Spitfire Audio Albion Torrent Full __FULL__

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Spitfire Audio Albion Torrent Full

the rich, warm sound of the western concertina is showcased in albion awakenings. this library is accompanied by a collection of all the standard instrumentation and the best-of-the-best performers from the uk concertina scene. if you’re looking for a unique sound, the awakenings collection is your best option.

albion pro is a dedicated, purpose-built analogue orchestral library featuring a unique collection of breathtaking orchestral sounds, from a symphony orchestra, to a string section, a choir, brass, and a full trio. the library features a mix of original performances and re-recordings of key orchestral works, recorded to the highest quality, including the best equipment available for these performances.

the albion pianissimo is a very versatile piano library. from the cleanest hits to the most expressive pianissimos we have captured the essence of the instrument. the library features a comprehensive set of articulations including legatos, staccatos and glides. each sound has been recorded with high-level mic techniques and top-notch audio editing. pianissimo is the perfect accompaniment to our other piano libraries such as albion neo and albion solo.

albion phoenix is an evolving series of libraries based on the concept of evolving textures. these fully featured and versatile libraries are a journey through the world of evolution. the phoenix series will bring you a full library of evolving textures, from the rich and evocative textures of albion solstice and albion tundra through to the deeper but more textural tones of the new albion phoenix series, such as albion phoenix ultimate.

this library has been recorded in 7.1 surround at the one and only number one audio post production studio in the world, the legendary air studios. this immersive recording environment, with the lab’s own custom cameras, generates some of the most realistic and detailed recordings of any audio production facility on the planet. this is where film, games and television go to be worked on. air studios (the aerial recorders international studios) is a remarkable place, located on the middle of london’s city. it has the most sophisticated equipment, from pretty much any studio out there. it is renowned for its sound, and air sound & lighting department engineers a combination of digital, analog, and software, it is the audio fortress of choice for the highest caliber productions. now we are bringing those capabilities to london recordists, and spitfire is the first company to do so.
spitfire audio’s strategy is to curate a library of top-quality sound sources for musicians to instantly use and adapt to their own projects. to achieve this, we are partnering with the world’s most exciting and iconic musicians to record a 100-track library of sounds, and we are creating digital audio instrument and synth presets tailored to be fresh, inspiring, and immediately usable. explore spits audio library and capture your imagination. imagine the sounds you can create.
high-end analog modular gear and audio processors are not tools that are only for seasoned pros. with amazing sound, intuitive features, and a modern look, spitfire’s signal flow is a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for anyone, from professional sound designers to simply getting creative. designed for making new and exciting sounds, the signal flow has four modules that each feature three to six analog audio inputs, each with a dedicated effects pedal, plus an analog output.


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