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IMMP4Cam Crack + Incl Product Key Free

With IMMP4Cam, you can view, record, play back and save videos on your computer.
With the help of IMMP4Cam, you can also download streaming video, DVR-capable video, and flash video to your PC.
IMMP4Cam Supports following video formats:
Nuvoo(currently, this function will be added later)
Ogg(currently, this function will be added later)
Quicktime(currently, this function will be added later)
Realvideo(currently, this function will be added later)
WMV(currently, this function will be added later)
You can select a particular stream from video files.
You can also adjust the color of video in realtime.
You can save the video files by the function of data base.
You can playback a number of different media files.
Please read the following points carefully:
IMMP4Cam is designed for IMMP4Control version
IMMP4Cam supports DVR-capable cameras.
The clip list and the settings are all in the language of IMMP4Control.ocx.
Hence, you can change the IMMP4Cam user interface language to your language to avoid any confusion.
* Support all IMMP4Control.ocx of version
* Support DVR-capable camera and all available video formats.
* Adjust the color of video in realtime.
* Support the real time preview of streaming video.
* Add the function of data base.
* Quick access of multiple camera.
* Easy-to-use and flexible interface.
* The function of description can be set up.
* Playback a number of different media files.
* Quick playback the multiple files.
* Save and download the video files.
IMMP4Cam Requirements:
The operating system of IMMP4Control.ocx is Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista.
A digital camera with USB port.
IMMP4Cam should be installed in C:\Program Files\Imagiatek\IMMP4Cam.
You can download the trial version from
The trial version is free and have some limitation:
* The maximum number of files you can

IMMP4Cam Crack + [April-2022]

IMMP4Cam is a handy, easy-to-use application specially designed to offer users an IP camera viewing, recording and playback software.
This tool was developed especially for cameras which are based on Imagiatek’s IMMP4Control.ocx version

Ihe4v Basic has all the features and advantages of the standard edition plus, it allows users to generate revenue reports and create unlimited number of Ihe4v Templates. Ihe4v Basic supports both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Carbonite has a list of certified compatible server software on their website. When installing, CarboNet should be told that the program is from an unsupported vendor.
Other than this we recommend only use of previously downloaded and registered software.

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Carbonite’s error message

Error message from Carbonite (translation of the error message is done by the user):

Account access is disabled

This account has been disabled by an administrator. You will not be able to access this account with Carbonite until you contact your administrator.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

From the Blog

Finally the time has come for a general release. Carbonite has been in testing mode for several months.

On Monday, May 6th, we had a sneak peek of the latest version of Carbonite. This version includes a redesigned user interface with improved sorting, viewing and navigation. We also expanded the Mac OS X installer to accommodate easier installs for Mac users.

For a limited time, those using the Carbonite Pro (hosted) package can upgrade to Carbonite Pro (managed) for free.

If you are an existing Carbonite user that is not already set up for managed service, Carbonite does not require an activation code. We are no longer requiring the user to provide their activation code to us. They must only provide their email address and password to log into the control panel.

This release is a production release for Carbonite Pro. It is available on the production servers immediately. All current users have already received an email from Carbonite, directing them to the Carbonite Pro download page.


IMMP4Cam X64

– Easy to use and manage.
– Support for up to 15 cameras, hot-plugging is supported.
– Network streaming over a network (LAN or WAN).
– Playing a video or viewing the recording on your PC.
– Playback of video/recording to the webcam.
– Video recording can be enabled/disabled for individual cameras.
– Supports the images and video formats supported by Imagiatek IMMP4Control.ocx.
– Supports UPnP (Portable Networking Working Group) for the access and control of cameras from a Web-browser.
– Supports Windows Explorer integration, you can browse cameras, play, stop/record or delete the recordings directly from your PC.
– Supports overlays on the images and video.
– Supports delay on the streaming of the video from the cameras.
– Works under Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista.
– Support for USB web-cams.
– Automatic capture, streaming and playback.
– Support for network streaming of images and videos, you can see the images and video from remote cameras on your PC.
– Recording is done in the system’s default recording folder.
– Option for the video to be displayed on your computer’s screen or on a separate window.
– Option for audio to be played on your computer’s speakers or via a separate sound card/device.
– Option for images to be saved to your PC’s hard-drive.
– Option for images and video to be recorded on a single CD/DVD or saved on a digital camera.
– You can move the thumbnail of the images from the camera’s browser to your PC.
– In the system’s default recording folder, you can find the video and images recorded from the camera.
– Automatic recording and stop of the video/recording from the camera.
– You can play, stop, pause, speed up and rewind the video/recording from the camera.
– You can scroll the recording/playing screen to the left and right.
– You can set the image’s orientation (left, right, up or down).
– You can adjust the image’s size and orientation.
– You can zoom in and out of the images.
– You can specify the time of the recording/playing.
– You can set the recording/playing speed.
– You can play the images back continuously.
– The background of the GUI will be transparent and you can also

What’s New In IMMP4Cam?

– Free IP camera viewing software.
– Instantly receive real-time streaming video from any IP camera.
– Supports “RCP” protocol.
– Supports “LiveView” function.
– Support “Night View” function.
– Supports “Live Recording” function.
– Supports “Single-Camera Viewing” function.
– Supports “Multi-Camera Viewing” function.
– Supports “Single-Camera Recording” function.
– Supports “Multi-Camera Recording” function.
– Supports “Single-Camera Playback” function.
– Supports “Multi-Camera Playback” function.
– Supports “Multi-Camera Viewing with RCP” function.
– Supports “Multi-Camera Recording with RCP” function.
– Supports “File Capture” function.
– Supports “File Transfer” function.
– Supports “Printing” function.
– Supports “Exporting” function.
– Supports “Flicker” function.
– Supports “Recording” function.
– Supports “Network History” function.
– Supports “Resolution/FrameRate” function.
– Supports “Hot Key” function.
– Supports “Kiosk Mode” function.
– Supports “Stream Recording” function.
– Supports “Camera Calibration” function.
– Supports “Shutter” function.
– Supports “FPS” function.
– Supports “Video Frame Size” function.
– Supports “IP Camera CameraInfo” function.
– Supports “Capture” function.
– Supports “Audio” function.
– Supports “Audio+Video” function.
– Supports “Camera Control” function.
– Supports “Camera Image Capture” function.
– Supports “Audio+Image” function.
– Supports “Live Snapshot” function.
– Supports “Picture in Picture” function.
– Supports “Camera Recording” function.
– Supports “Camera Overlay” function.
– Supports “Hot Key” function.
– Supports “Close Button” function.
– Supports “Background Image” function.
– Supports “Light Color” function.
– Supports “Image Adjustment” function.
– Supports “Keyboard Function” function.
– Supports “Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10” OS.
– Supports “English (US)” OS.

Supported IMMP4Cam Features:

Features supported:

Remote monitoring:
1. Streaming video
2. RTSP / RTP protocol

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Dual core Intel i5 at 2.66GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB
Storage: 1 GB free hard drive space
Input: Keyboard + mouse
Recommended Requirements:

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