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It is a handy website that gathers the listings of several of the most popular torrent files, with a quick link to download them. It works by searching the web for the best sources for a certain file. Each page returned by the site links to another page, listing more torrents, you can follow in your browser, which saves a lot of time on your part.

MediaFire is a free to use download manager. There are file formats like MPEG-4, MP3, PCM, and WAV. Mediafire allows users to put a price on their files such as £1,000 or $1,000 and it will be stored on their servers for free. This allows users the opportunity to earn some cash by selling music. Its a great solution if you want to download music or ebooks for free and have some extra cash to put on your file. is a global software directory that offers downloads of mostly free software. This directory can be downloaded to your PC. It offers more than 10 million software releases including all versions, operating systems, programs, themes, and other types of software. Unlike other free torrent websites that recommend you to download torrents from other torrent websites, actually provides you with the best content on the planet.

Another popular torrent site for people who have the time to download and find decent files is This is free and safe to use a self-hosted torrent tracker without the need of a VPN. Like most other torrent sites, its search engine is a good one and also it has the most success rate. Their search engine is really helpful and is powered by Google.


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