clean and re-add devices as necessary.Scan your network for optical drives
The program comes with a convenient and easy to use GUI for scanning your network, where the scans

Syvir Optical Crack With Keygen

Logs optical drives found on a LAN.
Measures optical drive information using C/H/S/F/T.
Measures optical drive information using PON, self-diagnosis, and a 3D virtual model.
Measures whether the optical drive has a bad sector or not.
Does not require any deployment.
Allows users to reset the data.
Logs the data in report files.
Provides a detailed diagnostic report.
Monitors optical drives on a LAN and generates an easy-to-use report.
Technical Specs:
Doesn’t require any deployment.
Does not require users to have administrator privileges.
System Requirements:
Systems of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012.
More favorable options:
Systems of Windows XP with SP 3 or later.
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What’s New in the?

Syvir Optical is a software program that lets you diagnose optical drives on PCs and servers. Can scan optical drives and diagnose the health of optical drives on a LAN.
Updates: 2017-08-07
Install File: 852.586
Syvir has been tested on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000. Mac users may also try the program.
Please note:
*Before purchasing Syvir Optical, please try it on a demo or spare PC and see how it works.
*Before purchasing Syvir Optical, please try it on a demo or spare PC and see how it works.
*Please do not use this item to connect to any live network. That is a criminal offence.
*This is a freeware application, you are not purchasing any license, you are NOT purchasing any software.
*You are not buying a license but just a small evaluation license.
*Syvir is in no way affiliated with any external source, we do not request any license, just a small evaluation license.
*Please do not use Syvir without my permission. Syvir is not allways working but some times works but it’s a good idea to use your web browser online.
*You have to do your own work and support, Syvir is not a software that let you try a license out and allways work.
*If you do not ask for my permission, I will not give you my permission.
*Please review the license before you purchase this evaluation software, this is required by law.
Thank you,

What do you think about this item?

Rating: 4 out of 5
posted on26.12.2015, 07:18


Although I am not very familiar with the operating system, this software does work to some extent. I have used this software to create reports of optical drives in a Windows Server environment and, although it might not be the easiest way of doing so, it does have its uses in the workplace. The controls in the software are very simple and, although there are some outstanding functions, there is nothing out of the ordinary.

You can use this to record information about optical drives in a network environment. This software has its drawbacks, but it does work.

What do you think about this item?

Rating: 4 out of 5
posted on29.10.2015, 14:15


System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP/Vista 64bit/XP 64bit/Win 7 64bit/XP 64bit/Win7 64bit/XP 64bit/Windows 8/8.1/8/8.1 64bit/Windows 10/10.0.14393 64bit
Mac OS X 10.10/10.10.3/10.10.5/10.10.6/10.10.7/10.10.9
Minimum: OS X 10.7.4 or Windows 7 64bit

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