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Rpc Plugin Download _VERIFIED_

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Rpc Plugin Download _VERIFIED_


Rpc Plugin Download

Admitting the fact that it can look confusing at first, all in all, TCT’s torrent download feature is fairly limited in its abilities. Although it works on most operating systems it can only grab a single torrent at a time and your choices of torrent are limited to the ones uploaded by the author. Lastly, it is not possible to download more than one torrent at a time, if you need to download two torrents with the same torrent file, you will need to upload two different torrents.

When you initially download a torrent with the TCT Plugin, it will create an entry in the current My Document plugin available in your content channel. The same amount of space will be reserved for the torrent download as is used by the My Document plugin in the same channel. As long as the torrent is not completely downloaded and saved, the current version in your content channel will continue to be updated with the most recent. However, after the torrent is completely downloaded, it will replace any current version in your content channel.

I’ve used several different rpc clients, including rsync, a ftp-based client (if you don’t know how to use that on a computer, then you don’t deserve to use such a thing) and loads more. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. TCT’s rpc plugin has many advantages: It’s nice and clean, it’s easy to setup and use and it works in your favorite content management system. Additionally, it’s free!

If you have a 20+ GB collection of files you want to upload, you can either wait for an overnight CDN presence of your files, or you can pay a few bucks for faster upload times. This plugin will assist you in accomplishing your goal.


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