Swiss Academic Citavi €

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Swiss Academic Citavi €

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Swiss Academic Citavi €

Citavi is an easy-to-use reference manager with a powerful and convenient search and organization capability. Citavi Assistant helps you quickly find the right reference for a specific article or book, and saves it to your knowledge base. Citavi Scanner helps you extract and organize the most important information from all your sources for easy reference. Citavi Essayizer helps you summarize a document by automatically extracting sections of text. Citavi Filmer helps you create an outline with your selection of citations, and Citavi Scoreboard helps you view and compare the content of your research with others. Citavi Client puts your citations into context, showing you how other scholars are citing this particular resource. Citavi Cite Machine helps you create customized bibliographies with powerful and convenient features.

Citavi helps you more efficiently search, insert, organize, and share your sources. Citavi already finds all your citations and suggests relevant books, articles, and other resources, making the research process faster and more streamlined. Citavi scans for citations across your entire computer and remembers them, so you don’t have to search each time you want to insert them. Citavi lets you tag your reference sources, so you can retrieve them easily later. Citavi lets you insert direct quotations into your documents, so you can quickly cite that source and move on. Citavi can gather documents and save them as PDFs so you can cite them or copy them to Citavi Notes, which enables you to cite them more easily than you otherwise could.

Citavi is an academic citation manager designed to help you easily manage and organize your sources. Citavi has no limits on the size or number of citations you can add to your knowledge base. Citavi is the perfect academic reference management tool for teachers and students from the fields of research, academia, library sciences, and education.

With Citavi users can search the database directly. This allows Citavi to provide you a history of the changes to the books in your library (this includes important events such as the addition and deletion of editions, changes to the title, the author or editor, etc.) Citavi also has a database search that is very easy to use. Citavi will suggest relevant terms to use to help you in your searches.
One major benefit of Citavi is that you can easily use a specific tool for multiple documents that you are using within the project. Citavi offers many different tools to fit the needs of the user. These tools include, but are not limited to, the following:
Access your sources through Citavi’s simple interface. Citavi is both convenient and efficient. Citavi generates a bibliography automatically, summarizes the content of your source. Citavi extracts the content of your sources and creates a summary for the whole document. Citavi comes with five types of thoughts including quotations. It also features a calendar you can use to organize your sources. Citavi can also insert pictures, videos and other media into your documents.
Swiss Academic Citavi is a popular learning and research tool specially designed for the academic community. Citavi consists of five modules. Citavi Assistant helps you create a bibliography from all your citations. Citavi Cite Manager helps you insert your citations and notes into a word document. Citavi Citation Machine is a bibliographic software especially designed to organize your references automatically. Citavi Smart Cite generates automatically a list of citations from the bibliographies. Citavi Filmer helps you create an outline of your document. Citavi Client provides you with an overview of your citations and helps you organize your thoughts. Citavi comes with a powerful style editor which lets you create and apply your own styles. Citavi also gives you an easy user interface and helps you create different types of citations. Citavi can create a list of titles from your bibliography. Citavi can also export the list to MS Word.

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