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It is the Year 782 after the Sundering, a year when the most evil force of nature, Fel, rages in the Lands Between. The prophecy of the Elden Ring, a powerful artifact that one day would be used to banish evil from the Lands Between, was lost after the Imperial City’s civil war.

Now it is the year when a band of adventurers in search of the Elden Ring should emerge, and they will venture into the Lands Between. In order to attain and wear the Elden Ring, they will have to battle through countless dangers and challenges.

A powerful artifact waiting to be used, the Elden Ring, which carries the fate of the Lands Between in its hands, lies buried at the north end of the rock-strewn island of Tarras.

As you explore a vast world full of excitement, create your own character, and join an epic adventure, an experience that no one has ever dared to dream of.


The Lands Between are the vast and unknown world that is comprised of three regions (sand, stone, and ice), full of countless wonders and islands where you can forge your own destiny.

As you adventure, time flows naturally to move forward to the next chapter.

Your actions determine the story of the Lands Between.

Events occur around you, and your own movements will affect the actions of other characters and even the course of history.


Experience an adventure as a mercenary and go on an indomitable journey.

Fight your way through the Lands Between with your comrades and make use of the crafting items and skills you find along the way.


There is a large number of NPCs in the world.

Their actions can have a variety of effects.

The amount of time it takes to kill a target will depend on a variety of factors, such as the difficulty and equipment you have.


The personification of my hopes for the future

With the fate of the Lands Between in your hands, unleash your power and take on an epic adventure!



Mac OSX 10.9 or higher



Features Key:

  • Touch controls for Action RPG gameplay
  • Meet old friends, new friends, or even make new friends and create stronger bonds
  • Delve into dungeons and forge bonds with brave companions
  • Embrace the Legend of the Legendary Artifacts, Tarnished, and Rise
  • Fully Customize Appearance, Equipment and Character
  • Relive an Epic Drama in the Lands Between
  • Open World with 50+ Continent
  • NPC Quests and Dungeon Break Quest
  • In-Game Server Browser (For Multiplayer)
  • Online Multiplayer (For MOBA / Chinese PUBG) and Asynchronous Online Multiplayer (For asynchronous online games)
  • Platform Support:

    • Windows (95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/Win7)
    • Mac OS X 10.5.6
    • Linux
    • PS Vita

    Available for:

    • Nintendo Switch
      Available in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America
    • XBOX One
    • PS4
    • Steam
    • Windows Phone

    Embark on an adventure with Elden Ring. Let’s go to the Lands Between… Tarnished!

    Xbox Live:

    Elden Ring is also available for Xbox Play Anywhere.

    Our game is region-locked. You need an Xbox Live account and MS points in order to play Elden Ring. We do not provide additional payment methods. If you do not own a PS4, you can purchase Elden Ring PS4 version and play the game with your Xbox Live account. Our game is region-locked to help prevent exploits that allow players from playing with


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    “Rise, Tarnished”


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    Elden Ring Crack For PC [March-2022]

    At the request of the Elden, the Forsaken, a Great Samael (powerful demon lord) was summoned to aid a mortal nation in defeating an army of evil.

    The Samael had restrained his power and remained as a man, but was still called the Only One. With the power of the Great Samael, he and his partner, the Forsaken, vanquished the army and bound the demon god that caused the destruction. This Elderbound World was spared from the Great Samael’s power.

    An apocalypse of unimaginable destruction tore across the Great Samael’s world, and the Forsaken alone defended the Lands Between. However, the Elden were awakened and began recruiting humans with the power of the Great Samael, forming the Horde. They have now taken over the lands below the heavens and are now the rulers of a country. In addition, they continue to gather humans who have the power of the Forsaken, and are setting out to conquer the Lands Between.

    In the midst of this, the Elden shall pass through the Lands Between and leave the Forsaken. As a human of the Lands Between, you have been summoned to complete this fight.

    Adventure with the Elden:

    Be led by the story that unfolds in front of your eyes as you progress through the world of the Lands Between. As a human who joined the Elden, you receive three powerful weapons, the Blood Scythe, Razor, and the Twilight Wand.

    Your fighting ability will increase each time you defeat monsters, creating a chain effect. There are various types of monsters that you can fight including humanoid creatures, animals, and more.

    Explore an Entire World:

    You will have the opportunity to visit various mysterious places with the story being told throughout the world. And as you progress through the story, you will be able to visit even more areas.

    Each area contains a multitude of monsters and the strength of the enemy is gradually increasing.

    This game is different from a survival RPG and offers a fighting action game with intense graphics, strong interaction, and a variety of elements.

    The action of the RPG is fully connected to the world of the RPG, so the battle becomes more exciting and enthralling.

    With plenty of elements, there are various different ways to play including the duel.

    The game is set in a time in which there is a guild war between humans and the Elden. At the end of


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Discuss this article on the Vanilla Forums!

    Take, for example, the role of a warrior under the command of an Elden Lord. As an apprentice warrior, you take part in the civil war between the forces of the Law (and its equivalent, Paladins) and the forces of Chaos (and its equivalent, Barbarians). If you lie and deceive your enemies, you betray the Old Order. If you pledge absolute loyalty to the law, you betray the Old Order. Either way, the promises you have given, the friends you have betrayed, and your honor will bear the full brunt of the law or chaos that wins.

    Those in the Lands Between are put in between the chaos of the chaos races and the Law, a space between the worlds. Success or failure will decide the outcome of the war for the world. There is no revolution, no revolution. There is only the presence of a big conflict between the law and chaos.

    What could I gain if I win

    Elden Lords can perform Special Abilities to benefit themselves or enemies.

    Ability: Well of Fate
    When an enemy attacks the Elden Lord, he and all his allies can roll up to (n)th dice. If the roll is even, the enemy is forced to attack empty space. If the roll is odd, the enemy is forced to attack the target that was rolling. (The exact sequence of this happens when the Elden Lord). If the roll is 2, the Elden Lord gets a massive bonus to his attack.

    Ability: Death’s Promises
    If an Elden Lord makes an attack against an enemy, and succeeds, the enemy rolls for one free OA check. (The other way around applies to the Elden Lord).


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract downloaded files
  • If.exe file runs properly than small crack files run properly, rename it with.exs
  • Run it
  • How To Play:

    • Download and install Club VR
    • Run it for First Time
    • After this PC and SplitScreen must be open at same time. After creation of Account
    • Click on Create Game

    More Details:

    • Play online with potential players from all over the world
    • Play offline locally with your friends

    The whole game is modular, so it is very easy to create new content and add your own stuff in the upcoming months. Dungeon explorers are welcome to get in contact with the developers at the custom content group!

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    Download ✫✫✫ DOWNLOAD

    Download ✫✫✫ DOWNLOAD

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