MusiCat Free [April-2022]

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MusiCat Free [2022]

MusiCat is an intuitive application designed to help you make and manage different music collections. You can quickly catalog your preferred CD albums, MP3 tracks, LPs or cassettes.
Organize your songs and artists
The program is wrapped in a well-structured and clean interface, divided into several panels, such as “Tracks”, “Entries”, “TreeView”, “Playlists”, “Wanted Items” or “Loan Manager”. Some of them can be hidden from view.
Add a new loaner or wanted song
From the menu, you have the choices to bring up the music wizard, create a new entry, playlist, person or wanted item. The wizard guides you through a few steps to help you add your music from a Vinyl CD or the hard drive.
The first option enables you to scan the inserted CD and download the written data, while the second prompts you to browse the computer for the desired files.
Edit the track’s information
MusiCat can handle MP3, WMA, OGG, MPC and FLAC formats. The folder categories are automatically created based on the imported music.
Double-clicking on a track brings up the properties editor, where you have the option to change the title, composer and artist, choose the music group (e.g. blues, jack, pop, rock), and enter the production year and rating.
Create unique playlists for special occasions
It’s possible to make new playlists with the imported songs by giving it a suitable title, and selecting the category and the creation date.
If you loan a digital or Vinyl CD to someone, and you don’t want to forget about it, you can fill in the loaner’s name, phone and email. The app lets you add songs you don’t own yet to a wanted list and export the data to XML, CSV, HTML and TXT file.
Comprehensive music cataloger and manager
The bottom line is that MusiCat is an accessible utility that comes in handy when you want to catalog your favorite tracks from multiple artists, organize them in directories and fetch the data from a digital or Vinyl CD.


Please check the below details with the latest update (

Fix: MusiCat is crashing on Windows 10

Fix: AlbumArt handling on Windows 10

Fix: Disable Copy to Clipboard on Windows 10

MusiCat Crack+ [Latest 2022]

-Sort your music based on information contained in the folder
-Maintain a good catalog based on music information
-Export your music’s metadata to a CSV file
-Split the music by genre,album, or artist

Category Review

Christmas music organizer
Music organizer to make your home more relaxing this Christmas time.

Audio WOW App – Music organizer, Artist, Playlist, CD cataloger, search music.
The Audio WOW App is a simple way to create your music library. It allow you to view and organize music files(MP3,MPC, OGG,FLAC,PIP,WMA) by:
* Music Name
* Artist Name
* Composer Name
* Album Name
* Genre Name
And you can also sort your music by:
* Artist
* Album
* Composer
* Genre
* Playlist/Reorder playlist by:
* Most Played
* Playlist Name
The music can be imported to the app from hard disk drive,or connected to your iPod/iPhone.
If you are wondering how you can get these kind of music cataloger and manager,
The Audio WOW App is a simple and easy-to-use music organizer and cataloger.
With the Audio WOW, you can view and organize your music files in one place:
* Music Name
* Artist Name
* Composer Name
* Album Name
* Genre Name
The above information is based on the MP3 music file.
You can browse your music from your iPod,iPhone, Portable,PC,Mac and Android devices.
Organize your music easily and efficiently,and keep your music in one place.
You can save and add music back to the playlist anytime and anywhere.
Also, you can download music from iTunes or your linked online music store (e.g. Amazon, Yahoo, Napster, MOG, Rhapsody).
Its user interface is very clean, easy to use, and designed to give you the information you need in seconds.
It does not require complicated steps to edit any music properties, just use a simple drag and drop method.
You can also tag and organize by Artist,Album,Composer,Genre,Playlist and many more.
The Audio WOW App can organize and catalog your music by following the information from the music file:
* Artist
* Album

MusiCat Free Download [March-2022]

– Full version available
– Database contains tracks from the years 2009 to 2017.
– Database can be filled by scanning a CD or the computer HDD
– It can be displayed on the display as an Icon or a Shortcut
– The music can be imported from various categories: Vinyl, CD, ZIP or MP3/OGG/MP3/WMA
– There is an option to convert Vinyl to CD
– There is also an option to have the music in the order the music was mastered
– Every song can be duplicated
– A large number of common properties like Artist, Title, Composer, Description, Year… can be set
– It can detect and create Songs, Albums and Artists from the Import
– It can be tagged as a wanted item or a loan item
– The program can create a new Playlist with your fav music
– It can handle Duplicates as well as different names
– It’s simple to export your music with a mouse click
– Uses standard MS Windows formats
– It’s compatible with the following Windows versions: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
MusiCat Feature List:
– Create a new playlist
– Import a Vinyl CD
– Add Duplicates
– Export tracks to XML, CSV, HTML and TXT files
– Import music from Music Catalog: Vinyl, CD, ZIP files
– Import music from Music Catalog: MP3/OGG/WMA files
– Add music from MP3/OGG/WMA files to a playlist
– Create a file from the files you need
– Import music from music collection
– Import music from folder
– Copy music files to another folder
– Backup music and see the content with the file manager
– Mute a song
– Add new music files into a music catalog
– Remove an unwanted music file from a music catalog
– Search for a music file
– Find all music files
– Browse music files
– Download music files
– Backup music and see the content with the file manager
– List music files
– Change music file name
– Change description of music files
– Restore music files
– Add music files to a playlist
– Lock a music file
– Restore deleted files
– Import music files from a Zip file
– Import music files from a text file
– Import music files from a HTML file
– Open music files from a list
– Check out music files from a list
– Check

What’s New In?

* Easy to use music cataloging application
* Help you to import your music from Vinyl CDs and storage media
* Add songs to your wanted or loaner lists for later
* Allows you to organize your music easily
* Display music information directly from the folder.
* Allows you to create playlists
* You can add songs from Vinyl CDs or hard drive to playlists.
* It supports hundreds of music file formats
* Comes with limited edition of Google Play

=== What’s new ===
==== Downloads ====
From now:
– Support Song ID3 Version 3.1.0
– Support Album cover as Album Art
– Allow Goto Playlist/Playlist for a chosen CD/Vinyl/Music_Album (if preloaded)
– Play all songs in the playlist
– Add multiple playlists in the playlist editor
– Sync all songs with one album in the artists list
– Allow to delete all tracks
– Allow to add a track as a favorite
– Allow to move an item as a favorite (if first in the favorites)
– Edit the track properties
– Allow to edit the track title
– Display the track artwork in the properties
– Save the track artwork
– Move the track up/down in the ‘Audio Player’ (if found in the artist list)
– Search the track in the albums list
– Convert the track into an FLAC file
– Now create Playlist and save the created playlist as FLAC file
– Allow to open a playlist file (FLAC)
– Allow to import Vinyl record (FLAC)
– Allow to import Vinyl record (FLAC)
– Added! Artwork support as AlbumArt
– Fixed: Allow to switch the track play
– Fixed: Show correct album art for external folder
– Fixed: Create playlists for one specific Music_Album
– Fixed: Load the cover for Vinyl CD
– Fixed: Display the artist in the timeline
– Fixed: Show the Artist Name when the artist is in the list
– Fixed: Add the folder name in the cover
– Fixed: Show the Audio Player Playtime when searching the track number
– Fixed: Show the album art for Vinyl CD
– Fixed: It’s possible to add several tracks to the artists list
– Fixed: Do not add ‘
‘ for a Vinyl CD
– Fixed: Do not display the track number in the playtime

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with at least 1 GB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes: Per Game requirements
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphicsأهلا-بالعالم/

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