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Vast Fantasy World

The Lands Between are a world where a seemingly endless number of dungeons and cities are connected to each other.
Open plains and a variety of different landscapes are seamlessly connected to meet the needs of players for a myriad of game quests and challenges.
Open World without Boundaries
* Mystery of the World
A deep and mysterious story of the Lands Between, where the mysterious hints of ancient people surround you.
Delayed Random Dungeon Generation
As Dungeons are generated from random dungeons, dungeons may be generated in a completely different way from one game to another.
In addition, when a player enters a dungeon, a randomly generated environment may be generated.
* Mixture of Vanilla and Highly Customizable
Various elements, such as the appearance, music, and battle AI, are mixed to meet the requirements of each player and create a unique and exciting fantasy action RPG.
Lifelike 3D Graphics
The graphics engine is designed to maintain realistic-looking depth with minimal processing.
Experience an Action RPG that is Dynamic and Energetic
A multitude of types of dungeons and interesting monsters appear randomly in the world.
A multitude of elements (items, weapons, armor, skills) will be generated as you explore the world.
As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats awaits you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

Full Features of the game

A Vast World
• Open plains, dense forests, and so on will be mixed.
Connected to each other, the plains, cities, and dungeons are all seamlessly connected.
Discover an Unknown World, where the mystery of the past is left and can only be discovered by you!
• You can freely move between the plains and dungeons.
• An innovative system with a 3D map has been developed.
• Explore by traveling the world with the map on the screen, or simply just exploring the world.

Create Your Own Character
• Play as a member of the hero’s party.
• Define your character’s appearance with 4 types of customization.
• Highly detailed variety of weapons, armor, and so on.
• Customize your character according to your play style.
• Develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

Online Play
• People within the same region can connect to each other via the online function.
• Players can directly connect to others in both


Features Key:

  • PvP Role-Playing Games
    Four-player cooperative / competitive battles.
  • Various Battle Types
    Encounter enemies of various types, specializing in skillful battle via mountain-dodging, elementals, monsters, and dragons, skillfully utilizing teamwork and multidisciplinary combat.
  • Unique Combat
    Engaging with the enemy and utilizing important techniques through a mechanical RPG system.
  • Misc
    Character leveling, stronghold sharing, music collection, and trade.
  • Story
    A quest to serve as the reason why the Eight Princes left the Elden Ring.


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    The new online RPG from DMM Games was released in Japan on June 27, 2017.

    Rated among the Top 10 online RPG games on the Japanese PC game platform “Witch Craft”, The New Fantasy Action RPG has a unique online play feature. This is the first online RPG from DMM Games, where players can connect with other players at the same time as they travel together. The player character will join the party of another player to cooperate with them, and all these players will work together to explore the world.

    ■Story Background

    In the Lands Between, the prophecies of the Elden Lords have not been fulfilled yet. Exiled to the vast world, various people of different races have gathered as the Denizens of the Lands Between. The civilizations of the Lands Between are deeply connected, and people are influenced by the beliefs of the Denizens.

    A master of the warlock class, an amazing sorceress from the background, a powerful duke, and a king who is guiding these people… As their strength increases, they will work together to fulfill the prophesy of the Elden Lords.

    ■Game Contents

    The new fantasy action RPG with more than 50 hours of gameplay has an enormous world map. You can freely travel the vast world, discover the many civilizations, and challenge Dungeons scattered in each area. During your travels, you can travel together with other players in a party to complete quests and challenge Dungeons.

    Travel and get stronger in the Lands Between with this stylish character’s party from the background.


    Character Customization

    Select the hairstyle, body structure, appearance, voice, and magic. Changing the appearance of your character makes you look different from the other adventurers and makes your adventure fun. The appearance of your character is carefully designed so as to improve the atmosphere of the game.

    Travel with a Party

    In the online RPG, you can freely create a party consisting of up to six characters. By acquiring different skills, your character will help you to develop a more balanced party. When you complete certain quests, you can increase the level of your party and learn new skills.

    New Battle System

    The battle system of the game is an action RPG that combines the 2D turn-based control of the classic fantasy RPG with 3D real-time action. The action RPG battles feature a wide variety of


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    However, before the game starts, I often have to do twice or three times. And then, to my surprise, it is not enough. I had a tendency to start the game once the nightmare began, and I had the impression that the Elder Ring had finished, without me.

    But I was wrong! Ear Crashes always happened after half of the task is done. How to get rid of it? All the tips I found on the Internet were useless, as soon as they do the reason is clear: We are not the only ones who deal with the same problem.

    Our solution to this issue is worth being tried: Please, do not turn off the Internet while playing.

    What is meant by this? Ear Crashes are always caused by a problem with the browser. In such a case, when you do not have Internet you can do every thing the same. However, if I use any browser, as soon as I turn on the Internet (he can be turned on before the nightmare begins), the game is out of service. Because of this, many people get out of the game.

    The best solution for all of this is to switch to another tab. There are 10-15 of them available, but usually only 2-4 for the same game. If you use IE, I would advise to turn the tab to Favorites, which has the advantage of not being used by other programs. I am using Firefox, but I recommend you to try with IE (above all, with this version of the game). Here is the link: For your convenience, here are the exact steps:

    1. Download the program from above.

    2. Turn off Internet.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 10 (Windows 7, 8, 8.1), 64 bit
    OS X 10.11 (10.0.x)
    Android 4.0+
    iOS 7.0+
    Nvidia (GeForce or AMD/ATI)
    Intel (AMD, AMD, NVIDIA)
    AMD Radeon with FreeSync
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 64 bit
    OS X 10.9.x (10.8.x)
    iOS 7.0.x (6


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