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Do you have way too many t-shirts laying around? Does your closet appear to be covered in baby clothes? We know the feeling. This is a lot of cool shirts that you could be making use of. But, the thing about t-shirts is they go out of style so quickly that you’re more likely to find one at the thrift store than wearing one of your own.

Maybe you like to wear one as a dress. Maybe your guy even likes it and thinks it’s sexy. We know that you want to keep those things to yourselves. Or, maybe you just don’t wear them often enough and you don’t know if you should. If you have t-shirts that you just don’t love anymore, maybe it’s time for a fashion recycling project. If you want to keep your t-shirts for dress-up and casual wear only, then perhaps you don’t want to deal with them as full-on clothing.

In order to get the t-shirt back to its former sexy self, you’ll need a few simple steps. It’s a quick, easy and a really great look.

Step 1: Start out by taking the t-shirt that is the least popular. This will be the one that you wear less often. Lay it over your hand and watch as it folds. Try to keep the fold to the right. This is a line of free movement in the front.

Step 2: Take the short end of the t-shirt and fold it in half (the right way), so that the front is on top. This creates a sort of fan-like silhouette in front.

Step 3: Next, fold the right-side of the t-shirt over the left-hand side of the t-shirt so that the short ends overlap.

Step 4: Now, with the front of the t-shirt still on top, fold the bottom of the t-shirt right over left. With the bottom of the t-shirt still on top, fold the top of the t-shirt right over left. You can now open the short ends, revealing the front of the t-shirt.

And, the Voila! In no time, you have a lovely, sexy and new shirt. We promise

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FACT: there are people who still take journalists seriously.
This is a story you could call ‘The Moment of Truth’ for its publication revealed such a worrying scenario of ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth’ that you could have easily written it off as far-fetched fantasy.
However, as the fake news story unfolded, there was no denying its detailed story-line.
If you want to see what this is about and read how the team behind ‘the moment of truth’ worked, look no further.
The idea:
It started when Boris Johnson was making some ‘extraordinary statements’ (in the words of Prashanth Venkataramanan).
The UK Prime Minister was quoted as saying that the ‘deal was worse than no deal’, adding that he should not be ‘surrounded by fraudsters and rogues’ after the Parliament voted to ask for an extension to the Brexit deadline.
He continued by saying that if he wanted to go down the ‘road of no deal, he would go down it’, adding that he would take Britain back to ‘that deep dark sea of history’.
However, soon after Johnson’s comments, the so-called ‘BrexTit Hell’ broke out again, in what has become a horrifying on/off cycle, with the Government attempting to get a last-minute extension to the Article 50 deadline, while MPs have threatened to force the Prime Minister out of office.
The reports soon created a lot of fuss, with many journalists, including BBC’s Martin Brunt, pointing out the fake news.
However, after a report appeared stating that the BBC was paying for a ‘troll farm’ to push fake news and post-truth stories, the media house admitted that the story was true.
From that, a bizarre and funny story was formed.
Boris Johnson – fake news king
However, this ‘fake news’ story wasn’t the only one that was debunked.
The Labour party pointed out a report in the Daily Express, which referred to a ‘secret plan

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