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The third Elden Ring Full Crack Game will be released in 2017.
The third Elden Ring Game will be released in 2017.

Established by the Legendary Mage, Baldur’s Gate, and Three Dwarves, the Elden Ring is the world’s first online, fantasy action RPG, and the first game to be developed by the studio known as Funcom.

The Legend of Sunmaker

Featured image is the cover art of the Elden Ring V.

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Features Key:

  • Freely Choose Your Order
  • Wield an Epic Armour, Demon Weapons, SteamWorks Items, and various Moonsomenos.
  • Fight Monsters and Gain Experience
  • Play and experience the game’s twists and feel.
  • Epic Battles

    In the game, the jobs of the three main characters are as follows:

    • Aberrant Dragon: preordained fate.
      Subjugate the most destructive force in the world with a weapon capable of bearing any punishment.
    • Wild Hunter: destined to fight in a war between the Gods and Demons, and to protect the lands in which the war takes place with a weapon that the Gods bestowed.
    • Sword Master: commitment to justice.
      Anticipate the capabilities of enemies, guide and build up your team, and defend your allies.

    You can free your character of their posthumous destiny by breaking the command link between the Wild Hunter and Aberrant Dragon, the Sword Master and Aberrant Dragon, or the Sword Master and Wild Hunter.
    By doing so, you will be able to experience an epic battle with powerful opponents.


    • A Vast World
    • A Unique Three-Dimensional World
    • Two Realms on One Map
    • Interconnected World
    • Random Dungeon Generation
    • Endless Walking and Exploring
    • A Battle System that Gives Measuring Contrast
    • Battle with Unique Greetings to Cultivate Your Clan
    • Battle with Unique Greetings to Cultivate Your Clan
    • A Chess-Style Number Matching System
    • A Battle System that Meets the Fundamental Needs of Special Wards
    • Equip your Destiny with a Weapon to Catastrophe
    • An Awakening System that Varies According to the Players Destiny

    Additional Features


    Elden Ring License Key Full Free [Mac/Win]

    “Delightful Rhythm is trying to capture the feel of the early JRPG era, and for the most part I think they succeeded. I’m sure there will be many more games like this, and I’ll likely enjoy them all as well.”

    -Drakengard Fan

    “Right from the start I could not stop myself from playing Re: Feel, the game that brought the charm of the early JRPG era to current gen.”

    -Arcania Online

    “My first impression is that it really feels like the JRPGs of the 70’s and 80’s, though I do find it a bit more difficult to understand at this point. The game gives me a sense of nostalgia for those days. All in all, the graphics and music will surely surprise you, and I’m sure you’ll have fun playing.”


    “I’m quite impressed by the technical aspects of the game. The graphics are quite good for a recent JRPG.”


    “It has a very catchy and intriguing soundtrack, alongside really-fine anime-styled art. The A.I. conversations are also entertaining to listen to, you’ll be able to make lots of new friends.”


    “The music is quite effective at setting the mood of each location, while in combat it’s a constant barrage of awesome fist-pumping action.”

    -Hardcore Gaming 101

    “This is a very charming role playing game where you can enjoy the soundtrack, plus it has a very easy control system.”

    -Calamity Tower

    “After getting through the tutorial part of the game and familiarizing myself with the controls, I started looking for dungeons to clear.”

    -Arcade Heroes

    “Some of the more challenging parts of the game were the monster encounters, which I found enjoyable.”

    -Xbox Community

    “I’m finding this to be a surprisingly fun game, and it seems like all of the elements are there – traditional JRPG style character growth, dungeons to explore, and combat that lets me use magic and weapons to get my hits in.”

    -XBLA Central

    “All in all, Re: Feel is a lot of fun, and I found it worthwhile to keep playing it for a number of hours.”

    -Playism’s Shining in Blue



    Elden Ring PC/Windows Latest

    (1) Skill tree of two elements: Fire and Ice
    (2) Skill points are acquired through specific actions and items, and customized according to your character preferences
    (3) An action and item set for your character, which increases your confidence in battle.
    (4) Upgrade in-game content and items using points gained from battles
    (5) A variety of items, skills, and environments
    (6) Changing the in-game difficulty level and other adjustments according to the player’s skill level
    (7) A wide range of mission types
    (8) An open world for you to find
    (9) A character growth system that continues in the online world

    Items and items

    Main Weapon: Sword/Mace
    Specially designed each item corresponds with your character’s class

    Dance Magic

    Defeat enemies using your dance skills in battle

    Grace, the Divine Weapon

    Multi-element melee weapon with three elements


    A weapon that continuously strikes enemies in a large radius


    A ranged weapon that continuously attacks enemies

    Elite Skill

    Capable of wielding multiple weapons

    Skill Points

    Through battle, gather more skills and points.


    Enhance your weapon and armor, making them stronger


    A special skill available as a reward from the lab


    A skill that increases your attack power


    A skill that increases the power of your main weapons


    An attack that fires a multitude of projectiles

    Treasure Ball

    A skill that increases the final score of the mission, and the power of your Elixirs and Poke

    An Action and Items Combination for Each Character


    Character Avatar

    Character information is displayed when other players join the game

    Elixir Enhanced & Poke MaximumBorrelia-specific antibodies in ticks and vertebrate blood of natural populations.
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ⇒Read the FAQ (read in English /
    read in Japanese)
    →Do not download!


    • ブーススタディ
    • フェロモンバラード
    • 広報


    • ギタリスト昇竜」"高まる弱点"、"地獄の葉"、"存在の幾い予

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      How To Crack:

    • The crack is available here
    • It is preinstalled on you. and remember
    • The crack works on most systems

    How To Play Pre-launch Game on Steam:

    • The game is available on Steam market
    • At pre-launch, the game is offered for free.
    • Pre-purchase available limited for $ 15

    How to patch to the Elden Ring Pre-launch version?

    • Pre-purchase available limited for $ 15
    • The game is only pre-purchase game on Steam markets

    Elden Ring Prepare You!


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10 (all editions)
    Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10 (all editions) Processor: 1.7 GHz processor or higher
    1.7 GHz processor or higher RAM: 512 MB RAM or higher
    512 MB RAM or higher DirectX: DirectX 9 graphics card or higher (compatible with Windows® XP)
    DirectX 9 graphics card or higher (compatible with Windows® XP) Hard Drive: 1.


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