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Mindjetmindmanager14keygentorrent Free

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@Qualifier with inheritence tree

I have a class where I have a list of objects used for various specific purposes:
public abstract class Shape {
@NonNull public Shape getNext(Shape… shapes);

public class Square extends Shape {
@Nullable public Square getNext(Square… squares);

public class Rectangle extends Shape {
@NonNull public Rectangle getNext(Rectangle… rectangles);

public class Test extends ArrayList {
@NonNull public Shape getNext(Shape… shapes);

The problem here is, if I get a shape out of the list I don’t know exactly what kind of shape it is. I don’t want to extend Shape again (for logical reasons) and I can’t use @Vet (the annotation can’t be used for methods). So, what would be the right way to achieve the desired result?
@Qualifier(value = “inline-rectangles”)
public static final List inlineRectangles = new ArrayList();

@Qualifier(value = “inline-squares”)
public static final List inlineSquares = new ArrayList();

@Qualifier(value = “inline-rectangles”)
public static final List inlineOldRectangles = new ArrayList();

@Qualifier(value = “inline-squares”)
public static final List inlineOldSquares = new ArrayList();

public static void main(String[] args) {
new Test().getNext(inlineOldRectangles, inlineOldSquares, inlineRectangles, inlineSquares);



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