Sasha Friends Return Studio Azov Films 11 [VERIFIED]

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Sasha Friends Return Studio Azov Films 11

Borat arrives in Hollywood where he befriends a chinese restaurant owner and convinces him to open a McDonald’s in Kazakhstan. He then arranges an audition for Sacha and he is accepted into his hotel room. Borat stays with Sacha until he becomes super picky about the kind of girls he brings home and Sacha hires a male escort in order to satisfy Borat’s whimsical preferences.

Borat moves into a seedy area. He appears in a courtroom, where he insults Everyone, the judge, and the two attorneys he has hired for himself. Borat attends a belly dancing party, where he argues with the van driver, a rather dimwitted Kazakh, and shows him one of his pornos. This leads to Borat’s deportation from the United States.

Borat goes to an orgy party, where he embarrasses some college students who were taking a quiz and meet some older women, including one who Borat finds attractive. He then goes to a bar to look for girls but without success. On returning to the hotel, he finds the two women he liked from the party and they rent a room for the night. The next morning, Borat is disgusted by the two women and follows them back to their house where he sleeps with one of them by mistake.

Borat travels to London on the American Airlines. He arrives in London airport, stands in passport line, and is given a passport stamp in sight of other passengers. When he arrives at his friend’s flat, he finds it ransacked and Eugenia is missing. Borat drives to a department store but finds that she is not working at their sales counter and so goes to a different department store, where he confronts the shop assistant who confirms that Eugenia never worked there. Borat puts Eugenia in his jersey and drives to the airport to catch a flight back to Kazakhstan.


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