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Download ===== DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ===== DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Lodgit Desk 1.18.8 Crack+ Full Version Free [Mac/Win]

With a new batch of release, the most powerful hotel management software, Lodgit Desk Product Key, has been enriched with lots of functions and improvements. We have put on our best to make sure you are happy and satisfied with this new release! Let me introduce some of our new and helpful features.

Booking Entry Auto Close
Previously, Lodgit Desk did not have an automated system to set the time to be entered into the guestbook. This is necessary because of the way hotels typically operate. This was usually done by manually inputting the booking time. With the auto close function, Lodgit Desk has the ability to automatically record bookings at the set end time. It also makes sense since not all customers stay until the end of their stay.
Hotel Advertising
In order to easily advertise our hotels you can now create customized ads for the different establishments. The front side gives you the opportunity to choose the design and color of the ad, and you can add a link to your website.
Automated Reminders
Lodgit Desk lets you make reminders to your customers for various reasons. As an example, you can remind them when it is time to pay their rent on your hotels, or when their free nights have expired. You can also choose whether you want the reminder to be sent via email, or if the notification should appear in the guestbook.
Marketing Calendar
This feature brings you closer to your customers. Since you can monitor your advertising in real time, it makes it easier to see what days you are overbooked. You can also view the calendar of guests and organize it by month and by time. If it is not what you expected, you can manually edit the information.
When Lodgit Desk is used correctly, one of its main purposes is to help you efficiently manage your hotels. However, if you are facing too many obstacles and difficulties with your software, you might want to consider Lodgit Desk Setup Service for your needs. We can guide you through the setup process and design an installation plan that will maximize your needs.
Lodgit Desk Features
Here is a list of the new features in the Lodgit Desk 11.5.1 version:
● Enhanced Datepicker and Timepicker in the Address Area
● Working on the All-In-One Database
● Property Characteristic in the Additional Info of an Object
● New Filters in the Editor
● Improved Search Function
● Notification of New Bookings
● Pop-Up Mails in the Computer Area

Lodgit Desk 1.18.8 Crack+ Keygen For PC (April-2022)

Lodgit Desk Activation Code is a versatile all-in-one hotel management software. The hotel industry focused desktop application integrates a number of functions, such as booking, event scheduling, event management, guest, and object management.
With Lodgit Desk you can manage multiple hotel properties at once, as well as keep track of reservations, and schedules. The application is reliable and provides plenty of essential management functions, which is all very important for hotel management.
Key features include:
• A complete booking system that supports different types of bookings and hotel types
• Booking auto-completion and pricing features
• A fee calculator that provides detailed information on the amount of the booking fee, the amount of the deposit and the amount of the cancellation fee
• A reservation system that allows you to keep track of reservations, as well as view and sort them
• An event scheduling function that allows you to manage events, set minimum occupancy and keep track of events that have been scheduled
• A comprehensive object management and object inventory function that allows you to manage guest rooms, common areas and more. The inventory feature helps you to store and keep track of all the objects at the hotel
• The ability to export and print multiple reports, as well as organize reports into folders
• Built-in mobile app that helps you make the most out of your bookings and reservations
Supported languages:
• English
How to download and install:
• To download and install Lodgit Desk, you will need to visit the official website
• To install the app, click the download button below
• Click on the downloaded file, then select “run”.
• In order to run it, you will need to accept the installation license.
• A guide will be provided to help you with the installation
• A pop-up will appear. Click on “run” and wait until the installation is complete.
• Restart the computer.
• You can now log into the application.
• Enjoy a safe and secure experience using this hotel management software!
A 30-day trial version is provided for free. However, a subscription is required to keep using the application.


About Search Software Update

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Lodgit Desk 1.18.8 Crack +

Lodgit Desk is the ultimate tool for managing appointments, inventory, bookings and reservations. The application is designed to increase the speed of hotel managers while simplifying the management of its business operations.

Key features:

Storing guest profiles in the guest database
The guest database can be created in advance with a detailed description of the target guest, noting his requirements as well as the hotel amenities and prices for different types of rooms and services.

Combining different databases
The service can be combined with the hotel database, which allows for the identification of the correct target, as well as the creation of automated payments. These are made possible with the use of special connection options, which can be used to set up payments between the databases.

Sharing the reservations
The Lodgit Desk reservation system allows for the sharing of data among different hotels. Such spread of bookings will promote the success of the business and help to keep a tight control over guest compliance, as well as to meet the needs of customers in the shortest time.

Lodgit Desk Download

Lodgit Desk is available for download through our online services. We also support downloading the application directly. The download process takes approximately 20 seconds. For faster downloading, make sure to use our premium account.

Lodgit Desk – How to install and run on different platforms?

We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Lodgit Desk on your computer.





1. Click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the software.


1. In the Finder, click and drag the downloaded file onto the application icon on your desktop.


1. Open the terminal application and execute the following code:

sudo apt install lodgit-desk

Once it is successfully installed, open the application and proceed with the next step.

2. In order to add your client to the application, click the “New Client” button in the upper right side.

3. Give the client a title and a description.

4. Then, choose the required hotel and fill in any other details.

5. Once the client is added, scroll down and manage the appointments using the timeline.

6. Finally, make sure to save the client in the client database.

7. In order to access the settings, click

What’s New In Lodgit Desk?

Lodgit Desk is a powerful hotel database and reservation system designed specifically for hotels, inns, rental homes, hostels, and campgrounds.

Lodgit Desk Description

Run a hotel business makes time one of the most important resources. Luckily, with the help of specialized computer applications, such as Lodgit Desk, you are able to keep track of objects and guests, as well as easily organizing bookings and events.
Create a database of guests and objects
In order to start arranging bookings in a timeline you must first set up a few details. Hitting the “Objects” button in the upper toolbar gives you access to an establishment database. From all-suite hotels to camp grounds nearly any type is available. Location specific details can be added, as well as pricing, discounts and included features.
Similar options are available for managing the client database. Thorough information fields are available regarding guests, with the possibility to add notes and keep track of his or her activities while using services provided by your business.
Manage entries and issue reports
The interface is designed to offer quick access to all of the application’s functions. A timeline is available to carefully view and position entries. Events are easily created with the “Draw” tool. These are displayed in the timeline next to the establishment used and under the specified period.
For a better management, you are given access to several listing options applicable to guests, objects, cash deposits and a few more. Each is fitted with settings that make certain details available, and you can preview the result or even print it on a sheet of paper, as well as have it saved to file.
To end with
All in all, Lodgit Desk is a trustworthy partner that helps you manage multiple establishments in a single user friendly interface. The level of complexity makes sure no details are left aside, the application even providing a function to notify you when an important customer’s birthday is near. Overall, it manages to combine ease of access with a pleasant workspace into a powerful utility.
Lodgit Desk Description:
Lodgit Desk is a powerful hotel database and reservation system designed specifically for hotels, inns, rental homes, hostels, and campgrounds.

Run a hotel business makes time one of the most important resources. Luckily, with the help of specialized computer applications, such as Lodgit Desk, you are able to keep track of objects and guests, as well as easily organizing bookings and events.
Create a database

System Requirements For Lodgit Desk:

1. PC (Windows 7/8/10, 8.1, 10, 64bit, recommended)
2. Controller
3. 2 GB Memory Card, 1 GB Hard Drive (recommended)
4. DVD Player or TV, or Monitor, TV Tuner and Internet access

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