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Name Queen of the flies 蝇后
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.61 / 5 ( 8072 votes )
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Additional Information

Name Queen of the flies 蝇后
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.61 / 5 ( 8072 votes )
Update (11 days ago)


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The infertile man Siphon is the family protector, and Siphon’s handsome youth Bobby is a big fool. To live together as a family and feed each other, is not as easy as one might think, and Siphon is very strict. He makes everything even. Bobby is exactly the opposite. For example, as Siphon is very strict and doesn’t allow him to go out, Bobby borrows money and buys a car to go out. Bobby always says that he is going out, while Siphon doesn’t believe that he is lying. Siphon breaks down and screams, and says “It’s not Bobby who is lying, it’s the car! What a fool!”

Siphon is more strict with Bobby than his own son, Rob. Siphon does not allow Bobby to eat the foods that he likes, and also not allow him to wear clothes that are too tight, but allows the son to do things like that. Rob only hates Siphon. Bobby will often tease Rob about this, but he will not tell Siphon of the truth. One day Siphon puts Bobby in jail, and Rob takes Bobby home. Siphon does not allow him to go out for a long time. Siphon beats Bobby with a stick and makes him eat the food that he hates. Bobby feels that he will die because of this, so he gets up and picks up a stone and tries to hit Siphon on the head with it. But Siphon’s nerves are very sensitive, and Bobby gets hit on the head and loses consciousness. Bobby died.

Right then, Rob realizes that Bobby is dead.

Later, Rob knocks down a pig’s wallow, and picks up a bone and says “Brother, why did you do this?”

Siphon says “I killed Bobby. I hit him with a stick and killed him.”

Rob asks Siphon “Is that true? What did you do with the body?”

Siphon says “The body? This is good, he will get a high place in heaven, and I won’t be blamed. Now, Rob, you must do the same thing and stop talking nonsense. You must go to my home and ask for the consent of his family. Only if you can get the family’s consent, can Bobby’s corpse be cut into two and buried.”

Rob is still very angry, and makes a promise.



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