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Render your 3d work effortlessly with Liquid+
Liquid+ is the first Non-Photo-Realistic rendering plug-in of Blotted-style and Soft-style, which can give you a new style of rendering, just like the effects of blotted paper in the real world.
Liquid+ will let you totally enjoy 3D digital content.
Liquid+ is such a marvelous and professional rendering plug-in that it does not only let you create the precise rendering expressions, but also bring the texture to make the surface look more rich and attractive.
It also can be used for the topology of large solid objects like molds and models.
For the non-photo realistic rendering, you can run the 3d model in the different lighting modes you want. In Liquid+, you can even let the material of the different object have different lighting lights and view directions. Besides, the liquid effect will be broken off in the early stage and you can apply the brush technique just as you want it.
In Liquid+, you can do a lot of things when the model is displayed in the different view modes like camera mode, light display mode, grayscale mode, and so on. You can also switch the camera to adjust the view of the model and then you can let the light effect of the different object to appear. When in the light display mode, you can easily let the light beam from different direction to overlap with the model.
When in the grayscale mode, it is easy to let the grayscale of the different parts of the model to have different color and you can adjust the opacity to hide some parts of the model as you want.
Furthermore, you can let the image of the model to be the real photo in the other view mode.
Thank you for using Liquid+.


Step 3: Click Next until you have read and agree with the EULA.

Step 4: After that we will complete your product registration and details and can start to work on your project.

Please make sure to include an email address at which you can be contacted.

Note: All prices in this store are in US dollars.
You may incur a charge fee when crossing the USA border.
There’s no minimum purchase or minimum spend using this link or code. Use it as many times as you like or feel you need, until you get your desired result. And we will process your order instantly.

Liquid+ Crack + With Key Free Download

– Optimized performance
– Optimized for Photoshop Plugin
– Optimized for After Effects Plugin
– Optimized for 3DCG Plugin
– Optimized for Apple OS X (like Windows 7)
– Optimized for Linux OS (like Ubuntu, Debian)
– Optimized for Microsoft Windows OS (like Windows 7, Vista)
– OS X, Windows
– Compatible with 3ds Max
– Compatible with After Effects
– Compatible with Corel Painter (for the plugin)
– Filter options: Grayscale, Invert, Soft, Soft Left to Right, Soft Down to Up, Watercolor, Soft Smear, Ripple
– Optimized Resolution-Independent and can render smoothly and well to screen with high end GPU
– Support dynamic resolution
– Optimized for running on Windows 9, Windows 8, Windows 7, Ubuntu or Linux
– Optimized for the MAXON CINEMA 4D, CINEMA 4D R17 etc. (a real-time system)
– Supporting ‘Layer Group’ function for dealing with materials and effects
– Optimized for the MODO
– Optimized for Alias
– Filters are supported : Blur, Lo-Fi, Pixelate, Emboss, Area, Softness, Screen, Pinch, Scale, Reflect, Mosaic, Diffuse, Normal, Grain, Wave, Unsharp Mask, Vortex, Emboss, Bevel, Inner Bevel, Inner Glow, Inner Shadow, Ambient Occlusion, Ambient Occlusion Global, Bump, Diffuse Map, Diffuse Map Global, Reflection, Dilate, Opacity
– Slicing function is supported: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal
– Other settings are support for more grids.
– Support Multi-language
– Very easy to use.
– Improves and optimize a lot compared to the previous version.

Liquid+ version 2.0 is released!
This update mainly contains features of after-effects system, such as a new ‘Settings Panel’ window, some additional plugins.
In addition, Liquid+ version 2.0 has the same detailed settings of the previous version, and applies the optimized resolution-independent function to the scanned images that have been processed.

Liquid+ version 2.0 is released!
This update mainly contains features of after-effects system, such as a new ‘Settings Panel’ window, some additional plugins.
In addition, Liquid+ version 2.0

Liquid+ Activation Free (Latest)

– Advanced NPR renderer plug-in used for 3D/VR/MR, GIS, visualization and VR/AR application development based on vray, mental ray, V-Ray, Hypre and maya.
– Powerful brush-style rendering expression control on models.
– You can create the perfect aesthetic rendering expression on 3DCG.
– Support exporting soft-style rendering images to support application display for iOS and Android.
– Support exporting wireframe/dynamics/collision simulation data for 3D printing, etc.
– Support exporting complete scene as a dae.
– Powerful customization features based on vray, mental ray, V-Ray, Hypre and maya.
– Ease of use: preset preset models, brush brushes, texture texture for all scenes.
– Support various brushes, including airbrush, solidline, shape, radial, free-form, cut and smooth
– Support meathook, wipe and Tinky dry brush.
– Support negative value and shadow type.
– Support blotted-style rendering.
– Supports all scene and 3D objects support dynamic objects.
– Supports dynamic object rendering.
– Supports expansion and animation model.
– Supports composite model animation.
– Supports mixing in 2D and 3D.
– Supports shape and texture parameter and blend.
– Supports camera effects on the camera of the scene.
– Supports default image map, custom image map, shadow on image map and image map based on the selected object.
– Supports vertex color, normal and alpha and alpha texture.
– Supports mono scene and multi-scenes.
– Supports calculating the camera matrix, light matrix and projection matrix at runtime.
– Support simple and multi-pass rendering.
– Supports path tools, blisters and marker.
– Support exporting dynamic object’s texture to rendering.
– Supports image-based rendering and batch rendering.
– Support modifiers, such as mesh, camera, script and animation.
– Supports skinning, image-based material, dynamic texturing and batch texture/material
– Support importing and exporting Png, JPG, TIFF, PSD, DDS and HDR files.
– Support ultra fast dynamic object rendering (less than 0.01 second)
– Support rotation, scaling, location, perspective and occlusion on the rendered image

Visual Statistics
One of the

What’s New In Liquid ?

The image based on the gradient renderer, more suitable for the image, This renderer is designed to retain the brightness and details on the image, in addition, with a large number of choices, so that you can establish your own rendering styles.
Automatic image adjustment tools:
“autolevel”, set automatically, set the height of levels of objects for a certain value, easily save the original image, after re-adjustment, combined with the “autoraster”, can let you immediately set the automatic restart, it is also possible to align the height of levels, tile. And “Autolevel” is also support.
Post-processing tools:
High quality rendering settings have been added, such as “anti-aliasing”, “scroll”, “beautify”, “median filter” and “edge-blending”, and some of the settings have been improved, such as “anti-aliasing”, “edge-blending”, “shadowing” and “beautify”.
Apart from the rendering functionalities of 3D Max, Liquid+ provides the maximum possible conversion tools. It is possible to allow you to edit the textures directly, such as “Antialising” and “Gouraud-Shading”, etc.
In addition, Photoshop-like retouching tool, “Lighting”, has been added in the renderer.
Please use “Global Setting” function, it can set any of these functions for the whole set of the 3dMax2000+ package.
If you are not familiar with the setting in 3D Max, you can find more information on the website of the 3D Max at


What is new in official Liquid+ 7.0 software version? – 2013-10-03 16:40:06

What is new in official Liquid+ 7.0 software version?

Version history of Liquid+

Download Atelier Liquid+

Killer Image Issue Fix Version:

– Added bug: “Terrified” When I close the image, it is tiled into a single image, a random image just appears on the screen. (Forres: G1/2 users with Killer Image issue, please refer to

– Added bug: “Image Clip”

System Requirements For Liquid :

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual-Core
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 400 series and AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
System Requirements:
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.

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