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This is the first public beta release, with the basic messaging capabilities and possibly some bugs. Feel free to play with it, test it, mail me any comments you wish.
Plurker uses code based upon the unofficial plurk API, ported to javascript. More features to come: * karma counter * auto updater for the application * user handling (block/unblock, follow/dont follow, etc) * application options (minimize to tray, new plurk notice window) * customizable gui (choose your colors, skins)
Get Plurker and take it for a test drive to see what it’s really capable of!
■ Adobe AIR







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Plurk is a modern, minimalist messaging app for your home screen and desktop. Greatly inspired by the sticker app iSticker and the new Google Hangouts, Plurk features a simple, clean, instantly recognizable and highly customizable interface with a fun and easy-to-use workflow. It’s everything you need to keep in touch with your friends, family and your favorite communities, wherever you might be.
Plurk’s origins go back to the community-based online platform (acquired by Facebook and later Playfish in June 2008). Plurk’s main goal was to create an elegant and feature-rich messaging app which enables its users to stay in touch with friends, family, and communities in a modern and simple way.
Plurk features:
■ Facebook and Google Sign-In
• Facebook and Google sign-in makes Plurk a more modern messaging experience as you can message others using your online accounts
■ Text-based chat
• Plurk uses plain text to enable features that would otherwise require HTML or other technologies. Plurk never sends your messages to a server to be parsed, processed and translated. Instead, you can talk with your friends anytime, anywhere.
■ Group chat
• Plurk lets you get in touch with your friends, family, and your favorite communities with a single tap. Whether you’re in a group chat or a one-on-one chat, Plurk makes it easy to send and receive messages from anyone, anywhere.
■ Image and video viewing
• Plurk now includes native access to popular image and video hosting sites such as flickr, dailybooth, imgur, imgbb, and other services
■ Send files
• Plurk now supports sending and receiving files with a single tap
■ Create and view calendars
• Plurk now provides native access to popular third party calendar providers (Google, Yahoo and Outlook)
■ Various features
• Plurk has over 75 unique features, from alerts and badges to lists and themes. If you like something in Plurk, chances are other people do too, and you can’t be surprised when someone sends you a notification.
■ Multi-device support
• What makes Plurk great is its ability to work across multiple devices without the need to login to an account on a different device. Whether you’re chatting on your desktop, tablet

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Plurker is a multi purpose browsing and messaging application, optimized to browse tons of forums from a single interface. It’s based on an unofficial plurk API ported to javascript. It works very similar to the website, except for its features. The application can:
■ Browse different forums, using a consistent interface.
■ Be minimized to a tray and be set to automatically update.
■ Group the forums into forums folders that can be set to auto-hide.
■ View and reply to threads with custom colors to make it look more appealing.
■ Reply with text, html or code snippets.
■ Get invited to forums.
■ Manage blocked/unblocked users and follow/unfollow/ignore users.
■ View users’ karma, posts and topics.
■ Read and unread messages that are also grouped.
■ Filter messages by color.
■ Request and un-request a forum.
■ Other…
Main Features:
■ Minimized to a tray and be set to automatically update.
■ Ability to set the forum directories to hide automatically.
■ Customizable color scheme for the forums and replies.
■ Addresses to user messages are clickable and reply to them.
■ Message color change on hover.
■ Ability to reply to all new messages, or only the last one.
■ User only forums can be filtered for the topics that you are interested in.
■ The messages are displayed as a tree view of the conversations, allowing you to easily go into multiple threads.
■ Ability to view users’ karma, posts and topics.
■ Ability to read and unread messages that are also grouped.
■ Reply with text, html or code snippets.
■ Ability to get invited to forums.
■ Ability to manage blocked/unblocked users and follow/unfollow/ignore users.
■ Ability to view users’ profiles and ability to add your own.
■ Private conversations (useful for hiding your mails from spambots).
■ Host your own plurk account.
■ Ability to request and un-request a forum.
■ Ability to filter messages by color.


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Plurker is a fantastic Status & M…

The Secrecy of the Human Brain

Source: PBS NewsHour
First published: 21 Feb 2011
Length: 6 min

NewsHour spoke to a leading neuroscientist from Cornell University who suggests that secrets, secrets and conspiracies do not arise from the human brain as we might intuitively think.
The human brain is one of the most complex systems in the known universe, and yet how the mind works may be just as mysterious as some of the biggest mysteries of how the brain works. We’ve been trying to answer that question for decades. What is it that makes us think the way we do?
Dr. Robert Montgomery, a neuroscientist at Cornell University:
It’s one of the most amazing and mysterious systems that we know about. And we have to go back and ask the question, what is the mechanism that controls all this? If you see the brain, what is that? And if you ask that in its most general form, it’s a system that is capable of doing any kind of computation. It’s a system that’s capable of representing any kind of pattern. It’s a system that is organized very much like a computer.
Montgomery has spent 30 years examining the brain and trying to understand what makes it do what it does.
The best way to look at the brain is not as a system doing something, but as a system that receives information. The brain is a great recipient of patterns from the environment. And what we’ve been interested in looking at is if we know how the brain would work on its own, we can ask a simpler question, how would we do it? How would a simple computer or a simple neuronal system behave?
But how could the mind be a product of the brain when every thought is the result of electrical signals, they are digital signals.
I don’t think of the brain as a computer. I think of the brain as a machine that produces signals. It’s just like a computer is a machine that does digital computations. But you are not going to go out and build a computer just by looking at it. You’re going to have to have some purpose for building it.
A machine like the brain is a machine that has a purpose. It has to work for certain things. It’s not an isolated thing, it is a part of what an animal does. And that’s the story that we start out with. And then

What’s New in the Plurker?

This is a fully functional developer tool that is intended to be used for messaging.
It is meant to be capable of handling large conversations, sending (and receiving) messages to multiple users and managing multiple conversations.
When one message is sent, it will appear on the chat page and on the Plurk inbox (where it will be sorted by the user that sent it).
Depending on if the user is online or not, this message will be displayed on the global pop-up.
If the user is logged into plurk as a guest, they can view other users’ messages, but they won’t see their own messages.
If a new user signs up on plurk, they will receive a welcome message and a list of the online users they can follow.
They can also view the messages and conversations they have been following.
When the user is away, or no longer following an other user, they will be removed from the list of online users (if they had been added before).
Similarly when an other user is removed from the list of online users.
Plurker is not aimed at being a user interface, it is a fully functional application that has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind.
This is a full featured plurk client, with all the features that plurk offers.
If you have any suggestions, either by email, or on plurk here are the plurk website: and the plurk API:

Plurk Compatibility:
Plurker runs on Adobe AIR, a very easy to use cloud based virtual machine! The plurk API is fully compatible with AIR and online clients already exist for the most popular platforms:
■ * iOS:
■ * Android:
If you are interested, please read how to get in contact with me so I can help you to start working on your plurk client.
Multiplier is the first Plurk client based on the Plurk API, and it is published for desktop and mobile platforms.

System Requirements:

Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Adobe Audition 2.0 or later (or another audio editor)
Windows 7/Vista/XP or later
2 GHz or faster CPU
Hard Disk space: 3 GB
Anti-virus software
Firewall software
DVD-ROM drive or hard drive installation
Requires a USB keyboard and mouse
Instructions (opens in PDF)

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