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International Cricket Captain 2011 FULL FREE Keygen

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How to protect the earth?

Long story short, the citizens of the world are slowly beginning to realize that there are consequences to our actions. When the actions that we take or don’t take are harmful to the earth as well as other life forms, we are responsible for correcting the problem we have created. If you have a deep enough conscience you will eventually acknowledge that it is you who is at fault, not the victim.

An example of a current situation is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A recent news article detailed the new way the oil spill from the BP oil rig is being attempted to be cleaned up. This new process relies on the tides in the Gulf of Mexico to slowly engulf and then sink the oil, allowing the oil and the rest of the oil slick to absorb into the sand below. By the time the oil gets to shore it will no longer be contaminated with any oil slicks or other contents of the oil spill.

The problem is that this new process is being done slowly. The earth is burning, the oceans are rising, the environment is collapsing and even hurricanes are getting worse. All due to the fact that we are using up the earth’s resources at an increasingly alarming rate. We need to stop and think about our own actions before it is too late. As a planet, we need to do our best to protect it before it is too late to prevent changes to the environment.

Care For The Planet

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