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Most users have one tool in common – a screen grabber. This type of program especially comes in handy when you deal with numerous screenshots on a day-to-day basis.
Although there are a lot of complex programs available on the current market, may people prefer to resort to simpler, straightforward, lightweight and portable apps to get the job done. This is where Screen Snaper comes in.
Screen Snaper is a gadget that perfectly integrates into Windows Vista – it allows you to quickly take a screenshot of the desktop, window or specific region. Unfortunately, the small app is not supported by newer operating systems, just as Windows 7.
The gadget's interface is based on a small window whose skin can be toggled between modern and classic. You can set Screen Snaper to send the shot to preview (small, medium, large), Clipboard or image file (e.g. BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG).
Additionally, you can lock the “PrintScreen” key. Thanks to its GADGET format, you can reposition Screen Snaper anywhere on the desktop, set it to stay on top of other applications and adjust its opacity level between 20% and 100%.
Since installation is not required, you can store Screen Snaper on a removable device (like a USB flash drive) and directly run its executable file on any computer with Windows Vista installed. Thus, no changes are made to the Windows registry and no leftover items can be found after removing the app.
The simplistic gadget puts little strain on the computer's resources. We have not come across any difficulties in our tests; Screen Snaper did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. However, it should be updated for newer versions of Windows. Also, the app does not support keyboard shortcuts.







Screen Snaper Crack With Serial Key X64 [Updated]

Monitor your surf session, MP3 or video game collection to ensure that you don’t miss a beat.

Post your screen shots to the web, share them with friends or upload them to a remote screen recorder.

Pause, Restart, or Shutdown your computer and the recording will pause.

Print screen or capture a screenshot.

Capture your Desktop and Window.

Display your desktop screen as a png file.

Capture your screen shot on clipboard, and paste into Paint, PaintShop Pro, etc.

Capture and save into image files.

Automatically captures while playing games.

Automatically captures when you press PrintScreen.

Change the size of the png file to various sizes:

Normal and Small

Medium and Large

GIF (90s)

Capture and Save into various types of image files.

Display various sizes of a captured image on your desktop

Set how big the clipboard print is:

Default Size

Small Size

Medium Size

Large Size

Capture your Windows screen (XP and Vista)

Capture your Desktop screen (XP and Vista)

Capture your Window (XP and Vista)

Take a Screenshot

Screenshot your Desktop and Windows

Screenshot your Desktop, Window, or a region

* Be aware: this program does not work on Mac OS X


Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

Screen Capture Device

Windows: My Computer/Devices/Screen Captures

Outlook: Devices

Expiration Date


Any ideas?

If the app no longer appears on your Start Menu after uninstalling it, then the program has been uninstalled successfully. Please delete the program files and cache files to remove any remains of the uninstalled app.

Uninstaller description

Screen Snapper is a small, standalone application that does not require installation. Uninstaller is a simple tool which will help you to completely remove the application and all its files from your computer.

Please note that you have to agree to the license before installation.


Screen Snapper Screenshot Tool is an application that enables you to take screenshots easily and without additional tools. The program has many useful features, such as automatic screenshot capture, preview display and text insertion in the image, and also much more.

Usage notes

Screen Sn

Screen Snaper Crack+ PC/Windows

Screen Snaper is a nifty gadget that takes screenshots. You can adjust a few settings before taking the shot. Once it’s taken, the screen shot is automatically saved in your desktop.
The benefit of using Screen Snaper is that you can move it around. You can set it so that when you press the Print Screen key it would capture all or part of the screen. You can also set it so that you can drag it and then resize it if you want to.
The disadvantage is that Screen Snaper doesn’t save the screenshot. If you lose it in an error it will not be saved anywhere.
What’s in this version :
– Now supports Windows 7
– Fixes some bugs
– Added support for Windows 7 and greater
– Added drag-and-resize
– Minor interface tweaks
More features :
– Support for image files (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG)
– Support for JPEG file format (note that some images may appear wrong)
– Support for PNG file format
– Added ‘Show coordinates’ toggle
– Added a ‘Cursor’ toggle to show where the cursor is
– Ability to lock the PrintScreen key
– Ability to set Screen Snaper to stay on top
– Ability to save the image to disk
– Ability to display the image in full-screen mode
– Ability to capture the desktop
– Ability to capture the current window
– Ability to capture the specific region
– Ability to drag the Snaper and resize it
– Ability to specify the width and height
– Ability to specify the color mode
– Ability to specify the quality
– Ability to choose an image file location
– Ability to specify the transparency setting
– Ability to toggle the screen shot toolbar
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s foreground and background color
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s icon
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s transparent window
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s backdrop color
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s position relative to other applications
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s Opacity
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s transparency
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s window opacity
– Ability to toggle the Snaper’s transparency in window
– Ability to disable keyboard shortcuts
– Ability to disable left and right-click menu
– Ability to switch the Snaper between Modern and Classic GUI skins
– Ability to disable the Snaper’s icon
– Ability to toggle the

Screen Snaper

Screen Snaper is an easy-to-use screen capture utility that helps you keep track of your desktop in a snap.
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v1.0.0.1*NEW FEATURES:*
-Screen Capture of the active desktop (via the Print Screen button, only from the taskbar) and the ability to add the screenshot to the clipboard.
-Ability to open your favorite games in the background.
-Corrects the error that sometimes occurs when attempting to launch Steam games.
-Fixed the bug that prevented the application from starting correctly when a new Steam game was installed and SteamCloud was not running.
-Optimized some unnecessary code to improve the game performance.
-Added 2 more games to the suggested games list.
-Added a button to disable Steam Cloud.
-Fixed the error that occurred when

What’s New in the?

This simple gadget saves you a lot of time. Without further ado, let's take a look at the pros and cons of Screen Snaper…

Ludovic Balfond
A Window’s basic item

Free, portable and simple to use.
Does not support some Windows version (e.g. Vista) and works in demo mode.



Screen Snaper is a small gadget that allows you to quickly capture the entire screen or a specific region of the desktop. It can be configured to save the shot in several formats or directly to the clipboard. The gadget can be repositioned and locked to the desktop.

When to use:
You can use Screen Snaper to take a snap of the desktop or some specific window, or you can keep the gadget locked to the desktop. A single shot of the desktop can be useful when you need to share your findings with others in a quick and easy way. Screen Snaper can also be used to customize your setup before you go to sleep, or when you want to take a shot of the desktop and put it away in one go.

If you want to store a shot of the desktop, you can place Screen Snaper on your Windows desktop, to keep it always visible. This is particularly useful when you are exploring new software tools, or when you just want to capture the desktop without any distraction.

The Gadget’s Interface:

There are three ways to view the gadget:
1) Move the cursor over the icon on the taskbar and it will be displayed.
2) Place the gadget on a window (the zoom action won’t work on icons) and click on it.
3) Open the gadget in a floating window, located in the notification area.

The gadget's interface is based on a small window whose skin can be toggled between modern and classic. You can set Screen Snaper to send the shot to preview (small, medium, large), Clipboard or image file (e.g. BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG).

Additionally, you can lock the 'PrintScreen' key.

The last item is a pop-up menu.
You can choose to permanently disable all or specific desktop shortcuts when you are finished using Screen Snaper.

Launching the gadget
You can save Screen Snaper on a removable device (like a USB flash drive) and directly run its executable file on

System Requirements For Screen Snaper:

*Windows 7 or later (8 is recommended)
*1024 MB of RAM
*ATI Radeon or Intel HD 4000 or better graphics card
*DirectX 9.0c or later
*NVIDIA GeForce 9600 or better with latest drivers
**If using NVIDIA graphics card, download and run Enthusiast Gaming Tool from their website.
The Enthusiast Gaming Tool is designed to optimize games for NVIDIA graphics card. All game files are converted in the tool, ensuring smooth gameplay.
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