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Features Key:

  • Share escape games with your friends,
  • See how many points you can earn,
  • Win trophies and compete against your friends

ESCAPE games

ESCAPE games

ESCAPE games for Android, IOS and Windows Phone:

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Use application whenever you need a break

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Mail Mole: The Lost Presents Free [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

Solve many interesting puzzles by combination of color matching, shape matching and by guessing.
In this game you will need to assemble different puzzle pieces into a colorful picture. Your gaming skills, knowledge of puzzles and concentration will be required to make your way through the puzzles.
***********Important notice

Escape in Anticipation is a tactical, turn-based, roguelike, strategy game in which you live in a small village.
You live in this tiny village, believing that you are the only one of your kind left in this world.
However, when you go outside the town gates, you discover that there are hundreds of other villages, inhabited by over 6,000,000 other humanoids, all thinking they are the only ones in the world.
Your village is now part of a vast network of villages, intricately connected by a chain of underground caverns, under which the intelligence of all the humanoids resides, and which allows them to communicate with each other.

Welcome to Atomic Nomad Entertainment.
You are shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean, with no ship and no weapons.

Scavengers is a freeware indie game which is a mix between a real-time strategy game and a massively-multiplayer online game. As a trader and resource excavator you need to manage your goal to survive on the harsh desert planet. A huge number of players on different servers work together to gather resources and to build their bases as fast as possible. In the end you have to gather the resources you have calculated and you want to be the one who has gathered most of the resources.

A 7th year of the universe in the world where humans already have met with Zargos and you are the last Earthman still alive. And they are here to question you.
This time you are placed not only a former military soldier, but a former child prodigy, who has just discovered “Technological Rocket” that will allow to the power in the hands of the people who needs it.

The game is a space adventure, available in 2 different versions: PC and MOBILE.
You play captain of the spaceship KALAMAR (an ancient spacecraft of Aegis) and you’re trying to get off the planet.

AQUATIC RESCUE is an arcade-puzzle game set in a


Mail Mole: The Lost Presents Crack For PC

– In short, the player will participate in the event of the film shoot for the soles of the film
– For the party at the shooting of the film, the number of characters increases with enemies
– By the help of the police tactical vehicle, the player will be able to move around freely
– Enemies will become more and more, enemies will attack vehicles driven by the player, the player will have to shoot enemies with the time limit, kill and throw bombs
– By the help of the weapon, the player can shoot and throw grenades and use the police tactical vehicle, also the player can use different kinds of weapons
– If the player hits the enemies, the life of the enemies will decrease
– When the life of the enemies reaches zero, the player has one shot to shoot the enemies, will be charged to the enemy’s hit area, will be judged as a death
– Enemies will be shot when the kill
– By the help of the weapon, the player can shoot and throw grenades, use the police tactical vehicle, and so on.
– There are more than 40 kinds of weapons.
– Rank: Bronze to Silver
– Limited: Japanese or English
– After all, based on the latest situation and on how you play, you can do any post-processing
– More than 30 kinds of post-processing
– Preview system
– Many convenient presets
– Enjoyable and fun

1. Thank you for spending your valuable time and for reading this notice.
2. Game contents marked with a star (*) are in Japanese and English.
3. Thank you for visiting Project Guide.


As the information that the shooting of the film is trying to sneak, I will shoot the men who want to murder.

Aiming has completed the shooting of the pistol.

The marksman of its semi-automatic shooting is shooting the target, the enemy.

The marksman fired, the target disappears.

The marksman must be careful to make the right shot, and shot the enemy.

In the shooting of the film, the marksman must apply a lot of skill, and the shooting cannot be attained.

Time to test your skill!

We are always looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Thank you.


As the information that the shooting of the film is trying to sneak, I will shoot the men who want to murder.

Aiming has completed the


What’s new in Mail Mole: The Lost Presents:

Remember when we first saw her, last year, right after the dazzlingly white Michael Kors dress at Paris, if not the stunning white Gucci dress at London? See the pic above. When we look at Ji-Min Yoo, we are impressed by her confidence, her slim figure and the variety of dresses she wears to press events. Today though, we find out the secret behind her feeling comfortable in so many white and white-coloured dresses.

The Photo Diary of Ji-Min Yoo in Malaysia

I don’t know about you guys but I, am one of those people who cannot enjoy a day at the beach without putting on at least one piece of clothing. Here at Shuhaimi, we cannot but exercise caution because we all know that the strong waves, the cold wind and the sandy soil can produce a bad skin. So to solve the problem, my wardrobe is a mix of quirky, fashionable, and casual pieces. For special press events, different pieces work for different occasions so I do not think I would look ordinary by just wearing the same stuff everyday. By the way, my outfit for the day is my Eres design doing the turn of the page from the blog. The kimono and skirt are so different yet so good together. I am a little unfortunate because my skin is too sensitive so this outfit does not even work on me when it gets hot!

I, was surprised when I saw her in the tasteful white Michael Kors dress at the Met Gala after the dizzying Grand Bal at the Louvre. At the end of the day, she looked so confident standing straight and strong as her figure enhanced by the red tulle skirt. It was a classy dress that looked so good with any shape of the body.

The white Gucci dress, in the photo below, seems to be her best pick-up for the night. Even though she wore a pretty statement necklace on the end of her neck, I thought the dresses match up pretty well. I like the fitted waistline and I even stopped to notice the lined edge on the neckline, which goes from V-shaped to almost straight.

The blush colored gown, with an emerald green shoulder belt, we cannot get the attention for its mixed patterns. The chapel work and the elongated neckpiece adds up complexity of its masterful design. It has a flattering silhouette that made the dress mostly fits my body.

The repetitive culotte did not bother


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Bizarre logic and hilarious slapstick gameplay made for those who enjoy the unintentional chaotic mayhem of a classic “cronyism sandbox” game!

Do you enjoy an occasional game of “Minion Cat,” “CATCADE” or “Simulation Deluxe”? If so, “Dog’s Rescue” may be right up your alley!

The world’s worst handyman, Doug, is on the job and needs your help to save his furry friends at the local animal shelter! You take on repair jobs around town using Doug’s non-existent skills in this slapstick-stealth-sandbox game.

Along your unintentional path of destruction, stealthily dodge workplace hazards such as an angry granny, a Roomba-riding cat, and a haunted scarecrow. Figure out how to progress by finding the right tool for the job while also locating the stray animal and their special toy in each level.

If you can manage to fix more than you break, you’ll earn the cash Doug needs to prevent the big, bad bank from foreclosing on the animal shelter.KEY FEATURES:
Revel in the accidental destruction caused by Doug’s slapstick repairs as you try your best to fix more than you break. Hopefully fixing the toilet makes up for flooding the bathroom…
Stealthily dodge workplace hazards. Each requires a different tactic, and getting caught sets you back to your last save point.
Figure out how to progress by finding tools, activating switches, and locating triggers, keys, and whatever else you need to move forward.
Track down collectibles in each level, such as a stray animal and their special toy.
Save your furry friends by earning enough cash to prevent the bank from foreclosing on the shelter.
If you succeed, you’ll not only save the shelter, but you may also earn enough cash to give your goofy puppy sidekick a forever home.

Do you enjoy an occasional game of “Minion Cat,” “CATCADE” or “Simulation Deluxe”? If so, “Dog’s Rescue” may be right up your alley!

The world’s worst handyman, Doug, is on the job and needs your help to save his furry friends at the local animal shelter! You take on repair jobs around town using Doug’


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