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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher thomyamy
Format File
Rating 4.30 / 5 ( 776 votes )
Update (9 days ago)







• A Brand-New Fantasy Action RPG Where you can Embrace the Power of the Elden Ring
Customize yourself and your weapon; combine magic and traditional weapons to fight the enemy.
• A Large and Vast World with Adventure Awaiting You
Explore a vast world with open areas, narrow passages, and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.
• A Unique Drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.
Meet new people from all over the world, and embark on an adventure with them.
The Rift is a portal that connects dimensions.
As a means of exploring the world beyond the human realm, the Rift allows you to travel to parallel worlds.
You are summoned to this world from the human world via the Rift.
As you explore, you unlock new content that can be obtained through the Rift.
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Features Key:

  • Key Features
    • ✔ Wide World
      Explore the vast world seamlessly connected by open fields. In the fields, monsters appear at random and the game will take you to the next stage.
    • ✔ Strength of ActionRPG
      Do battle with over 100 types of monsters in intricate three-dimensional dungeons. Exact in the manner of action RPG games, battles are sharp and thrilling.
    • ✔ Diverse World
      The Lands Between of Atlas are known as a place of diversity where you can form your own ideas. Each time you activate the Land of Gaia, the world you are in will vary according to your preferences.
    • ✔ Boundless Exploration
      Explore various worlds, tackling a variety of dungeons containing 3-D environments!
    • ✔ Encountering the Legendary Warriors
      Gather and enhance over 100 types of monsters that appear on the battlefield!
  • The Arrival of New Characters:
    • ✔ Introducing Combat Motion
      • Bold, slow and strong movements. This is the motion used for battle in Atelier Escha & Logy. You can now attack from a distance.  Feel the thrill of every movement you make.
    • New Characters and Features:
      • The Appearance of the Characters
        • Risen Helena was the daughter of the head of the Elder clan, gave birth to a child and was entrusted to grow. In the shadow of the world’s religion, she is a naive yet strong person who thinks of the upcoming future freely. She goes along with her father’s grand dreams and sets about as a Sister of the Grasp of Heaven on their pilgrimage.
        • Vengeful Red was born from the sins of an inquisitive Sword Saint. In a place where most people meet with debauchery and chaos, he is a kind, likeable person who smiles gleefully no matter what it says. His eyes betray a sword that will not be refrained from. 
        • Shannon was born into a world in a strange


          Elden Ring Free PC/Windows

          “This game is widely popular due to the basis of ‘Lord of Vermilion III’ with simple gameplay design, easy controls and fluid graphics. You’ll be able to enjoy making decisions by yourself and gaining invaluable experience as you play.”


          “I like the basic gameplay of ‘Eden Ring’. The game is easy to control, and it has the potential to be an update version of ‘Lord of Vermilion’. I also like the graphics that are well representative of the fantasy genre. I also like the music and sound effects that make the game feel nice and immersive. ”


          “I think that the feature that allows you to customize the appearance of your character and equipment is the highlight of this game. The ‘Rise’ skill, the combo attack and the ability to defeat enemies by using the strength of different enemies are other highlights of this game.”

          #1 ‘SUBAWAY’ MAGAZINE, KR

          “The game starts with the concept of ‘Lord of Vermilion III’. The game has some good gameplay features and is easy to control. The graphics and sound effects are excellent. The story is also well made, with characters that are not only easy to relate with, but who also feel real.”

          #3 ‘WIRED’, NETHERLANDS

          “Compared to the graphics of the original game, the graphics in this game have an excellent atmosphere and are very well-made. The game also has the features of the original game. The variety in action such as action as well as ease of difficulty is very good, and the graphics and sound also have a very good quality.”

          “It is an excellent game because it has a lot of enjoyable parts and its characters are all very interesting. I like the variety in the level design, the style of the music, and the design of the characters.”

          #3 ‘JEDGIST’, ITALY

          “This game is a unique RPG. The game has several types of battles and the mission content, story, and the approach of the game are also very good. The graphics and sound effects are also very good.


          Elden Ring Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code Download

          ・Play as a mighty warrior who fights in intense battles with heroes and monsters.
          ・Choose from a variety of characters that have been developed with a deep sense of artistry.
          ・Explore the vast world, clear dungeons, and craft many kinds of equipment in order to develop and customize your character.
          ・Wield powerful magic and summon the awesome power of the Elden Ring to crush enemies.
          · An authentic fantasy action RPG
          · Features of an authentic fantasy action RPG
          ・ An action-oriented RPG that combines a variety of action elements, such as movement, actions, and battles.
          ・ The movement system is streamlined and intuitive.
          ・ Battles are focused on controlling the flow of battle so that you can easily take advantage of the gap between enemies and their weaknesses.
          ・ The action elements are all based on a variety of elements such as the camera, effects, and attacks.
          ・ Your character and enemies are displayed with depth, so you are always immersed in the action.
          ・ Take part in a fantasy action game in a variety of situations.
          ・ You can take part in battles between various enemies from the enemy group scene to ferocious battles against bosses.
          ・ Enjoy a seamless gaming experience where a variety of scenes converge and the gameplay is improved.

          Online play

          From the beginning, the game requires no initial operation except for the installation of the game. You can play and experience the action as you like, anytime and anywhere.

          Online multiplayer

          Connect with friends and fight together, or travel together.

          Asynchronous multiplayer

          As you play the game, you can experience the atmosphere of the multiplayer environment that is based on reality. Through this mode, you can play with or against other players anywhere. The multiplayer mode is in addition to the online mode of the game, so you will always be able to enjoy the gameplay, no matter where you are.


          Fight against enemies and monsters in intense battles.


          Explore the vast world in a variety of situations, such as open fields and vast dungeons. You can also fight battles with other characters, large monsters, or even the endless number of monsters that infest the dungeon you cleared.

          Select character

          Select a hero from a group of various heroes and items to equip.

          Customize your equipment

          Enjoy a variety of weapons, armor, and magic, along with their customizations.



          What’s new in Elden Ring:

          PS4: >

          GALAXY S9 + GALAXY S9+ SM-G960F

          Galaxy S10e

          24.5cm (9.92″)

          AMOLED Full HD+ InfinityO Display

          Faster Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855+ processor

          12MP Dual Pixel 12MP Dual Pixel camera

          Bixby Vision, AR Emoji

          12MP Front Camera

          Faster fingerprint reader

          Wake up to Galaxy-class low-light photography experience

          IP68 water and dust resistance

          Android One

          Exynos 9820


          Fast wireless charging


          Quick and easy access to camera features

          Bixby Cinemagraph

          Dual Microphone

          Qualcomm® Speed Charge™


          Samsung DeX

          Bixby Voice control

          Library of official music, wallpapers and Themes

          Exclusive to Samsung

          Bixby Home and Bixby Vision (for your safe home)

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          Free Elden Ring Crack (Latest)

          1. Download and run setup file (Dllsetup.exe)
          2. Wait until setup complete
          3. Copy files from folder Cracked / Official / Data /… /… /… /… /… / ELDEN RING game / Dependencies / to game installation directory (NEXE)
          4. Play the game and enjoy

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          How To Crack Elden Ring:

        • First download the package that we have prepared.
        • Unzip the package and copy the file “Elden_Ring_Setup.exe” to your disk.
        • Use the key found within the key.txt file and replace the key inside the key.txt file with the new key.
        • Double click on “Elden_Ring_Setup.exe” to run the setup tool.

        Click here to Download the Elden Ring

        Click here to Download the Elden Ring

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        System Requirements For Elden Ring:

        Minimum Requirements:
        Operating System:
        Windows 7 64-bit
        Intel Dual Core i3 2.4Ghz
        AMD Dual Core 2.0Ghz
        3 GB RAM
        NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX/ATI Radeon X1600 XT/AMD HD 4850/AMD HD 4890
        Version 9.0c
        Broadband internet connection
        DirectX compatible


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