PhotoModeler Scanner V6.2.2.596

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PhotoModeler Scanner V6.2.2.596


PhotoModeler Scanner V6.2.2.596

photomodeler scanner uses a special algorithm to calculate the location of points in 3d space. the locations are used in conjunction with previously scanned objects to extrapolate the measurements of a previously scanned object. this technique of estimating a measurement from a previously known measurement has been dubbed relative calibration. examples of this are common when a company performs a retrofit on an object for measurement. in these cases, a previously created model is used to estimate the original measurement of the part. this will be discussed in more detail in a future blog entry.

make interleaved
with the ability to create a single accurate model from a 3d or 4d scan, you can use photomodeler scanner to efficiently capture high quality measurements.
however, some measurements may be difficult or time consuming to acquire, such as an angle to be measured between an object and a plane. in these situations, a simple way to acquire such a measurement is to first make the measurement and then change the plane and repeat the measurement. in fact, this process can be used to efficiently make measurements on an object.

photomodeler scanner can measure any point on the object that has been previously surveyed. this is a result of the model design. the model contains an exclusion mask, which prevents any points where there is no measurement from being measured. in the model below, the triangle shading indicates the exclusion mask.

photomodeler’s 360-degree scan modes have also been enhanced with new features. photogrammetry is an accurate method of calculating the position of object features in a scene, where cameras are used to generate 3d models and photogrammetry is used to determine the location of the scene’s features. the company’s photogrammetry software, photomodeler, has been used to create models for everything from playground equipment to city models and architectural prototypes. now photogrammetry can produce high-resolution models with minimal operator labor. the new features are:

  • improved technology
  • improved user interface
  • new camera & target control improvements
  • new scanner improvements
  • faster processing

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