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Rise, Tarnished

The Tarnished Agent was created by Bluehole Studio.

▶ Made of the Dark as well as the Light

Five characters were created with a dark concept and a light concept, and were given an original and extravagant visual design.

▶ A Multitude of Weapons and All Weapons are Different

Over two-dozen weapons are available for the Agent, and each weapon has a unique art direction. Depending on your play style, you can freely equip them.

▶ Abilities to Customize Your Combat Style

The Agent has unique abilities called Class Abilities that enable you to custom-tailor your combat style. You can freely decide how you fight as a Class based on your preferences.

▶ A World Full of Life and Death

A world where you face countless encounters. Where you fight with a holy weapon from the east and a powerful weapon from the west. Where you can enjoy a lot of variety in the field and dungeons.

▶ An Original, Non-Trivial Story

The story of Rise, Tarnished involves many characters with complex, numerous, and diverse backgrounds. An epic drama where various thoughts intersect and unfold over time.

The Agent will release in Japan on July 31, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Steam (PC). More details on the game will be posted in due course.

The Official Website is available at


Bluehole Studio Inc.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan


Twitter: @Bluehole_JP

Facebook: /Bluehole_Studio/

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Original Voiceovers, which accent your role as a leader of the defense army, and enhance the atmosphere by using original voice performances.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    Tale of the Lands Between, Drakon’s Door, a story of the journey of a girl and the resurrection of a hero.
  • And much more…!

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    Elden Ring [32|64bit] (2022)

    I am a new player of this game, the few hours I’ve played so far were amazing. The characters and the atmosphere you can create a character are well balanced, I had a bit of a challenge to find a way to build a character but it was well worth it.

    I recommend this game to everyone who wants a new way to play.

    By CinderscaniagirlUS – 1/10/17

    I love this game! It’s like a combination of Brave Frontier and Kingdom Come Deliverance, and that’s exactly what I love about it! The story is almost like any story of a fantasy movie, but the game is more interactive. You can’t take everything over so easily, and the battles are intense!

    I highly recommend this game! If you like the FFXV feel like this, then I suggest you pick this one up.

    By ShalotisUS – 1/17/17

    Quite interesting game. Has potential to be the next step for the genre. It looks pretty faithful to FF V, and that’s not a bad thing, except for the baddies looks like they have a long time from the game, so I hope they are more interesting than the previous FF V. The story line, in my opinion is very interesting, the lore behind Elden Ring comes from an old novel, but the quest is not that clear for me. I recommend this game if you want to try something new, you will have a fun time in Elden Ring.

    By sam450erUS – 1/24/17

    This game really took me to Elden Ring without me having to even realize it. It has a similar feel to FFXV but adds a lot of love and attention to detail. It doesn’t rely on huge amounts of grinding to get access to really awesome things. I recommend this to people looking for a neat one-click RPG with a great atmosphere and people to play with.

    I highly recommend this game!

    By Lucasz DymekUS – 1/28/17

    I feel like I’m playing Knights Kingdom, if not better.

    The battles are interesting, it looks cute, can be quite challenging, has a great story that you won’t forget. I can go on and on about this game.

    I recommend this game to anyone that likes a deep story full of interesting things to do.

    By MikeColtusUS – 1


    Elden Ring Crack [Win/Mac]

    Divine Inspiration (VIP)



    The Ancient Magic Stone (Dragon Stone)

    Depending on the character you select, this will be equipped as a special ability.

    – A special ability called “Divine Inspiration” that allows the character to perform a special action once per day that can only be used while the character is not engaged in battle.

    – Divine Inspiration can be used to perform actions such as revive by reflecting the magic of the area; advance without hesitation toward an enemy; “parry”, which deflects an attack that is too strong for the character; or add a counterattack to a specific attack.

    Please note that the action does not always succeed, and there are many things that can affect the action outcome.

    A special ability called “Demonic Eyes” that will be displayed on the character’s HUD will automatically activate when the character falls into a state of panic.

    – Demonic Eyes will move freely in the field, detecting any enemy in the area and alerting you.

    – You can control its movement.

    – Demonic Eyes cannot be removed.

    – The movement of Demonic Eyes is not restricted to the field.

    – Demonic Eyes will not be visible on the field.

    – Demonic Eyes cannot target specific areas.

    Elden Ring Stone (Light Stone)

    Depending on the character you select, this will be equipped as a special ability.

    – A special ability called “Elden Ring Stone” that allows the character to use a special attack called “Elden Ring” once per day.

    – Elden Ring is a skill that connects the character and the player.

    Using the skill requires a specific action.

    – Any action can be performed.

    – During battle, when the weapon of the character collides with an enemy, the character will execute a special “Elden Ring” action.

    – Special actions that can be performed by the character include, but are not limited to: “parry”, “supply


    What’s new:

    Arrow: RTS remake proves to be a step back in time – Game Review by Kim Sung Bum

    Eight years after the death of developer MVP Inc. was devastated by the end of the production of Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and Warcraft 3, one of the series leading game studios has finally released its first of what will be many action RTS products – Arrow: RTS remake.

    Like many critics before me, I felt that the face of the Starcraft franchise itself had lost its charm. Although there were plenty of successors available in recent years, the pride of the series now appeared to be lacking the original touch.

    The recently released Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void maintained the charming signature of the original Starcraft but not many people are looking forward to see the new Starcraft game since they felt that Legacy of the Void is not satisfying for many reasons. However, the Starcraft Battle of the Nations, a tournament introduced after the release of Legacy of the Void, has proven it has its charm again. Afterall, we all feel excited seeing new tournament offers in the World of Warcraft franchise (Starcraft Tournament) or sandbox action game (Warcraft Tournament), we should not forget that Starcraft was a new action RTS game in that time.

    That is why it is disappointing that the team behind Arrow: RTS remake has decided to make the game into a remake and move the RTS genre into the middle of the action genre and consequently suffered the loss of its charm to look just like its predecessor. What makes this situation worse is that, initially planned to be based on the economic reaction formula that Starcraft established, Arrow has suffered from major changes in its recipe.

    Like its predecessor, the only goal of the game was to go to war and win against your rivals to advance to the next level. You need to build your base to your economic level and then prepare for the near future to attack


    Free Elden Ring Crack + PC/Windows

    1- Go to gamefiles directory and find setup.exe.

    2- Run setup.exe and follow the instructions.

    3- Run elden-ring.exe once the game is done installing.

    lden-ring.exe and elden-ring-ui.exe have been patched

    or if you already have a HD fix for elden-ring-ui from the previous nagwa group

    How to install patches:

    1- Go to gamefiles directory and find elden-ring-ui.exe.

    2- Run elden-ring-ui.exe.

    3- Patching 1-5 are completed but patch 6 is unknown and no instructions to redownload patch 6.

    4- When you reach the screen “error and missing files” just copy patch 6 file over the 6 file patch which is missing.


    1- Go to gamefiles directory and find elden-ring-ui.exe.

    2- Run elden-ring-ui.exe.

    3- Rebuild the game with hex exe mode, enter the console on the menu.

    To toggle the console :

    Once you have the console open type “rd” and press enter, type “@” and press enter.

    Click on the symbol next to the MENU on the top left corner.

    Click on the hex button.

    In the box on the top right, type “rd” and press enter.

    Type “name”(you must put quotation marks around “name”) and press enter.

    Type in what you want to display in the box next to the number it appears in and press enter.

    NOTE :

    If your game stops working with the gdex.dll missing error, you MUST redownload patch 6, and then overwrite the gdex.dll found in the gamefiles directory.If your game stops working with the gdex.dll missing error, you MUST redownload patch 6, and then overwrite the gdex.dll found in the gamefiles directory.

    Here are some useful in game items to have in your inventory when playing the game.

    ① Gear :

    Gear provides stat boosts.


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install the trial version of Elden Ring: Unzip the downloaded file and run Setup.exe (launched automatically from the created “eldenring.setup,” place it on the desktop and double-click it). Accept all of the terms of the license agreement, confirm your download location, click “Next.”
  • Install homebrew and use the crack method for running Elden Ring properly: After installing the software, you’ll be prompted to download and install “fixman” utility. Run the fix.exe file located on the software’s applications folder. You’re now ready to use the crack of “Elden Ring:”. Save the crack to a safe place.
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