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Kaleidagraph 4 5 Keygen Torrent

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Any built-in way to show ‘?’ character in HTML content (neither in /nor in other tags)?

In all HTML5 input elements, I want to show a? question mark character instead of display the actual character. It is not a required character, so showing nothing will also work. I want to know the best way to do it.
I know about tag but it doesn’t work on all browsers – IE and Firefox, but it works on Chrome.
So, What is the best way to do this?


Since HTML5, there is the placeholder attribute which could be used for this purpose:

In HTML5, the input element also has a placeholder attribute which allows to specify a default value for a textbox, as you would see in the screenshot below.

This attribute is not limited to input type text elements.


This was the best solution that I came up with:

And CSS class:
font-size: 15px;
color: #000;

content: “\2600”;

As stated, it is a solution similar to marquee tag.


You can’t use marquee tag or any other fancy functionality.
But you can use the HTML5 placeholder attribute.
The placeholder attribute, designed to let the


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