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Rave Reports 11 Torrent

“just what we wanted, what i called for. what i asked for, a mobile app that is magical, that removes all the common up front costs of owning a game console. here we have it, here we go!” — donald e. eastlake

“i would like to have an ebay auction, one that is viewable by all. it would include viewable inventory, and the details of all sales i make. if you’re interested, get your friend’s permission first, then we can talk.” — john paul doe

i ordered my patagonia torrentshell online about 3 weeks ago. i got a 14l size from l.l.bean. from what i understand from l.bean they are sending out more sizes than they do for rain pants. i was able to order a size small and it fit like a glove. it shipped as an overnighter and arrived the next day. i love the soft shell fabric and the quality of the seam sealing and fit. the zipper pull got a little funky after a couple of weeks, but i was able to pull it down and reposition it with a little wd40. the zipper works great for zipping down and up.

this is a great rain jacket. it is also a very lightweight rain coat. it looks great, feels great, and it does the job. it kept me dry on a mild rain day. i really like the fairly typical line of h2no. this rain coat has a very light and streamlined design, and has a pretty relaxed fit. it is pretty roomy, so i can wear it with a t shirt and a sport shirt in cooler weather.

our torrent shell picks a more slim cut and added a neat little buttoned pocket to the side of the hood, and our testers were happy with the number of pockets on this jacket. on our reviewer scale, the torrentshell wins a seven from us. we also think the fit is perfect for active days, if you dont want to feel too heavy, and that it makes for a handsome accessory to a weekend look. but because the shell is so water repellent and holds its shape so well, we think most people will be able to go their whole lives without needing to wash it.

the model were sent to review came in a medium, which i think is what most people would have ordered. the torrentshell weighs just 14 ounces, making it perfect for a single layer on those warm days. its stretchy knit mesh panels that cover the pockets keep the weight to a minimum, but they allow your hands to breathe. without mesh panels, you would pull a sweater over a t to prevent your hands from getting too cold. but with mesh, theyre totally good.
the torrentshell is best for warm, active weather, but its a size medium was sufficient for me in every way. my colleague who is a petite womans size 1 was slightly overwhelmed by the volume of the coat, but she loved the pockets and the fact that its water repellent. one issue i found is that the sleeves and the collar offer a little extra coverage for my arms, which i liked, but made the coat too short in the torso. the women in my family who have been hiking in the bay area have been very happy with the torrentshell, and i was too.
the torrentshell is also cute, with a kawaii (cute) hood like at the base of the head, where its lined with mesh to allow the hood to move in the wind. i did get some complaints about the hood for my face, though. you can adjust the hood with a few buttons, and i thought it would let my face get a bit warmer. but one reviewer found the extra fabric on the front of the hood pushed her face in too far. i like how the coat can be put on while wearing a snowsuit or an american eagle vest, because you dont even have to take your jacket off to get on the sled. (in my case, you can use the vest pocket to attach a carabiner to hold a bike helmet on the back of the torrent.)


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