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Quick Phone was developed to easy your work with the system resources It was coded in C and calls windows API directly rather than depending on libraries such as MFC and OWL.
It loads fast and stays out of the way of other programs by staying in the system tray. It has a minimal but powerful interface (the program is only 35KB!).


Download === DOWNLOAD

Download === DOWNLOAD






Quick Phone Crack+

Quick Phone is a modem program which can used with one of many modems. It transmits data from a serial port to a regular phone line.
The program supports various types of modems: UART/RS232, RS-232, RS-485 and others.
Quick Phone has a streamlined interface. It never appears on the desktop. It has a list of connections and reports its status. It has a list of the programs for making calls.
Quick Phone could be also be used as a dialer program.
The source code of Quick Phone is included in the download as a zip file. It has a very easy to read text file which contains a summary of the program.

Cost for licensing:
(please pay to the service)
Once payment was done, you will get a serial number for your license. This serial number will be used for downloading and redeeming your license.

The Quick Phone project was done in 2004/2005 and I am currently using this system with a dialup modem. I’ve tested the program on a variety of Windows versions such as XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7.
The Quick Phone software is Free to use for personal use and I am not receiving any pay for it.

Here are some screenshots of the program.

QP Settings Panel.

This is a list of the currently active connections.

A Log of the Quick Phone Connections.

Just like the “QP Connections” the program also reports its connection status to the system tray.

Quick Phone Dialer.

The dialer software of Quick Phone. It can make a call to a toll-free number and a local number.

A call from Quick Phone dialer.

A list of programs.

This is the list of programs currently installed on the system.

The programs which you can install from the list of programs in the program.

This is the documentation of the Quick Phone software.

I will update the program more frequently, to fix bugs and to add more features.

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When the phone is connected, we need to send a command. With others modems, I use a command like 0000, which means “Line Test”.

The software can send an AT command on your phone line from the Windows registry (If you’re using a modem that

Quick Phone Crack [Updated-2022]

Calls any program from the program menu.
Eliminates the necessity to enter directories.
Allows you to save the list of executable files directly to the registry (if you select that option).
Allows you to select the mode of operation (FORCE_READ/FORCE_WRITE or AUTO).
Allows you to display the full path of the executable for an easy selection.
Allows you to define 3 different timeout lengths (1 to 60 minutes).
Allows you to define 3 different options: CALL USER WINDOW, CALL APPLICATION or CALL APPLICATION WINDOW.
Allows you to specify the application of the call: if the default program to open a file to open the file when an application is called to the user (by default an explorer window is opened).
Allows you to configure the waiting time between 3 calls.
Allows you to configure the action buttons such as buttons to end the call or to call an application.
Allows you to make a sound when the other program is called.
Allows you to play a countdown sound before the CALL.
Allows you to play a sound when the program is open (not a countdown sound).
Allows you to play a sound when it finished a call.
Allows you to display the caller’s name.
Allows you to display the date of the call.
Allows you to save the list of executable files to the registry.
Allows you to define a color for each file.
Allows you to define the user interface (UI).
Allows you to define different ways of saving the files to the registry: 1) Importing the files saved by a user, 2) Importing the files of an application, 3) Importing all the executable files in the registry and so on.
Allows you to specify the option of the files imported (1 or 2).
Allows you to determine the priority of each file (1 to 100).
Allows you to choose the action button to execute when the other program is called.
Allows you to define different options to the file execution.
Allows you to specify the force read or write for each file.
Allows you to specify the timeout of the file execution.
Allows you to specify the action button to exit the program.
Allows you to specify the background of the program.
Allows you to specify the standard Windows icons.
Allows you to specify the preference of the program: 1) Bring-to-front on top of other programs, 2) Bring-to-

Quick Phone Free

Quick Phone is a easy to use utility that helps you with accessing your computer’s system resources.
All you need to do to start using the program is to click on the Quick Phone icon and then click on a resource available in the system. You can do this by opening files, running processes or you can launch an application.
Another feature of Quick Phone is the ability to auto-hide itself so it does not take up screen real estate. By doing this, it will not interfere with other tasks that you are performing.
When you finish with a resource, just let Quick Phone know by clicking “Terminate All” and the program will go away until you launch it again.
Supported versions of Windows: Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP.
1-1. Choose Quick Phone from the Start>Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall Programs and click on the Remove button.
2-2. Click on the Files (Top menu) and select “Show” >”Show all files and folders”
3-3. Delete the folder and all its contents (files and sub-folders) under:C:\QTFiles
1-4. Start Quick Phone Setup Wizard.
2-4. Copy and paste the file C:\QTFiles\q_icons.exe to a convenient location. The program may download this icon if you have not already installed it.
3-5. Run Quick Phone Setup Wizard.
4-5. Press Finish and close all open dialog boxes.
5-6. Double-click on the shortcut icon to start Quick Phone.
Useful Features:
– Open files, processes, or run applications.
– It will immediately hide from the screen.
– Start menu item.
– You can easily get to the settings dialog box
– Keep track of the status of resource usage
– Built in help system
– Copy and paste a copy of the program to another computer on your network
– Changelog
– Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP
– Compatible with all Microsoft Office programs.
– Windows Vista/7/8/10 compatible
– Quick Phone small file size & fast program loading

The idea behind this little program is to be able to handle as many tasks as possible.
This is a simple program that will be a great help for you when you want to

What’s New In Quick Phone?

1. Drag the Quick Phone icon to the desktop and double-click it.
2. In the Quick Phone window, specify a phone number to dial. Note: Quick Phone will extract the information for the default phone number from contact list in Windows XP. If the contact does not exist in the contact list, Quick Phone will prompt you to enter the number manually.
3. When you are done specifying a phone number, click “OK” button.
4. Your phone will be dialed automatically by the system.

Quick Phone 1.3 works with most of Windows NT family (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7) including old Windows 95 with the support of WIN32API.


1. The file name of the Windows include file is not updated.
2. You can use Quick Phone to dial extensions.
3. When you set the default dialer to Quick Phone, you may want to move it to the system tray, using the Quick Tray utility.

Default Dialer


1. The default dialer is the first one in the application list that is running when the program starts. The application is assigned the default number when it loads if it is not assigned a number previously. To set a new dialer number, go to the “Dialer List” tab, click the button of “Set Default”, and then select the application you want to assign the dialer number.

Quick Phone 2.0


1. It is mainly a version upgrade.
2. It supports Windows Vista and Windows 7.
3. It loads faster than the previous version.
4. It remembers the last assigned default dialer.
5. It will not dial the current program if it is set as a default dialer.
6. When it dials, it will use the default dialer if it is not assigned a number previously.
7. It may cause some problems when you use your dialer that assign the default number and the new Quick Phone is set as the default dialer. In this case, Quick Phone will not dial the default number.

Buy Premium

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Use this License if you want to use Quick Phone for more than 30 days. This License allows you to install the trial for 30 days and then purchase the full version.

2 Month License

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Use this License if you want to use Quick


System Requirements For Quick Phone:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (2 GB) or AMD HD 6750 (2 GB)
Intel Core i5-4690 or AMD Phenom II x4 965 Processor
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
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