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Digby Extreme is an explosive free-to-play endless glider shooter from 3 Sprockets, with waves of enemies and special power-ups in your face.
You will be surprised by the crazy powers of the DigBots, and power up your game by collecting Digbots.
Digbot powers range from direct damage against the enemy bots, to changing the power of the ground and even lava, to simple escaping from enemy attacks.
When playing as Digby, you can:
* Upgrade and collect Digbots for extra powers
* Ride the digbot to dodge bullets and blast through the enemies
* Dive at a target from great heights and catch yourself a Digbot
* Follow a level-line to dig as deep as you can
* Control explosive fun with the Digbot Button
* Enjoy epic eye-popping music
The Blue Monster:
These enemy bots are the same in every level, but in varying numbers and colors.
Their role is to protect the purple cards hidden in the Earth layer, and to avoid the blue dice that constantly explode.
The Blue Monster also plays a role in local Multiplayer. If it’s Blue Monster on the left, then you are up against the Blue Monster, not a normal enemy.
The Green Monster:
These enemies are giant stationary robots, but they don’t look that well armored. If you hit them, you can chip away at them with a minigun, which can cause them to explode from the left.
The Green monster explodes on impact, leaving a crater in its wake. The Green monster will bring one monster up from the pit for every two explosions.
The Red Monster:
Fighting these dangerous robots will require all your wits, as they can throw grenades, lasers and even the entire planet. Best to run away and dig your way out!
The Black Knight:
This mysterious boss Digbot holds a treasure chest that is guarded by the Black Knight. The Black Knight can be super-destroyed by shooting it, but if you succeed the Knight gains life.
From high above the battlefields, this bad-ass Digbot dashes around shooting lasers at you. It is also a great “laser buster”, as it can suck up lasers like a vacuum.
Swap Your Team
Want to switch from the Blue Monster team to the Green Monster team? Or the Red Monster team? Or even the Blue Monster team!?
There is no need to go through all the


Features Key:

  • Up to 200 Active Nodes with Debug Logging
  • Exponential Wave-Like Lightning Animation
  • Unlimited Levels
  • Simple and Easy Game Play
  • Steam Workshop Support
  • Hidden Tavern Top-Down 3D Game Update Features:

    • High Resolution Powered By Google
    • Full Support for Oculus Rift
    • Powered by 70 Million Steam Players
    • "Powered by Steam" Featured Game on Steam
    • Full support for Unity GUILayout Debugger
    • New Randomly Generated Levels
    • 200 Active Nodes


    • 50 unique and handcrafted levels
    • New playable node types
    • 10 nodes in each level
    • Various challenge levels for players and nodes
    • Picking From a Menu System
    • Four different weapons and skills
    • New user friendly interface
    • Exponential Gravity Waves as Lighting
    • Dynamic Moving Lightning
    • Auto Save, Replay, and Dev Mode support
    • Full Direct Connect Support (TCP/IP)
    • Supports Steam Workshop
    • Language Support: English, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish
    • Four different widget styles!
    • Entirely handcrafted in Unity3D
    • Final optimized for high-end PCs and tablets!