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Incognito Viewer Second Life 4.0.24 PORTABLE

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Incognito Viewer Second Life 4.0.24 PORTABLE

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Incognito Viewer Second Life 4.0.24

We have also been working on a project to stream the Firestorm server. It is still under development, so please try out the viewer and tell us what you think! We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.The streaming architecture is explained in this article and will be covered in a future development update. If you are interested in the streaming architecture, you can visit our streaming architecture wiki page for more information.

We just released a new feature that will hopefully save a lot of time and mess for many of you. If your viewer has an integrated list of the most recently visited locations, places, furniture etc, you can now hit a button in the open window and log into that location. Firestorm will open the viewer in the location, and restore the X-Frame settings for the user. For now we only support POP3 or gmail account logins. We will be adding support for other authentication types like OpenID or Facebook later on. These will all open in the traditional viewer.

We are excited to tell you that we have a new small project on our wishlist. We are working on a new model and are getting ready for the Firestorm 2.0 release. Will will be about a year away, but we would love to hear your opinions on the following points in the Firestorm 2.0 release: 1. Storage technology, 2. X-Ray, 3. Simulation physics, 4. (Hopefully) Adding multiple spaces to a single inventory, (inventory/keyboard/viewmodel owners are invited to comment, also feedback on inventory issues) and finally we are looking for a good artist, 3D artist with X-Ray, we have a few ideas already, but were want to start the discussion. The collaboration on the X-Ray Project so far has been brilliant, we all agreed right from the start to keep an open and productive environment, and we appreciate the amount of help received. If you have ideas for new features please let us know. Currently we are busy working on a new Firestorm theme, and the development of 2.0 which should be out in Q4 2013. Note! If you are still using the 1.x viewer you can download the new 2.0 viewer and use that.

If you have already enabled incognito mode and you notice that a website isn’t listed in the Incognito mode list when you open it, simply open the Settings icon and change the incognito mode preference to “always”. When you come back to Incognito mode, you will be able to use it again to surf the web without leaving a trace. If you turn off incognito mode, your Incognito windows will be listed in the normal mode list so you can regain control of your browsing.
Note: Incognito mode doesn’t work for all webpages. If you’re using Incognito mode to protect your shopping cart or account for example, this won’t work. You can use Incognito mode to store important things like passwords, but you will lose access to the information if you close the Incognito window. To prevent this from happening, remember to save your work or close the incognito window when you are done.
If you want to close the incognito mode window and start using regular incognito mode again, you will have to restart Chrome. To do this press the Restart and relaunch Chrome. Incognito mode will continue to work in regular mode after you restart.
You may have multiple open tabs, and you may want to create an incognito window for just one of them. If this is your case, simply right click on the tab and choose “Create incognito window” (or simply press ctrl+shift+n to create a new window).
If you would like to close all of your open tabs that were previously in Incognito mode, simply open the tab manager and click the icon. All of your open tabs will be listed and you can choose to close all of them. To restart normal incognito mode from the list you should click the button.

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