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Solid Explorer File Manager V2.7.7 APK Unlocked [Latest]

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Solid Explorer File Manager V2.7.7 APK Unlocked [Latest]

smartphone is not only a means of communication but also a place to store a lot of important things such as: images, videos, audio files, files.. and they are scattered everywhere. many people find it difficult to find the data files they need again. let the solid explorer file manager application help you do this in seconds.

here we provide solid explorer file manager for windows 8/10 ! now you can easily access your important files, photos, music, documents and even connect to servers and folders using the internet. whether youve got a tablet, laptop or desktop, these files can be accessed and retrieved from any pc or windows device. other than that, it can also help you to compress and decompress files to save space.
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download solid explorer file manager for windows 10 apk from the below location to experience this great product! we provide a reliable guide to help you download this application from the google play store.

the updated version of file explorer, solid explorer is one of the best alternatives to explorer available on the google play store. easily navigate to anything in your device’s internal storage, the sd card, cloud storage and ftp server. its a solid file manager, with an intuitive design, built with a combination of mediatek and knox technologies.

with solid support for storage from cloudsd, skydrive, dropbox and drive, solid explorer is a must have for cloud storage. connect and sync between the windows pc and android. browse and view the contents of your files.

file manager is an excellent file manager app for organizing and managing your files on android device. it allows you to search files by name, date, and size. additionally, you can also move, copy and delete the files.
if you want to quickly browse the file system and find any necessary files, file explorer is the right app for you. here, you can open and close windows, and split the view between multiple windows. you can even drag-and-drop the files between multiple windows. moreover, if you like, you can use the search function to quickly find any file, whether on local or cloud storages.
also, if you have the multiple storages on the android device, you can easily get them all at once. and then you can further access and modify the files between those storages. therefore, file explorer is the best alternative to other apps on the market. and the best thing is that it is available in both the paid and the free versions.
to further improve the performance of your file manager, you can even use the cloud service. and then you can get the storages from both the online and the local resources. also, you can directly access the cloud storage from the file explorer.
with file explorer, android users can easily access and manage the files and other resources on their devices. and then you can also use the cloud service to get the files easily. also, the app can be used by you to search for the files from the local storages. and in addition to this, you can easily access the cloud service from the cloud storages.
and since the app is simple and user-friendly, file explorer will become your one-stop file manager for all your needs. you can choose to use the cloud service or the local storages, and then you can easily access the files at any time and from any available platforms. and with the help of the cloud service, the app can also be used by you to quickly access files from any other android device.

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