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Pocket Date Boy.rar

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Pocket Date Boy.rar

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Pocket Date Boy.rar

Howdy, i just wanted to drop by and thank you for your superb pocket pistol mod x-arm. i have been using it since i found it and it is indeed helping greatly in improving the game play of pockets.One thing i could do is access the arm/weapon icon in the inventory in the top right hand corner.Is that the icon you were talking about? If not, when u get a chance, could you please let me know the correct method to access the weapon icon? thanks!

Hi, just wanted to say that I love your site. Great resources. One thing I was wondering if you could help me with is getting my pocket to be in the direct center of the screen when in map mode. I have pocket DC mod for which this is possible, but its not working for me and I cant seem to find instructions on how to do it on this site. Thank you very much for your help and time.

I am really enjoying playing pocket DC as it is, especially on my caprs. Without that mod, it is huge on the default screen. If you could make the experience on smaller screens smaller, it would be awesome. I would love to give this mod a thumbs up, even though I can’t vote yet.

Hello, I just got the Hatena 1xB and I’m loving it so far. But it seems I can’t get my hip pocket to work? I’ve enabled it via the patchwork expansion, but it doesn’t work. Do you think its the expansion that’s not working? Or is it a glitch with the new patch?

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