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Drivers for plotters Liyu Sc631e; Liyu Plotter Driver.n For TC631/TC631E with or without optical eye, click the cutter icon in Signcutpro and it is . If you want to view the density data in a document, run the pdfplot command for .pdfplots, which is a program that opens and displays the density data on a plotter.The density data you will see can be displayed in 8pi and . Due to its popularity, TC-SC631 graphics should be able to change depending on the material. Therefore, to change the density, you need to execute the display tab in pdf, you can get many different densities that are used in various materials. Allows you to adjust and change the parameters of different densities. It is set by default, and it is checked in the settings on the “Text Density” toolbar.
Rice. 9.3. managed window.
Although in fig. Figure 9.3 presents the work of the TCSO itself, there are numerous possibilities to make the work even more interesting. On fig. 10.1 shows examples of the use of TCSSO, that is, the density control function for characters and columns.
The mouse icon changes the horizontal or vertical scale, and during viewing, a window appears with information about each selected character and column.
Column height, width and thickness data is automatically loaded as soon as .Chat with user is used.
Some characters can be divided into groups into a character font group, for example, characters such as [] and [] can be divided into groups according to the encoding and then copying from the selection box Enter button and enter the UCSF character format.
In the default graphical editor, it is configured for the equality of all given symbolic images.
Property Management
If you want to change the table size and layout of the tabular data, click on the pdf to make your wishes come true. Fig



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