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Midnight Commander 1.551

Often used as a replacement for the classic file manager, this is a file manager that is extremely easy to use, with a simple interface and tons of options. Its massive user base alone justifies the application of working with it.
What’s New in Release 3.1.0:

Added two new configuration menu items (Action->Configure). Now you can choose the hotkey combination for the action from the left column, and set the order in which the menu items will be displayed in the right column.

Add custom actions:

With the action for “Get Destinations” you can now choose between the terminal, xclip, rxvt, rxvt-mini, or your console of choice.
Added a custom action for “Get Filename of Current Directory” and “Get Filename of Current Folder”.

What’s New in Release 3.0.0:

Reworked the configuration menu and added the possibility to edit and define specific actions with more control over them. The configuration menu now also works like the GUI action menu, that is, it only shows the actions and provides a button to add new actions.

Many new actions were added, most notably “Rename”, which enables you to change the name of the current file or folder, “Copy”, “Move”, “Delete”, and the “Rename With…” action.
“Rename With…” now also supports custom selections, just like the other actions, making it easier to be used for renaming files or folders.
“Open With…” was also added, which opens the selected file or folder in your default application.

A lot of work has gone into fixing bugs and making the app more consistent. I have also tried to streamline what worked in previous versions, so that there is less to learn all over again.

Many thanks to all those who helped with bug reports, bug fixes, suggestions, and other support. I am particularly grateful to dpensee, stkmurray, and Kobo for their support!

I would also like to thank Joshua (dehmitt) for creating the original XmbTerminal, and its many descendent projects.

Notification message from system.

Lovely app. Quick and easy to use. Very friendly interface.
This app is a good choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful file manager.
I am totally satisfied.


Midnight Commander 1.551 [Latest]

Editing files and folders, moving, copying, comparing and searching are the most basic file operations that most people do on their computers on daily basis. If you were to look for a solution to perform these basic tasks using Midnight Commander, then you might just find what you are looking for. Midnight Commander is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.
Midnight Commander Download:
Midnight Commander Latest Version:
Version Name:
Midnight Commander Download is a file manager that you can use to find files and folders, edit them and transfer them to the other devices. It is easy to use and offers quick file operations. The interface is simple and clean. Midnight Commander Download is not an Explorer replacement. It can perform most of the tasks that a file manager should perform.

Midnight Commander Download Key features:

You can perform various editing operations such as replacing a string, move file to other location, add file to the exefile group and more.

You can find the right folders easily and transfer them to the other devices.

You can easily preview and compare various file types.

Midnight Commander Download Free is not an Explorer replacement and supports various features for performing basic file operations.

Midnight Commander Download Full:

Midnight Commander is a free multi-platform file manager that makes editing files and folders more convenient. You can perform many basic operations such as copying, cutting and moving files and folders using Midnight Commander Download. The interface is simple and clean.

Midnight Commander supports powerful file search features and uses keyboard shortcuts to perform the basic operations.

The application allows you to perform various editing operations using the mouse and keyboard. You can easily preview file content in some cases and you can easily edit and compare various file formats.

It is easy to find the right folders and transfer files to other devices. Midnight Commander supports various formats and uses the Drag and Drop feature to transfer files from one folder to another. You can easily navigate through the files and folders using Midnight Commander.

The application supports various file-operations such as copying, moving, renaming and deleting files and folders.

The developers provide you with a detailed manual to help you use the app easily. It is easy to use and offers easy navigation and easy file operations.Author
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Midnight Commander 1.551 Crack With Registration Code

Once thought of as a standard file manager, Midnight Commander is much more than that. If you want to be efficient when browsing files on your PC and rip them off the disk, then this is the tool you need. With a very simple menu structure and an efficient and well-organized workspace, you will be able to get the job done faster than any other file manager.
Features Include:
Quickly access files and folders on your computer with a single click of the button
Use your own shell to list the contents of folders
Copy files with string patterns or regular expressions
Create file archives
Edit files and folders in different ways
Perform searches in directories
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What’s New in the Midnight Commander?

Midnight Commander is a free, advanced, robust and highly customizable file manager with powerful shell scripting capabilities for the Linux operating system. Made by an active team of volunteers, Midnight Commander is completely free. All of the computer programs, scripts, and documents in Midnight Commander are distributed as free software. Midnight Commander comes as a file manager for the GNOME desktop environment. It also supports other operating systems such as Windows, BSD, XFree86, VMS, SCO OMS-IX, and others.

Midnight Commander has a wide range of powerful and unique features which are not available in other file managers. Some of them are: Unicode fonts, pathbar, character conversion, file renaming, shell session, etc. In addition, Midnight Commander has a modern and clean graphical user interface that sets it apart from other similar software.


General features:

The Midnight Commander file manager has many powerful and useful features which are not available in other file managers:

Unicode fonts: Midnight Commander uses a user-defined fonts to display filenames and the contents of files. Midnight Commander supports almost all popular character encodings (ANSI, Unicode, EUC-JP, EUC-KR, ISO-8859-1, Macintosh, Microsoft, OEM, IBM, JIS, Windows, IBM/DOS) and other encoding formats (CP437, CP737, CP775, CP850, CP852, CP855, CP856, CP857, CP860, CP861, CP862, CP863, CP864, CP865, CP866, CP874, CP875, CP921, CP922, CP923, CP932, CP943, CP944, CP949, CP950, CP1250, CP1251, CP1252). The user can select any character encoding and define any fonts by downloading them from the Internet.

Multi-threading: All operations in Midnight Commander are performed in different threads that provide a faster performance and responsiveness.

There are also a few users that don’t like the icon-based file manager interface. Midnight Commander has a history of providing alternative interfaces to let the users choose their preferred way to display their files. The files can be displayed in a graphical table, in the very same window or in a small window displaying only the path of the current selected file and its size.

External links:


System Requirements:

Supported Video Cards:
NVIDIA GeForce 8 series – GeForce GTX 560
– GeForce GTX 560 NVIDIA GeForce 6 series – GeForce GTX 580
– GeForce GTX 580 ATI Radeon HD 5000 series – Radeon HD 5670
– Radeon HD 5670 AMD Radeon HD 7000 series – Radeon HD 7790
– Radeon HD 7790 AMD Radeon HD 8000 series – Radeon HD 7970
– Radeon HD 7970 ATI Radeon HD 9000 series – Radeon HD 7950
– Radeon HD 7950
Selections Settings:
Select a resolution from the Settings page.


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