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What they say….

You can tell that we’re proud of the game. We put a lot of effort into it, from designing the art, music and gameplay, to ensuring a great lasting experience for our players.
This is a full featured game with all the features you’d expect from a AAA title

Who we are:

This is one of the longest running and most successful Kickstarter games to date. Back in 2012 we began development of RPG-Brewery. It was an amalgamation of a video game and a craft brewery, where the purpose of the game was to deliver a mind-bending variety of beer. On August 2nd, 2013 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund our production and development. The game had a good run on Kickstarter, but unfortunately didn’t meet its funding goal.


Gameplay is 2D isometric with RPG elements, and takes place in a world of fantasy and an alternative history where the Second Great War did not happen. The player must follow the story and factions, and make use of the different resources scattered around to build the brewery. The player can choose to go to work for a current and past brewer and gain experience in craft brewing, or manage their own brewery.

New features include:

* A new 3D editor for creating and editing your bottle designs.

* 15 new tools for creating and editing your bar, to enhance the experience.

* New craft brew recipes.

* Perfect brew, or fail to brew at all!

What’s New:

Version 0.1.6:


Added the ability to name your craft brew!

Version 0.1.5:

Added bar graphics and added/fixed several minor bugs.

New Features:

* Import/Export of craft brew recipes! (This is still in the works)

* new skins for the pilot and copilot

* added a function to play by default the first craft brew recipe in the book

* added a window when the player starts the game.

* added a hotkey to swap bar and pilot / copilot

* added a window that let’s the player choose a skin when the game starts

* added a button in the map bar to move the camera quickly

* added waterfishes as wild inventory items

* added a function in the menu bar to


Features Key:

  • Add a bold, festive look to your river island avatar
  • This skin pack includes:
    • 20 faces and 11 costumes to choose from

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    Obey Me – Christmas Skin Pack Crack + With Full Keygen

    Video Preview
    License –

    Into Blue Valley is an unofficial shareware game developed by a group of people who are very much aware of the fact that it’s an unofficial shareware version of Into Blue Valley. We have had the permission of Cyan to do the work and share this version so it’s not developed by Cyan. However, if you have any problem or questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.
    Inspired by Blue Valley by Cyan
    Feel free to contact us if you need further information.Q:

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    What’s new:

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