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Ok so everyone knows about the browser plugins that add those annoying buttons or ads to your browser, well THIS site does not. The site is very simple. First, you simply enter your desired download link, press enter a few times to fill in the required boxes, and there you go, your freeware is ready.

This is a good site for game lovers because they have the complete list of the best games of that platform. Many of the games in their database are cracked and you can also download them using the ones provided in Installed. You can find many Game Lists like Wii, Game Cube, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and many more. This database is also updated very frequently.

The best site for cracked and latest games is…XMSZ! They have almost all the games for all the consoles and brands like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. They also have cracked games which are available for download in a Downloads section. They offer games in 4 categories: New Releases, Last Days, DLC, and Avaiable.

PSX3 is a site with a huge collection of the best games for the Sony Playstation 3 and PS4. They have both the original and the remastered versions of the games. Many of the games are available for download in a Downloads section. You can also purchase the original versions of these games through this site.

Silph it is an excellent site where you can download cracked, full version, original games for your smart TV, including Amazon Fire Stick. Browse through the site and you will find the game you like. You will also find settings if you want to play the game with subtitles, or a gamepad. Choose the size of the game that you like and download it directly from the site. Just download, install, and play!


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