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In this quiz we have divided various categories to test your logical thinking, memory and attention.
In the categories: Mankind, Nature, Technology, Music, Peace.
This is the third “Cold Steel” DLC. We want to explain how a cadet from a race of humanoid aliens would prepare for an exam to be promoted to a consultant in a regiment of outer space invaders.
About this Game:
You are an alien from a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Xextron. A powerful and united empire has spread across the outer space in the Galactic Federation. You have been selected to represent your planet and make this planet’s first visit to Earth. You are about to experience how a cadet from a race of humanoid aliens would study Earth to prepare for the exam to be promoted to consultant in a regiment of outer space invaders.
Your first contact with the Earth will be in a research laboratory deep underground. A research group conducted the tests and prepared the apparatus for you. You will need to use your experience and logic to choose the right answers.
Remember: If you get one or more questions wrong, you will not pass the quiz. If you want to see how the story of a cadet from a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Xextron, would prepare for the exam to be promoted to a consultant in a regiment of outer space invaders, then try to complete the quiz to the best of your abilities.
Controls are left to by the right thumbstick.
1. Pan & Zoom (Use the D-pad to move forward / backward)
2. Scrub (Use the button on the D-pad to move forward or backward)
3. Previous & Next
4. Home & Back
5. Hint
6. Anti-Hint
7. Question
8. Right Answer
9. Left Answer
10. Correct Answer
11. This question
12. The last question
13. Highlight Question
14. Light Blue Question
15. Dark Blue Question
16. Highlight Anti-Hint
The controls are designed to be intuitive and ergonomic. We ask for your understanding.
1. Panning
A: Pan using the D-pad and move forward / backward.
B: Magnify using the button on the D-pad.
2. Zooming
A: Zoom in / out using the D-pad.
B: Zoom using the button on the D-pad.
3. P


Stardrift Nomads Features Key:


The drama unfolds at the birth of the first wildlife sanctuary on public lands in the United States. In the 1950s, Richard Gage and other conservationists began organizing a campaign to preserve the Blackfish Institute in British Columbia, Canada. In 2011, park superintendents inaugurated it as the 100th national park. You can read some of their thought provoking reflections in a new book by Pantagraphic noted author Wade Davis, “Catch & Release”, which we are delighted to offer for sale. You can preview the new book on our new Amazon page. Read the Foreword by Jane Goodall, and the afterword by Richard Gage.

Wade has, in addition, provided the cover photo for this magazine, and our old one appeared on the Halloween Dellane. Here’s the photo of Wade posing for the portrait:

El Niño brings plague-like destruction to many islands

$3 million needed to cover shortfalls in BFL

Published: September 29, 2012

By Tamara Anderson

Our Island’s Fall Hard

By Wade Davis

The news items appear daily in my Inbox, running on my desktop, and posted on the Facebook page. These issues of the Mentawaii Observer are sent to members of our Association of Mentawai Environmental Protection and Care Groups (AMP), and those who wish to join the association can do so by opting-in on our Mass Email System.

Elected AMP chair Dick Gage is understandably receiving the brunt of the new Governor’s attention. They have received few grants, and the attempted break-in of their secret email system produced discouraging results. We in AMP have seen legislation that now severely limits or eliminates voluntary programs.

Governor Abundio appointed three new regulatory agencies to rate new programs with an eye toward funding possible new programs with the state revenue generated by the overall executive attempt at a budget. An economic consultant was appointed by the Governor to generate advice to help the new administration come up with new revenue, involving the EPA-based Marine Captiol and Aeronautics Division. Then came the study on Fisheries. Again, this seems to be a political choice instead of a scientific one. At great expense. The study aims to match the state with marine development and limit environmental concerns.

One of the new agencies provided a familiar


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-This is a game, a simulator. Its lots of fun.
-You can use left/right arrow keys to control the plane.
-You can zoom in and out with the space bar.
-Foggy greenish clouds represent ground and atmosphere, even through the space ship can see earths surface and atmosphere.
-Layers of clouds are adjustable and can be damped or undamped (you can even disable it by moving the ground).
-You can also control the ground velocity, gas speed, the thrust, camera view. There are ten different types of rockets, with different specifications.
-You can see the camera rotated clockwise, counterclockwise, pushed forward and backward, zoomed in and out, etc.
-This game is free to play but if you enjoy it and want to help us support development, please consider the donation to the project.
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Good old game in Google Play (Apple Store).
Platform : Google Play Android
Size : 7.7 MB
Genre: Action/RPG
Download Speed: Fast/Good
Tags: action-adventure, adventure, shooting, fps, ghost-aliens, android
Play it :
Read about it :
This is our most played game on TownTalk.
Its a classic Action/RPG game where you can choose to either play as the Ghostaliens or as the Humans. The Goal is to make your way through a ship and invade the alien base, and save the human race.
This is a simple game where you use the left/right arrow keys to move the spaceship forward/backward and the spacebar to change the Zoom level.
On the menu buttons there are options that you can use.
1- Normal Mode:
2- Continous Zoom:
3- Fullscreen
4- Sound Controlled
5- Click the arrows on the left/right to see your health, ammo, add more power-ups
6- Save your game
7- Quit the game
8- Watch the High Scores
9- Play


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Crash car in an extreme sport track game in which you have to dodge moving cars.

Collect coins as you are racing.

Kill enemies to get more coins.

Shoot and kill enemies to win more coins.

Are you a car crush racing simulator games fan? Then you will love this crash game. Crush car is not like any other racing game and you have to collect coins by surviving and dodging the cars. Crush and kill all the enemy cars to progress in the game. There are many levels to pass in this crash game and the more you kill the more coins you collect. Kill all the cars to complete the race and win more coins. This is a hard racing game where you have to avoid as many cars as possible and collect coins at the same time. The gameplay of this crash game is very addictive and you will be glued to it while playing the game. Just hold your hand on the car and steer it carefully to survive and kill the enemies.

Worms Armageddon continues the legend of Worms, giving you an enhanced gameplay experience. The new Worms Armageddon is very entertaining. New features and gameplay make Worms Armageddon more fun and addictive. No single shot of Worms Armageddon is boring. What else can you ask for?

Enjoy the greatest gameplay experience in Worms Armageddon, but remember this. You may die, you may be in a hurry, and you may be doing many things at the same time. In the Worms Armageddon game, you may have different powerful weapons such as:

► Slug

► Shell

► Bomb

► Cluster

► Scorpion

► Power charge

Also, you will get the opportunity to create new weapons to defeat other worms and some other obstacles. In Worms Armageddon you will get the chance to drive your worms fast on different terrains and environments. Speed is your best friend in the Worms Armageddon game. You may use missiles to destroy all the plants and keep on moving at a fast speed. Also, in Worms Armageddon, you may create your own design, and choose your favorite vehicles. Keep your worms moving, kill enemies and destroy all the obstacles to win the game.

In Worms Armageddon you will get the chance to customize your own character and choose your favorite weapon. You will become the top worm on the leaderboard. This Worms Armageddon game is entertaining for all the players.

** Please read the manual before downloading the game. **

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As our name suggests, we have always been dedicated to the development of the craft of magic and theatre, and our range of custom theatre pieces is a reflection of this.



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Boat Simulator Apprentice is a small boat training game that caters to both simulator fans and arcade game lovers. Introducing Daniel, your trainer. Daniel has created several increasingly difficult training modules to teach you how to drive a boat. With the help of Daniel, you’ll be exposed to the common basic boat controls and scenarios. In some instances, Daniel shall change the setup of the simulator environment to create scenarios for you to master.Features:
Simulator Mode: Structured learning on basic practices of driving a boat
Arcade Mode: Boat Sprint, Time Trials, Rescue Missions, Treasure HuntPlaned Features:
Level Editor
COLREGS-based rules of the road or navigations rules
Story Mode
Open-world RoamingA team at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Genetics Unit in Scotland have identified a particular protein responsible for turning back the clock on aging, a research advance described by the team as “a major step forward in our understanding of how aging is regulated.”

Researchers analyzed the function of approximately 200 proteins in a commonly used model organism, the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans. Strikingly, one protein out of those almost 200 turned out to be crucial in regulating aging.

“The protein, originally named RGM-A, was known to play a role in muscle maintenance and repair, but we found that inhibiting its activity does two things: it prolongs lifespan and prevents the progression of age-related diseases like cancer,” said Thomas P. Burges, Ph.D., an Associate Investigator in the MRC Genetics Unit and senior author of a paper describing the work published in the journal Cell.

RGM-A is likely to be equally important in humans, Burges added. Previous studies in rodents showed that humans with a malfunctioning version of the same protein experienced a longer lifespan.

“Our findings show that this particular protein is equally involved in lifespan regulation in roundworms and humans,” he said. “The next step for us now is to investigate exactly how this protein influences longevity.”

Burges and his colleagues continue to investigate the mechanism by which RGM-A acts, and work on related proteins. He is also looking to investigate the proteins’ effects in human tissues.

“There are good reasons to believe that the proteins encoded by our selected genes also play a role in aging, perhaps by promoting the longevity of key cells in humans,” said Burges.


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    System Requirements For Stardrift Nomads:

    Windows 7 or newer
    Mac OS X 10.11 or newer
    Emulation of an Xbox 360 controller is not required to enjoy the game, but it does help in order to experience the best possible version of the game.
    Featuring a slew of awesome and unique weapons, each with their own devastating power, the Blood Brothers have become the newest additions to the console exclusive Metal Gear franchise. From familiar series favorites like the MSG and the Lelbon, to never before seen weapons such as the Rifle-caliber Mosquito and the AGB, the latest


    Additional Information

    Name Stardrift Nomads
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.26 / 5 ( 3923 votes )
    Update (8 days ago)


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