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One day, the brave heroes of the world will gather in the lands between to fight against enemies from beyond the sky. In the world of Elden Ring, each person is a hero destined to fight and protect the rights of the free people.

A world full of adventure awaits the brave people who forsake their ordinary lives and trudge through the dark dungeons and blasted deserts. Depending on your character, you can become a fighter who wields a sword of steel, an archer with a powerful bow, or a mage who wields a magical wand. Each of your heroes’ actions will have a profound impact on the story you live in. If you can defeat the maddened beast, the world will surely go into the land of the dead. If you choose to kill to live, you will be banished to the underworld.

This is a fantasy RPG that lets you create your own unique character and call out your own unique destiny. So get ready to leave your mark on the history of this world.

In addition to a regular and a hardcore mode, there is also a story mode. Experience the traditional turn-based RPG fantasy world.

Free Version Features

1. Create a character

Equip your character with various items to increase your character’s stats.

2. Begin the adventure in the world of Elden Ring

The world of Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG where the people of the world send their hero to the world of the dead.

3. Battle

The game features a system where you can directly fight enemies and defeat them. You must defeat as many enemies as possible in order to move on to the next dungeon.

4. Enjoy a high-quality 3D graphics and effects

The graphics are packed with impressive effects. Objects can be freely arranged. You can increase the depth of your experience by changing the environment’s lighting and colors.

5. An intuitive touch interface designed for mobile devices

You can enjoy the game while lying back on your bed. Because the user interface is specifically designed for the touch screen, the familiar console-like interface that many people are used to will be enjoyed by even those who don’t know how to use a smartphone.


● Adventure Formats:

–As if you are spending the night in a bed in the Middle Ages, it is a turn-based RPG system.

–Main story mode


Features Key:

  • Evolve Your Equipment, Level Up, and Build a Great Hero
  • Features a Customizable and Unique Character
  • Single Player Mode and Online Mode are Both Supported
  • An epic drama defined by deep gameplay
    Watch alliances reunite, enemies square off, and even friends betray one another
    Create your own epic drama, and join a multilayered story that unfolds in the fantasy world of the Lands Between
    Freely warp to other online worlds through an online fun element
    Possess the powers of a great hero
  • This is an HTML5 Game and Runs Smoothly On All Kinds of Browser
  • Explore the Lands Between Online

    Featuring a custom interface with an awesome character art style, the online world will be awaiting you from the start. Just give the world a name, and you can start exploring. You can also enjoy various activities, meeting people and forming parties, and you can interact in the online world via the in-game chatting feature.

    Possession Powers of the Elden Ring

    Possess the Powers of the Elden Rings. You have the power to draw the lands between other worlds. Go on and wield the Unrelenting Purity of the Broken Sword, the Auspicious Shining Hand, and the Detonated Flare of Glorious Radiant. These powers offer you the chance to conquer the world of martial arts, philosophy, and enlightenment; but an unbalance for long-term relationships will be the price.

    Rise and Become a New Generation Dragon Knight

    Explore a vast online world, a vast current of history, and an ever-boundless fantasy world, and no matter what, become a part of it! Go on and make history and take on the challenge of becoming a new generation of Dragon Knights!

    Upgrade Your Equipment and Experience a Shift in Episodes

    Equip your weapons to raise your attack and defense to overhaul your stats.
    Level up your attributes and gain new abilities to raise your stats and skills.
    Revise your equipment for a significant upgrade of various weapon, armor, and magic


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    [Single player Mode] [Asynchronous online Mode]

    Explore a vast World of excitement [Fantastic Story and Unique Online Play]

    Explore the Lands Between [Learn to Play a Great Game]

    [Embark on Your Own Adventure] [Various Discoveries] [Diversely Designed Dungeons]

    Take on Challenges and Conquer Enemies [Strong Sword Weapon] [Diverse Items] [Wealth/Crafting]

    Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian and French.


    – Find a Diverse World

    In the lands between

    Explore a vast variety of environments with flora, fauna, rivers, hills, mountains, towns and dungeons.

    – Discover the Lands Between

    Explore a vast variety of environments with flora, fauna, rivers, hills, mountains, towns and dungeons.

    – Forge Your Path with Skill

    Choose from more than 200 different jobs and methods of attack as you progress in your adventure. Equip yourself with the weapons and armor you feel is appropriate for the situation and fight your way to your goal.

    – Customize Your Experience

    Customize the appearance of your character in the town, your weapon, armor, and spells.

    – Bards Speak Your Mind

    Bard’s job is to guide you as you grow stronger. While playing the game, you can choose from over 500 unique bard conversations.

    – Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others

    Various players are playing different role in the Lands Between at the same time.

    – Unlimited Interest

    The Lands Between is a place where people can experience the joy of making friends, telling stories and learning about the various people of the different parts.

    – Discover the Multilayered Story

    An interesting and uniquely designed story full of emotions and conversations is being reborn.

    – Explore the Lands Between

    Discover the vast and wonderful lands between.

    – Battle a range of enemies

    Explore the extraordinary stories and become strong.

    – Challenge Yourself

    Play through the various challenges in the game.

    – Purchase Items

    Purchase items using


    Elden Ring Crack +

    In this world of emerald light, you will rise up the ranks of the world to become an Elden Lord, wielding the power of the Elden Ring. Because your name is never tarnished and you become an elder lord, you are also known as an Elden Lord.

    Campaign Action RPG:

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    New Ranking System
    – Character Rank
    – Campaign Rank
    – Occupation Rank
    – Exploration Rank
    – Invitation Rank
    – Order Rank

    [Campaign Campaign]
    Wake, the Sea Wolf
    Enemies at the edge of the ocean have made their way in the north. The coast and border region is declared war, and our kingdom has turned into a battleground.
    Send off again on the journey of your life.
    If you became a hero, then come and choose your new life.
    (Campaign game)

    [Game/Operating System]
    Receive a new message every day.
    The news that would consume you is coming in!
    Vote at the polls.
    Watch what the new heroes think of the past.
    (Operating game)

    Vista Inc
    To develop new facilities and pleasure.
    Training to be a full-scale model?
    [Game/Operating System]
    Download and play/operate the new game application by purchasing the service!

    RPG Maker MV v1.2
    Download the major version update of the trial of the official version.
    New preview and other enhancements (for the user) have been added to the user interface.
    When the story is cleared, the mage will be terminated if the story is cleared before the end of the game.
    You can now use the password data of the official version when you are on the story clearing screen, even if it is cleared.
    You will be able to pick the ‘I am the hero of the new version’ option on the main menu page.
    Inquiry about the last chapter will be displayed as ‘End of chapter’, and then it will be displayed to the ‘NEXT chapter’ button.
    You can now select the character creation screen by pressing the ‘Create’ button on the chapter selection screen.
    You can now select the


    What’s new:

    Creating a new Fantasy Action RPG.

    PC 12.6GB


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    Upcoming Etrian Odyssey V Cartridge Discovered

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    Free Elden Ring Crack

    1. Download and extract the download archive (zip)
    2. Run the extracted zip archive (Elden Ring game.exe)
    3. Done!Enjoy

    How to Play ELDEN RING

    The main elements of the game are battles. You will enjoy the game by conquering stronger enemies.

    The battles start in a world map, where you need to collect items to strengthen your character, and then advance to the next area.

    Character Creation
    When you start, you can choose from three difficulty levels:
    Normal: All characters and monsters are level 1, and there are no enemy battles. When you are at the highest difficulty level, you can play against Level 99.
    Hero: All characters and monsters are level 1, but enemy battles are enabled at a level above 60. When you are at the highest difficulty level, you can play against Level 99.
    Power: You can use a maximum of seven characters at one time. The chances of enemy battles are very high, and player characters will be weakened. When you are at the highest difficulty level, you can play against Level 99.

    Mana & Merit Points
    Mana Points are the game currency. Merit Points are used to enhance your characters. You can earn these points by defeating enemies.

    Guards cannot be defeated. They just require your character to be damaged in order to be defeated. You can restore your Mana Points whenever you defeat a Guard.

    Magic (spells) are activated by the use of Merit Points. Combinations of spells are used to attack enemies.

    Reinforcement Bonus
    The reinforcement bonus can be obtained by defeating stronger enemies.

    You can increase your hit points by equipping armor.

    There are 5 classes in Elden Ring:
    Monk: You can use magic while using this class, but you cannot use physical attacks.
    Warrior: You can use physical and magic attacks while using this class.
    Rogue: You can use physical attacks while using this class. However, you cannot use magic.
    Barbarian: You can use physical attacks and magic while using this class.
    Cleric: You can use magic while using this class, but you cannot use physical attacks.

    Physical, Magic, and Skill Attacks
    When you use an attack, you can either use physical or magic. If you use physical attacks, damage is dealt in a similar manner


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the latest version of the program.
  • After downloading the file, install the program from the installation file provided.
  • Run the registration process by selecting “Run”.
  • Accept the terms and conditions. Then, create your account to start playing.
  • Click on the below button to run the …

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 or Windows 10
    Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Phenom
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Hard Drive: 18 GB available space
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes: Requires 4-player split-screen capability.


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