Shawty Redd Drum Kit REPACK

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Shawty Redd Drum Kit REPACK


Shawty Redd Drum Kit

i used this product when doing my work. i worked on many beats. i used this piece on several tracks. the drums are really good. it’s soft, snappy, with a nice attack, and a rounded off sound. you will need some edits/bends to get the kick or snare to sound like this. i am happy with the drums i got. i’m looking forward to using more of this product.

i needed a great drum kit for a project where i needed to blend some samples together. i needed a sample that wasn’t too high in pitch, and i got exactly that. this kit has an awesome 808 bass, kick, and snare all in a great sample pack.

not an experienced user of sample packs, i had to start from the beginning and make sense of the folder structure. it was great to find the samples i wanted to use and not have to go through entire folders to find the one i needed. once i learned the structure it took me about five hours to finish the pack. after all was said and done it didn’t disappoint. the kick, snare, and 808 bass have an excellent ride each. the only thing i didn’t like is that there was no hi hats sampled. i was not disappointed with the sounds in this pack. i am looking forward to using this pack.

it works perfectly as intended and sounds great.
i plan on using this product to make my first beat. i am fairly new to kontakt and this product helps me get where i want without too much hassle. it’s also easy to use, offers a lot of variance, and comes with great sounds.

2013 saw the biggest year to date for the producer as he scored a grammy nomination and his first hit, with a hit single off the bruise mixtape, big red. ever since, hes been on a mission to establish his name as a singular force in trap music. joined by label mate lex luger, young jeezy and the ubiquitous 808 bass, the three have captured the attention of fans with the chart-topping song boyfriends. lifted from youngbloodz, the genre-transcending hit was the first of many chart-topping cuts from these three producers this year.


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