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▷About the Story

The world created by Gust began as a land full of magic, but began to crumble, and the people gradually began to forget their ways of the magic.

It is said that the source of all magic can be found in a place called “The Illu Ocean” while the people of Gust have all forgotten their ways of magic, and now it is a world full of monsters.

You are the last one who can revive the magic.


■ A Vast World with Plenty of Content

– An epic battle system featuring customizable characters

– A unique action gameplay featuring teamwork that you won’t experience anywhere else

– A vast world full of open areas, massive dungeons, and special stage layouts

■ Cross-Platform Play

– You can play with your friends, on your own device, and connect to other players’ devices.

■ An Epic Drama with a Multilayered Story

– A game told in fragments, where the thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

– The various stories of the characters interweave and give shape to the game’s unfolding world.

– Choose your own gameplay style and develop your character with various elements: your appearance, weaponry, armor, and magic.

■ An In-Depth Online Action RPG

– Online features such as a multiplayer mode, an asynchronous online element, and more.

– Powerful cross-platform play enabled.

■ A Unique Action RPG with RPG Elements

– An action RPG with RPG elements.

■ A Multilayered Story with an Intuitive UI

– A large number of main characters and events have been created, all of which will lead the story of the Lands Between.

– A large number of item systems, a vast world, and an emotional storyline all contribute to the narrative experience.

■ An RPG With a Unique Action System

– A battle system featuring all-new elements, such as cooperative AI, dedicated AI, a battle camera, and more.

– A customizable action system where you can increase your muscle strength and use powerful skills to fulfill your mission as an Elden Lord.

■ The Action RPG Culture of the Elden Ring Full Crack

– Players will be able to experience the Elden Ring’s action-RPG culture.

■ An Epic Drama Without Being Linear

– A mystery that


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Lands Between Are Behind The Scenes
  • The Lands Between Have A Two-Dimensional Design
  • The Lands Between Have A Dynamic World That Provides a Fresh New Experience Every Time
  • The Lands Between Are Littered With Flashes of Beautiful Nature, and Are Host to Many Hidden Wonders
  • The Lands Between Offers Challenging Dungeon Design
  • Create Your Own Character
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You To Others
  • Table of Content:

    • Pre-order bonus:
    • Europe: Leap into the Lands Between: Begin your quest online online, but you can only start in the Europe region.
    • Asia: Leap into the Lands Between: Start your quest online, but you will be able to enter the Asia region as well.
    • North America: Leap into the Lands Between: Begin your quest online, and you can enter the North America region.
    • Australia: Leap into the Lands Between: Start your quest online, and you can enter the Australia region.
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