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Minecart Madness is a side-scrolling endless racer with a focus on physics-based gameplay. You play a lone ape riding a minecart that pushes it to the nearest edge of the track. Your goal is to keep on going as long as you can, using your skill to dodge the many obstacles along the way and solve the simple physics puzzles they throw at you. The more points you manage to collect, the more jumping abilities you gain.
More about the game:
– Four difficulty settings, with different physics settings
– Seven different game modes, each with their own set of challenges and gameplay opportunities
– Level editor and map sharing
– Player-made modifications
– Multiple achievements
– Optional split-screen multiplayer mode
– Customizable input methods
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Comment from GameZebo.com

The Ape, if you will, on this precipice of adventure below. The pace is quick and exciting, only interrupted by the odd mine cart or barrel. There is a strange jerking sensation as the rails run through the world, accompanied by a quick clunk of your head against the trunk of the next girder. You think nothing of it, and keep going. The ice is mostly smooth and silent, save for the light skittering of quick-footed mice. The occasional distant echo of a distant thunderstorm could be heard in the distance. One day, you could be at the point where you have outpaced all your hopes and dreams. Suddenly, a hole in the ice opens. A tiny, shiny-eyed lizard pops out. He darts from your path, his foot-pad nimble as a spring, and jumps over to a minecart on the next car. He is halfway through the ice, but you are now behind him. The tracks here are a bit of a novelty, seeming to tip over on themselves every so often with only the most annoying clanks, and sudden, jerky, unpredictable movements. You reach out and brace for contact with the car next to you, but your fingertips graze a rivet instead.

There’s a crash. You could be breaking through the ice, but instead you feel your skull hit the trunk of the rail. You have lost some speed, and your aim was sloppy. As you slide, the metal screech of the rails intertwine with the screaming of your head, and you hit the ice below, your body splinters and shatters as you


Minecart Madness Features Key:

  • 50 various levels!
  • Endless minecart cave of fun!
  • Many unique and crazy weapons!
  • Awesome game physics
  • Stunning graphics and game play
  • Cliffs
  • Sprinkler damage
  • Coaster physics
  • Tornado blood rain
  • Touch Screen Support
  • How to play Minecart Madness:

    • Start out of doors
    • Shoot legs
    • Hurt behemoth before you miss
    • Kill the mummy before the spongemanich eats you!
    • Dodge things out of the way…
    • Don’t hit anything thats green!
    • Avoid spike traps.
    • Watch out for trap doors

    More game help!!! – my favorite thing…

    • Beam – destroys everything around you (this hits hard)
    • Gravi-beam – slow speed.
      Minus to move (diamond particle)
      Plus to dig tunnels (diamond particle)
      Times – make weapons explode a whole lot more.
      Armor particle – deflects enemies bullets (hard)
    • Tracker – damages tracks
    • Laser – kills all mobs on the screen
    • Grenade – blows up a bunch of things
    • Fire ball – elemental damage to mobs

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    Minecart Madness Crack +

    Amusingly challenging in its own right, the game has a few more clever mechanisms at work too:
    – You can build handrails from a set of rails – this requires either the Maniac or the Tsunami upgrade, and lets you maintain your balance and ride longer distances with greater accuracy.
    – Brakes are blocked by flexible sidewalls if you’re balancing on the edge of the wall too far back. That means you have to balance along the wall to see the obstacles that are on the ground.
    – You can charge enemies as you ride through them to knock them out of your way, and the stronger the charge, the more power you gain.
    – You can use jump rings to pick up your riding partner and leave them behind in the minecart jungle, allowing you to get in faster and return to the start earlier than them
    – Holes that are ridden right pass through the terrain, and the length of this path increases as you gain power and speed.

    ~~THINGS TO TRY~~~~ ~~
    + MANIAC: Transfers points to a friendly minecart and allows it to count as if it was your own. This is useful for riding with a partner.

    + TUNAMI: Increases the height of the terrain by about 15 blocks. This allows a longer sight to the next obstacle, but makes the ride slower.

    + MAGNET: Allows you to ride a minecart over a magnet. You can then activate power and speed-boosts on the magnet itself.

    + DIVERSION: A cart that can carry up to three passengers, it can be activated by placing it on top of a minecart in the same pit, and then activating power and speed-boosts on the minecart.

    + RIPPLE: A cart that can carry up to three passengers, it can be activated by placing it on top of a minecart in the same pit, and then activating power and speed-boosts on the minecart. However, it is less powerful than a Diversion.

    + LOAD-OUT: If you place the Load-Out minecart on top of a minecart, you can activate power and speed-boosts on both. This can be done on an empty pit.

    + SWAP CARTS: Allows you to clone any minecart, and to swap it with another on the same track. You can set a target speed-boost and power while swapping


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    Game Development:

    The game is made from a student project.I have designed, programmed and textured the game.

    The music was composed and performed by me.

    Available for: Windows, iOS, Android

    Crafting Instructions :

    Please email me or contact me via the profile page if you have any feedback or comments.

    I do my best to respond to requests as fast as possible.

    Currently a Project:

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    Software Development Tools:

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